good reply yes why be on here if you think being rude is ok especially if the person has cancer now they are looking for answers they can understand and apply.. Good statement Linda, I will mention that regular and consistent exercise is as important as a good diet and the food we eat along with enough sleep. Try reading the China Study by T. Colin Campbell, test animals fed a diet of 20% protein developed tumors, while the animals fed a diet of 5% did not develop tumors even when exposed to the same level of a given carcinogen. All the health care practitioners that I have worked with emphasized the avoidance of red meat (no clarification of grass fed VS corn fed) which is central in the keto diet. Do not know if I missed something, but what I want to add is that Otto worked together with Johanna Budwig. with all due respect, I am not a Doctor, I am a Man who read several compelling medical journals, put a Protocol together and reversed the numbers associated with prostrate cancer, Prostrate Specific Antigens PSA was 5.2 beginning PSA Fluid 10,000, after protocol PSA 4.1 and Fluid 14,000, which is trending away from a Cancer Condition, a condition encouraging cancer to grow.

For more information on how to start a group, or become involved in one, please go to:, and like us on Facebook at Hopefully full enlightenment is in our future.

3. In “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” you’ll discover the most powerful ways to prevent, treat, heal from, and beat the disease. The suggested remedy was surgery followed up with a chemo and radio regime.

Had the prostate removed 2 years ago.

More important are the high healthy fats, like coconut oil. Rapid spikes in glucose are what provokes inflammation and yes, swallowing a lot of sugar or carbs will do that. The linseed oil wich sticks to the protein arrives this way in the cells too.

Seldom does a week go by without articles, internet posts, and advertisements which maintain that Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg discovered that cancer was caused by low oxygen and acidic pH. Essiac tea, hyperbaric oxygen treatments also help as well. If a person were to consume only fat and protein and take a vitamin supplement then that person would go into ketosis. The pounds simply fall off as the sugar and carbohydrate intake is reduced. Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Dad had three heart attacks between the ages of 55 and 65. All of this information is wonderful, however cancer continues to increase in the world. If you really want the terrifying truth… And I hesitate to even write this for fear the entire post will be removed and deleted… We live in a cancer-driven society where some are monetarily enriched by the illness and suffering of others. I’ll FUND those that actually produce RESULTS! The arsenic is still in the soil. Jen, Where did you see that Tony Isaacs had and “cured his cancer” ?

There is an excellent cookbook out called Keto-tarian by Dr. Will Cole. We need to find a way to kill the CA cells rt away + discover how to develop immunity to all types.

He claims that the cancer cells get their fuel from blood glucose (sugar) not from oxygen as previously thought. In oncology, the Warburg effect is the observation that most cancer cells predominantly produce energy by a high rate of glycolysis followed by lactic acid fermentation in the cytosol,[10][11] rather than by a comparatively low rate of glycolysis followed by oxidation of pyruvate in mitochondria as in most normal cells. There are three different high tech radiation zappers that incinerate tumors; Cyberknife, Gamma Knife, and TomoTherapy. These could be taken on a daily basis…. It is following the directions, the signs and the words of Dr Otto H Warburg, which lead me to “Tri Atomic Oxygen” generated by an machine which Sir Nikola Tesla, invented to split Oxygen two atom into two single atom oxygen. Nutrient K is pretty sure to be Vitamin K, which has been known for more than 80 years as essential to the coagulation of blood. Its more of a drug than food. What does that have to do with Otto? But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Warburg discovered the pentose phophate shunt…anaerobic metabolism and the link between O2 starvation and cancer but that does not constitute a cure. Which doesn’t mean you are not suffering from some other illness. I am in the process of being tested for myeloma, which is a blood cancer. a lot of water. God made the human body, and learning how to work WITH it – to HEAL ITSELF – is the key.

Frankincense ihas very good results treating brain cancer topically. I agree that stress precipitates/exacerbates inflammation/disease. In healthy cells, glucose is ideally broken down in two cycles.

We are own best medical provider, listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs . Where do you obtain Triatomic oxygen infused water? There other wonderful benefits in sugar I’m sure I’m missing.

This is in contrast to healthy cells which mainly generate energy from oxidative breakdown of pyruvate. ROS are formed as a natural byproduct of the normal metabolism of oxygen. What it is possible is NOT to add EXTRA sugar to your diet. Have also read of folk doing mostly raw greens, no sugar (even fruit) for several months or a year, starving it out . From our beginning, we have supported charities that really help these cancer patients. Amen! Unfortunately as usual when fungus is mentioned as a cause, which has been long proven, their deadly DNA mutating mycotoxins (toxins) are not mentioned. All rights reserved.

Why Otto Warburg’s Metabolic Theory is a Cancer Game Changer (video), The Cancer Oxygen Connection: Oxygen to Kill Cancer. Because of DNA damage to cancer cells they cannot utilize oxygen as a source of energy and ferments sugar as its source of energy.

contained herein are very helpful… some more than others. Adding to that are the following: This article does not mean to imply that providing the body with extra healthy oxygen, especially at the cellular level, cannot help beat cancer or is not healthy. [/link_aff], Tony Isaacs is a member of the National Health Federation and the American Botanical Council.

Eliminate aluminum cookware. What about other powerful antioxidants?

Radiation & Chemo will both likely cause some additional brain damage & retardation so hope & pray for the best that his body’s own immune system will cure the cancer. But the Nobel Prize was not awarded for his work on cancer.

This is good to know. A new strategy implants genes into a patient's T-cells.

It’s a stumbling block they’ll NEVER see as a shortcoming in need of being purged; instead, they see everyone else and what they have to say about any constructively criticized thing as the OTHER PERSON’s problem!

It is the virus that has mutated by feeding on toxicity in our body, but if you don’t have the virus you don’t have cancer.

It seems simple. Good for you!

If there are any nitrates in the water, the aluminum cookware will act as a catalyst to convert the nitrates to more toxic nitrites… harming the kidney and liver. What are your thoughts on this? It had already spread to liver & lymp system & in blood. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug The withholding of the cures for cancer is nothing more than a culling (depopulation agenda) of hundreds of thousands of us “useless eaters” while making billions for themselves with toxic pharmaceuticals and treatments that are completely ineffective other than to speed up death and create additional disease. Symptoms are constant fatigue and now really sore bones. The trick with trying to beat cancer with oxygen is getting the oxygen inside the cells. So eating a bowl of organic oatmeal is not all that different than eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (let’s assume it’s not GMO) in terms of the sugar spike it causes.

Is English your second language? The consistent use of Sugar and High fructose corn syrup/corn syrup which are in almost all processed foods today and other junk, are the reasons for most disease.

I see it as a domino effect since all the major organs (esp. It is such an individual journey. I was told yrs ago the contrary and that Cancer actually needs O2 to survive.If you leave some breast cancers alone a person will live longer with it than making it sprea by cutting into the body. Many products promoted as health food are not healthy at all. 8. Have done this for three years and I never get sick, ever. The peroxide is, or gives, the oxygen. Here in India, many Yog Gurus have cured cancers of many patients just by Bhastrika Pranayam and I am also doing the same. He has tried through diet to change the PH in his body. The article states “the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”. We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. I think one of the biggest culprit is stress… The immune system cannot function optimally as it impedes proper digestion and break down of nutrients. Why H2O2? Had the same question there are around 100 of supplements with the same effect. cure or prevent any disease. These four are referred to as the unforgiving four.

Too bad more people don’t know this. i a Christian i do love Jesus in my heart. In presenting the Nobel Prize to Warburg, hopes were very high, “The medical world expects great things from your experiments on cancer and other tumours, experiments which seem already to be sufficiently far advanced to be able to furnish an explanation for at least one cause of the destructive and unlimited growth of these tumours. In one post above, you were giving steps for someone to follow – buying a machine, etc. From the standpoint of the physics and chemistry of life this difference between normal and cancer cells is so great that one can scarcely picture a greater difference. We starve it to death. Their latest books, respectively, are Food: What The Heck Should I Eat and The Plant Paradox. How much Ozone water did you drink per day? Acid Reflux For Many Caused By Zinc Deficiency, Help For Dogs With Melanoma, Cure For Some Dogs, Shoulder Pain From Too Many Hours On The Computer Solution, Epilepsy Solution For Some, Cure For Others, Easily Prevent Ear Infection, Easily Cure Ear Infection, Easy Suicide Prevention For Most, If Not Everyone In Need, Where To Find (and How To Find) Hypoallergenic Nutritional Supplements, Nutritional Supplements Much More Safe Than Medication See The Chart, Prevent Low pH For Less Fatigue and Much Better Long Term Health, Cancer Research Shows Certain Nutrients and Phytonutrients Prevent, Treat, And Help Cure Cancer, Cancer Caused By Deficiency Of Four Nutrients According To Nobel Prize Winner, Reduce Inflammation With Certain Nutrients, Phytonutrients, Silicone Implants Legal Again And Still Lethal When They Leak, Weight Loss Fact: Not Enough Sleep For Many Root Cause Of Weight Gain, Hey Teens, You're Deciding How Many Fat Cells You'll Have For The Rest Of Your Life, Weight Loss Diet Strategies You May Not Have Heard Of, Prevent Chronic Kidney, Bladder Infection (UTI) Pretty Easily, Prevent Iron Deficiency And Iron Overdose With An Oximeter, Ultimate Prevention of Diabetes For People With Pancreatitis, Medical Negligence Root Cause Of More Deaths Than Stroke And Diabetes, Nearsighted and Farsighted Solutions Without Surgery, Nothing Happens Without Chemical Reactions, Get Ahead Of The Learning Curve On Global Warming.

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