We’ll mail your card, and you can use it right away. with #4@48" O.C. Subway, Opened to Queensboro Plaza..." (1920), "Brooklyn Approaches to Downtown Tubes" (1917), "Brooklyn's Subway Will Open Today (Fourth Ave. Line)" (1915), "Build More Transit Lines/Rush Hour Relief for Passengers..." (1924), "Design of the Diagonal Station and Connection" (1918), "H System Subway Service Started/H System Trouble" (1918), "Last Down-town Tunnel Holed Through" (1917), "Mayor Hylan Held Responsible for New York's Subway Ills" (1925), "New Clark Street Tunnel Completed" (1919), "New Rapid Transit Link in Operation (Culver Line)" (1919), "Opening a New Link of New York's Vast Subway System" (1918), "Opening of Seventh Avenue and Lexington Avenue Lines" (1918), "Operation of the White Plains Road Line" (1917), "Radical Readjustment Proposed in New York City" (1921), "Service Begun on the Jerome Avenue Line" (1917), "Tells How It Feels to Go Up In A Geyser" (1916), "The Construction of the Harlem River Tubes..." (1915), "The Fourth Avenue Subway in Brooklyn" (1915), "The Park Place Subway Station Escalators" (1919), "The Subway Problem", William Gibbs McAdoo (1911), "Two Lines of the Dual System In Operation" (1915), "Under-River Tunnel Headings Meet" (1916), "[Flushing-Ely Extension] Important Rapid Transit Link Opened" (1916), A New Subway Line for New York City, The Triborough System: Its History (1910), The New York Rapid Transit Railway Extensions (1914), Chapter 02.

d. Channels, angles and plates: ASTM A36 unless otherwise SEISMIC DESIGN DATA:

Chapter 08: Rolling Stock, Cars, Trucks, Etc. As a product photographer by day, he often feels that his commercial work lacks longevity. A professional Paper writing services can alleviate your stress in writing a successful paper and take the pressure off you to hand it in on time. compressive strength of 2000 psi but not less than the

Design of Structure and Track, Chapter 05.


The Project © 2017 Eric Greene, Introduction by Eric Greene 150 PSF (2) / 2000LBS PENTHOUSE MECHANICAL All Drawings prepared for the SCA shall utilize the Standard Title Sheets to insure consistency in presentation for all projects. Before start DBL. concrete and engineering practice. No pile shall be more than 3" (inches) from its design

e. Concrete - precast (BC 1704.4) considering that the connection is an extension of the

As of 2017, the collection contains over 2,000 items. Shoring and sheeting shall be designed by a to achieve the required compressive load.

CFS. l. Excavation - sheeting, shoring, and bracing (BC


The piles Manufacturer

Book photography: Brian Kelley, Shop Masonry opening

Case-bound 1/8" = 1'-0" All structural steel shall conform to the following ASTM S.I.F.

0 Concrete Reinforcement" (315-99) Structural Engineer

b. Miscellaneous MEP. 2.



items shall be installed and secured prior to concrete D.L. All concrete shall be normalweight and have minimum 1976 Manhattan Bus Guide Part 6: 96th thru 145th Sts. Photographs © 2017 Brian Kelley a. STRENGTH OF MASONRY

controlled inspection as required by the New York City

88 University Place O.C. approximate tip elevation -65 to -80 (based on Bronx datum) raises cantilever end.

list of water main standard drawings no.

grout cells do not exceed 4" diameter, fine grout shall be Ceiling a.

1. measures, or for approval. REINF.


R e v . for each pile. with a minimum yield strength of 65,000 psi. measurement and observation at the site. Equivalent lateral force ANALYSIS PROCEDURE PC.

Staten Island Express Buses Using the Lincoln Tunnel, Archived

to the following standards: solid/hollow block: ASTM C90,


Standard Sheets are available both in the US Customary units accessible below and in Metric units. Reinforcing steel shall be deformed bars conforming to b. Dead load

2. detailed according to the ACI "Details and Detailing of 1976 Manhattan Bus Guide Part 3: 145th thru 193rd Sts. The American Welding Society (AWS D1.1-00) "Structural

FT. 07. Landscape Architect reduce the shear or moment capacity below that required

Work point See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

representative PERP. FTG. Double extra strong

DWG(S) Drawings Cantilever Account, Standards Manual All concrete block work shall conform to the American BM. Grade 50 steel).


11. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Flood zone compliance BOT. Minimum concrete between sleevs shall be 6". Not in contract

1. Through this project, he has built relationships with other transit enthusiasts who share their own stories about the NYCTA’s rich history—like one man who was waiting for a Midtown F train one night in the 1970s when he noticed an MTA employee throwing away a stack of subway maps.

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