With its powerful brushless hub motor, Onewheel can reach speeds up to 19mph and has a range of between 12-18 miles on a single charge. As you ride through on your Onewheel, be sure to grab some shots of the historic Victorian architecture that looks particularly interesting at night. All Onewheel rentals near San Diego, CA are maintained for quality and assurance by the lenders. The Onewheel  XR hoverboard has changed the game allowing you to seamlessly float across all terrain including grass, trails, sand, pavement, and everything in between. Choose your rental duration, enter your shipping address and we’ll ship your Onewheel rental straight to San Diego (or wherever you are--seriously, we can ship anywhere in the lower 48 fast and free). Visit our Onewheel Rental Page and choose from Onewheel Pint or Onewheel XR rentals. Replying to a super old topic, I know. I was unable to bring my XR or PINT on the plane to San Diego. Rent a Onewheel Pint, XR, or Plus directly from Onewheel owners in your area. Top Places to Ride Your Onewheel in Portland, Oregon, The best places to ride a Onewheel in New York City, SUPrents, Bend - Oregon, Liberty Lake - Washington, Tampa - Florida, The Top 3 Places to Ride a Onewheel in San Diego. Also, there's tons of Lime/Bird Scooters all over the place so I'm sure you'll be fine.

After you get your fill of everything the Park has to offer, float over to the nearby San Diego Convention Center for some awesome night time city shots. San Diego as a Onewheel winter getaway? I currently work in downtown San Diego and I've seen that there's a onewheel rental place here. Even better? Beautiful ocean views are never far away no matter where you are in San Diego. Avoid the hassle of checking your Onewheel at the airport. Jimmy is very friendly and teaches you how to correctly ride. According to my research, I should be OK to ride my OW on the Oceanfronk Walk, right? This includes the drop-off, lesson, and pickup once you’re done. This covers you in case of any accidental damage. It was a nice day with a beautiful view.

... Onewheel Pint Onewheel XR Accessories Service Find a dealer. Depending on the time of year you may even catch one of the concerts held at the outdoor venue located on the grounds. WE DID IT! Rent Onewheel Plus Electric Hoverboard from Jesse C. in San Diego, CA for $79/day or $350/week via FriendWithA, a place to rent Onewheels and other gear directly from owners. San Diego. Each listing shows the approximate location within .2 miles.

Even with no board sport experience you can be up and riding the onewheel within minutes with proper instruction (30 minute lesson included). You Could Be Riding a Onewheel in Under Two Hours. Let’s face it, tourists are everywhere in San Diego but there are plenty of places favored by locals that see less tourist traffic. Worried about being able to find a local Onewheel rental shop in San Diego? Educate yourself on the Onewheel with FriendWithA's provided trainings and videos. Its companion app allows you to track speed, battery percentage, and change the way the board rides using shaping modes. We strive to provide the best value anywhere in San Diego! Text or call us at 530-340-5544. "....Jesse was in constant communication with me even before the day of the ride. Beautiful beaches. With year round good weather, water everywhere you turn, and bike paths galore, you can spend countless hours cruising around without ever … I ride most often at balboa park, usually because I'm working nearby. Simply put, this thing is epic.

The Onewheel’s innovative design allows for charging anywhere, anytime. Schedule your lesson & rental for Liberty Station, or delivery to your location. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is $25 total, NOT $25 per board. According to my research, I should be OK to ride my OW on the Oceanfronk Walk, right? I'd love to float on the sand near the water. Just plug it into a standard outlet and have a full charge in 90 minutes giving you another 12-18 miles of range, Contact us by phone, email, or book online. Wear a helmet and stay on compact sand and the grassy areas of Powerhouse Park. Consider packing a drone to capture the incredible panoramic views from the cliffs. If you've never tried a onewheel before, San Diego Onewheel is a great place to try one out for your first time. The law sates a EMB averages less than 1000watts and does not exceed 20 MPH. The Onewheel hoverboard has changed the game allowing you to seamlessly float across all terrain including grass, trails, sand, pavement, and everything in between. "Simply the best! Worried about being able to find a local Onewheel rental shop in San Diego? Got plans to visit America’s Finest City? Receive your FREE lesson, helmet, and safety gear. San Diego Onewheel Rentals | Experience All-Terrain Electric Hoverboards . P.S. This includes the drop-off, lesson, and pickup once you’re done. Reply Quote 0. If downtown scenery is more your style consider riding over to Embarcadero Marina Park. Onewheel enthusiasts will enjoy Powerhouse Park for its convenient location near the heart of Del Mar, and the pristine panoramic beach that backs up to grassy bluffs. Also, does anyone know if I can ride my OW naked at Black's Beach? But I don’t think you will get hassled riding on the beach. You can book for same day, or schedule your rental in advance.There is no fee for a liberty station rental, and a $25 fee for delivery. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park borders the Point Loma peninsula’s western shore and is located just a short drive west of downtown San Diego. San Diego Beaches. Lean forward to accelerate and lean back to slow or stop the board, its that easy.

By signing up you agree to our terms of service. Enjoy your Onewheel! I'm bringing both of my OWs. Novice Onewheel riders may want to touch up their skills before taking on the unpaved paths that cut through the park. If you're looking to purchase a new Onewheel, just contact FriendWithA and we will ship you a brand new Onewheel minus your rental cost.

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