On the right side, the players can tap to open the detailed info page about the selected Shikigami. As we mentioned above, the onmyodo are the leaders of your team. The scroll in the bottom of the Court Yard is a menu that has eight icons that access different aspects of the game. The chatrooms are irrelevant to English players as they are all Chinese. The first one is the friend system which allows you to add friends. In most cases, awakening should be done sooner than later once the players have the materials. From left to right, they are Team PVP, Kirin Hunting/, Cleasing, PVP, and Demon Parade. This is the first icon on the bottom scroll. There are … The first type is the Onmyodo, and it serves as the leader of your team. It is important that you collect as many heroes as possible, so you have different options when assembling your team. New. This is the overseas server, which should be the fastest for players outside Asia. When the players click that dialogue circle, the conversation begins and the players would progress with the story. Shrine is for the guild masters to buy buffs for the Guild.

The bean counter is on the bottom left.

Normal tickets are relatively easy to come by and can be summoned 10 at once. Most missions will allow you to bring up to three shikigami, making them your main forces. On the right side of the screen, there are three tabs: Info, Wish, Rank, and Shrine.

I'm a mage and support main trying to master new roles, particularly marksman but it just doesn't seem to work for me. Doing so will increase the chances of hitting that chosen shikigami. Most often is the player level is too low. You can throw in a support shikigami that has spell that increases damage received by enemies in order to maximize the area of effect spells you will use. In here the players can see information regarding the current PVP event. In hopes of helping new Onmyoji players learn the game faster, below is an entry level guide that I put together. Once the players started doing the main story, the Memories icon would appear right below the skin change icon. Onmyoji has complex mechanics, and it will take new players some time to fully understand everything.

These will be unlocked as the story progresses. You can equip a number of souls for each shikigami. There are only a few of these, but since you only take one with you, it doesn’t really matter how many there are. r/OnmyojiArenaGame: The most balanced mobile MOBA without a payment wall. Click on the drum on the bottom right corner to start the fight. You can interact with them but it’s the 5 lanterns on top that is important. At tier one and two, players use 3 Shikigamis.

Souls are the equivalent of artifacts in Onmyoji. Hit the shikigami as many times as you can before time runs out! After selecting the chapter (by tapping the scroll), the players can then start reviewing previous stories by pressing the icon in the bottom center. Top. Shikigami Shards: where the players can collect Shikigami Shards to access powerful Shikigamis. The second roll is voice and subtitle or subtitle only. These are other resources of the game such as list of daily missions or on going events. Assemble your team of spirits and head out on your quest to stop the evil spirits from taking over. Be warned, though. Besides the Onmyojis, the Shikigamis are the main attacking units of the team.

The bottom left corner is the switch button that allows the players to choose other onmyojis to take to battle. The players can select other Shikigamis to feed to the one they selected. The info page shows detailed stats regarding the Shikigami. The third tab is the tier. share. If you equip souls with synergy bonuses, you will be able to boost your power even more. Make sure you pick active ones, or they won’t be able to help you much as you progress in the game. Souls make your shikigami stronger, but only if you utilize them properly. Players can get Court Yard skins from participate in different events. There are two kinds of characters available for you to recruits.

Join an active guild to fight more often. Please like and subscribe if it's helpful to you. Click on other main character in the court yard background would bring up a menu for you to change the main character to bring to battle. The left side is for you to turn on/off: music, sound effect, auto play conversation. 1 hour ago. This is the source for SSR Shikigamis for many players. There are a handful of options, but you will start with Abe no Seimei. When you click on the main character, a menu would pop up. The next icon is the Missions Icon. Under the name of the Shikigami (the vertical Chinese writing under SSR, SR, R, or N), there’s a small lock that lets the player lock/unlock the Shikigamis so they don’t accidently feed them. You can do explorations, challenge Shikigamis that you have discovered, get material and Souls, and do trials for rewards. Equipping two or more souls will give you bonuses in attack, skills, and other aspects. You can choose one of the three as your favorite. The exploration icon is shown in the Court Yard as a lantern. This is a fan site, we are not affiliated with NetEase, Inc. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. When starting a new game, every player need time to learn the game’s functions and feature. Been lazy lol. As mentioned, click the big tree and the first icon is the skin change icon. This is where the players train their Shikigamis. Hot New Top Rising. Neither of these two functions work for oversea players because language barrier and no access to phone numbers registered in China. In Onmyoji, Demon Parade is an important source of getting Shikigamis shards. The bottom button is authorizing push notification upon energy full and cards used up. Hunting is initiated by the guild master daily. edit subscriptions. The recommended server is the first one on the right most column (circled red in the picture above). There are different items for sale in the shop. Hit those birds will give the players extra bean, slow down Shikigamis, freeze them, etc. The players can click on the fox to choose other Shikigamis to display on the Court Yard. Remember to collect rewards after the Cleansing is done. Each throw defaults at 5 beans but the players can increase to 10 beans each throw or decrease to 1 bean each throw by sliding the bar at the left bottom corner. Unless the players understands Chinese, the Wish Rack can be ignored due to language barrier. The game would ask the players to create an account name with a maximum of 8 characters.

This new game from NetEase, a company that responsible for other popular mobile titles such as Rules of Survival and Survivor Royale, superbly combines action with RPG elements. For example, if your shikigami is an attacker, then you should use souls that improve attack power. The symbols do not matter by the way so draw whatever. In here you can invite either your fellow guild mate or your friends to team up and battle other teams. Players of Onmyoji are no different. Raiding realms will allow you to earn a lot of valuable rewards. I don’t know an effective way to reroll if you are playing the PRC version, but if you are on the Taiwanese version, here’s a rerolling method for ios [here]. Before you go on to feed your weak shikigami, make sure you finish their quests first. The more friends you have, the more help you will receive.

Maximum unclaimed Jades for this Card is 30, meaning the players should log in and claim Jades at least once every 30 hours. This index is for players to look up background information on all Shikigamis collected and listen to voice acting. In hopes of helping new Onmyoji players learn the game faster, below is an entry level guide that I put together. Keep progressing in the game and you will eventually be able to access them all. Even though there are hundreds of shikigami available, they are divided into different tiers. Therefore it is very important for the players to know how Shikigamis interact with each other. First mobile MOBA without a rune system, truly balanced skill competiton featuring characters from the hit mobile game Onmyoji with PC level map... jump to content. You can also complete guild missions in order to earn shards that you can use in the Mall.

Click on the sign will bring you to Alley screen.

The default Court Yard Shikigami is the two tailed fox. The right shikigami will ultimately depend on your play style. This guide talks about some basic functions of the game that I think is invaluable to new players. Keep an eye out for flying characters above and tap them as soon as you see them in order to gain various bonuses. You can check the box right below to record screen.

Add as many as you can, and regularly check if any of them have become inactive so you can replace them right away. You will want rarer shikigami for your permanent team since normal ones tend to outlive their usefulness pretty quickly. Players can get rewards from here when all Shikigamis in a region is collected. card classic compact • Posted by. Don’t forget to bring a friend along as it increases the chances of hitting your targets. In the Friends tab, you can chat with your friends with text message and voice messeges. You will need to progress in the story in order to unlock the others. Occasionally, there would be birds flying over for bonus buffs. The player can slide the screen to the left to show a wishing rack with eight lanterns hanging. 1.

Everytime I recall, the enemy mm seems …

On the right bottom, there is a button to start Demon Parade and it shows how many tickets you have available. Apologies for the lack of updates. 9. Once you are used to the mechanics of the game, however, you should start focusing on your long-term heroes. Players who joined a guild can access their guild here. The bar on top show how much resource for each summoning option. Onmyoji Arena r/ OnmyojiArena. The menu at the bottom will show when you click the scroll on the lower right corner. The players can also access Souls in the page. Check often for rewards given. Different main characters may have skills that benefits certain team composition.

Of course, these are relatively weaker Shikigamis that are to be used at an early stage or as fodder. This icon is for the players to inspect their unlocked Onmyojis (main characters). When a Shikigami is selected, the player can train it by pressing the icon on the left side of the line that says: “cv ….”. For beginners, a notable achievement is the login achievements that gives 1 rare ticket per day for the first 10 login days. This guide talks about some basic functions of the game that I think is invaluable to new players.

I will keep updating this site as long as there is interest. Onmyoji has complex mechanics, and it will take new players some time to fully understand everything. However, each player will only be allowed to fight once a day. Players can request (or “wish”) for the Shikigami shards that they need, or give shards to other guild members/friends. Before you jump into the game, make sure you fully prepare by checking out our Onmyoji beginner’s guide for some important pointers!

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