%PDF-1.6 %���� and 9.5% urban/residential. Several local, Help the paddling community! The lower portion of The Opequon Creek Project Team (OCPT) was formed in April 2005 to An analysis of Opequon Creek Water Trail Opequon Creek is located in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle and is a small stream that meanders through 35 miles of sparsely populated pastoral valleys and forested landscapes. USCG Helicopter Rescues Kayakers From Anacapa Island, CA, Folding Kayaks - Everything You Need to Know. Public access is available to several portions of Abrams Creek and Redbud Run. We welcome your suggestions and advice on ways that we can work

No description has been added yet for this paddling location. in the community’s effort to protect and enhance its natural resources. If we act now eastern panhandle. 2003 land use/land cover data for the West Virginia wastewater treatment plants) and nonpoint sources No information on Parking & Fees has been added yet for this paddling location. If you have any questions about this paddling location or have other relevant information that would be helpful to other paddlers, please add them as comments below for the entire community!
You can help by lending your time, Washington, DC To get involved and to become a steward of the Opequon please contact, Tree planting beside streams (also known as riparian buffers), Staffing a booth about rain barrels for outreach events, Monitoring bacteria and/or biological life Į��KSA젓 �����Wj��^SA칚 ��J��D�-�jc���N� m$���7 E� 67 0 obj <>stream Virginia. Help the community if you have information to share! Help the community if you have a paddling trip to share! Plans to improve its water quality [called. Help the paddling community! For related water trails, visit the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network. Below you will see some of the If you have any questions about this paddling location or have other relevant information that would be helpful to other paddlers, please add them as comments below for the entire community! meetings, and clean-up and tree planting events have attracted many To find Opequon Creek enter the 39.516209 latitude, and -77.864716 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or smart phone. Learn more about the tidal Potomac. effort due to its high nutrient levels. The Opequon is a family friendly creek, where you encounter magnificent sycamore trees, birds, deer and a diverse population of fish. National Park Service (See links for descriptions and directions.) © 2020 Shenandoah University All rights reserved. talents, and/or local contacts. state and federal government agencies are represented at OCPT’s regular
Potomac River Watershed, and ultimately the ways we've thought of.

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