The'L' in “EXO-L” stands for Love, and in alphabetical order, L is the 12th letter and links the letters K (EXO-K) and M (EXO-M).

I do really like the woah woah woah part, but the da di part feels out of place. (Korean: 에이치오티; pronounced "H. O. T.", acronym for Highfive Of Teenagers) is a South Korean boy band that was created by SM Entertainment in 1996. "He's my bias!" If you have friends who listen to K-pop, you may hear them say … But what does it mean? It will clear acne, cause the sun to shine, and restore sight. I don't think K-Pop is a term that can refer to a genre of music, especially when you consider that a lot of K-Pop is influenced by 90s Western R&B. Teddy said it in Light up the Sky, kpop is just pop. They are considered to be the first K-pop idol group and their successful formula became the model for many K-pop groups that followed them. You, a K-pop intellectual: SOUND THE ALARM AND WAKE UP THE FANDOM. If you wanna be pedantic in korea it refers specifically to idol music aka music made by idols. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Their songs have become to hectic, like they're trying so hard to show all their colors and styles.

Looking for the definition of OT? It's 2018, and you've probably seen or heard the word being used by K-Pop fans before at some point by now. Yeah if asked I use K-Pop as a term to refer to pop music originating from South Korea. 2 days and 5 hours left for those Top 10 of 2012 lists!!!!! 1 on all eight realtime charts. When an idol group or singer is coming back, it … Hey Soompiers! EXO-L is considered a sub-unit of EXO, so that EXO-K+ EXO-L+ EXO-M= One.

*cries*. Alexa's company needs to spend less on videos and more on actual song writers and producers. This term sounds very murderous, but it’s actually music to the ears of all K-poppers. Everyone else: Isn’t this when you wittingly reply without stuttering? *breaks down in sobs*, While recently the term “Army” has taken on more than one meaning (like fans of BTS), it also means heartache for K-poppers who stan boy groups. I feel K-POP is just a container term to include all king of things k-pop does normal pop music does not. Looking for online definition of OT or what OT stands for? And it helps to spread the idea of what korean pop music is.

I mean its not just the music. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

It’s not unusual to see close friends (usually of the same gender) holding hands, cuddling, or even giving friendly kisses. ... literally all the song you like are hectic, what?! He’s not a k pop stan but he’s listening to it over and over again. I do really like the song though, it is definitely the best song Loona has put out as a whole group, but that's a very low bar to set. Even spotify made it a sub category. 'Off Topic' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. I've been a K-pop fan for two years now, but i still don't know what ot# stands for.

Hi. Make sure you're registered to vote and … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It will clear acne, cause the sun to shine, and restore sight. It was officially established on August, 5, 2014.

Just calling it pop music doesnt do it justice imo. It becomes a mess, Not really a fan of the chorus of Why Not but the rest of the EP is pretty good. ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019), Don't be too frustrated, you weren't the only one who was curious about it. "She's my ultimate bias!" Had some conflicting ideas and messages regarding these two songs: I don't think anyone been properly been able to identify what K-pop is in the very first place.

My Top 10 Kpop of 2012, Another stack year of Kpop. Gangnam, a district within Seoul, is known for many things, but among K-poppers, it’s the place where many entertainment companies reside. I just don't like Mamamoo anymore. One True.

It’s a feat not many have reached, but all aspire to. Many people have the misconception that it means original team just like how OP means original poster . Kpop Groups: Meaning behind their Names Kpop Groups bring out uniqueness and charm through their names, though some may sound new or even weird like Momoland or Weki Meki, some may even come up from acronyms like BTS, NCT, AOA or scientific inspired like Cross Gene and f(x). I dont know much about super junior but i heard about super junior m and that they sing in Mandarin. Do they get to see the other super junior members as much? Even spotify made it a sub category. He’s sure there are plenty of other songs like this but doesn’t know where to start. Hello class! Sucks that the song was good before that point.

It can be used to cheer people on and tell them good luck, and it’s most commonly accompanied by a fist pump or two. You, a K-pop intellectual: It isn’t.

Everyone else: Okay, how could this possibly mean something different in K-pop lingo than in every day usage?

I mean its not just the music. When I see people use OT# I often have to figure out which group they mean, as OT4 might be BLACKPINK, or it could be used by fans who support BIGBANG without Seungri. You, a K-pop intellectual: The best place to see my bias. I like this song and it seems maybe like a hint for the title track at the end? Ive been wondering what kpop sub units are. That chorus was a major turnoff.

Is it a serperate group? Let us know in the comments below! Not normally a big twice person but I like how this is sounding. JavaScript is disabled.

He also really likes Move. H.O.T. it stands for “one true” and comes from “otp” which stands for “one true pairing”. I feel K-POP is just a container term to include all king of things k-pop does normal pop music does not. mayme22’s favorite Bible verses at the moment are Psalm 8:3-4.

The United States General Election will be held in 2 days, 14 hours, 39 minutes, 46 seconds on Nov 3, 2020 at 12:00 AM. Cookies help us deliver our Services. "Bias" in K-Pop is basically someone's most favorite member of an idol group. it’s a shipping thing, so to say you’re “ot7” means you love all the members together. Press J to jump to the feed. Let us look into the following bands […] That Dreamcatcher performance is a lot of fun. Thats being obtuse. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. You must log in or register to reply here. I know what it means, but does anyone know what the o and the t mean? A group achieves a realtime all-kill when their song reaches No. I wouldn't really say kpop is a genre of music since the groups/soloists can do a variety of genres. Thought I'd ask here before we get too close to the end of the year and our Top 20 of 2020 charts. Everyone else: Why does everyone in Korea keep telling each other to fight? He especially loves the part where Taemin mutters “mess me up more” and when he unties his hands with his mouth in the choreo. And it helps to spread the idea of what korean pop music is. Find out what is the full meaning of OT on! For those who have been in K-pop for so long you’ve forgotten that some of these words are not real in English, this one’s for you. Today, we will be discussing some common terminology used in K-pop! It's pop music that's korean. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Feel like if you separated the chorus and the verses, and took them in two different directions you could have two songs much better than the end result of Why Not. I just wanna say that I appreciate Blackpink even more after watching Light Up The Sky.

Just calling it pop music doesnt do it justice imo.

it's not necessarily a shipping thing in this context, just about the lineup(s) you primarily care about.

EXO-L (Hangul: 엑소엘) is EXO's official fandom name. This word is golden in the K-pop world. This word is golden in the K-pop world.

IT’S TIME TO CRASH PRE-ORDERING WEBSITES AND STREAM THE HECK OUT OF THE NEW MV. In Korean culture, “skinship,” or physical intimacy, is not only for couples. I know they get split into smaller groups but do they not get to see each other as often? OT is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary When you were first getting in K-pop, were you confused by any of these terms? Most Korean men are required to serve in the army for about two years, which translates to two years of complete inactivity from your favorite boy groups. When an idol group or singer is coming back, it means a new album, tons of new concept photos, increased appearances on shows, and, most importantly, more memes. As in the band's slogan "WE ARE ONE! .

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