What a cockblock.”. Typically something practiced by people into “urolagnia,” the technical term for “piss play” or “water sports.” Golden showers are considered pretty kinky by many people, but they’re definitely more mainstream than playing with feces (“scat play”). Etymology: The sexual bases system likely developed in the early 20th century so that people could talk about sex acts without using the more taboo actual sexual terminology. In America, people often associate sex with baseball lingo. “I was super into him, but he said I wasn’t hairy enough. Can be quite dangerous and lead to brain injury or even death if performed improperly. Frot is a term for a sex act that indicate rubbing against a person or object rather than engaging in any kind of penetration. A piercing where a metal bolt goes through the shaft of a penis, typically coming out the urethral opening on one end and below the head on the other end. I heard he was on the down-low…”, Pronunciation: eh-RAW-tick as-FIX-ee-AY-shun. Often, the people wearing clothes make fun of or dominate the submissive naked person. It was super hot.”. Daddy Doms may serve as a paternal figure, but that should not be mistaken to mean the people involved in DDlg relationships are in any way involved or approving of incest or pedophilia. A form of protection to prevent contraction of STIs from cunnilingus — typically a thin sheet of latex, sort of like a condom for a woman’s vulva. Slang term that’s popular in the gay community for penetrative anal sex done without a condom. Etymology: So named because of the perception that viewers crave seeing the moment of male orgasm, and the movie wouldn’t be worth anything without it. A Daddy Dom is a dominant partner (typically male, but not always) who cares for, nurtures, and assumes responsibility for their submissive, typically referred to as their little or baby girl. A sixty-nine is a sex position that involves two people performing oral sex on each other simultaneously by lying stomach to stomach in opposite directions. Etymology: Likely a reference to the fact that macho, manly men stereotypically grow thick beards — whereas gay men are often considered more effeminate and thus may not be perceived as likely to grow much facial hair. Not particularly common in the 21st century. (Typically that means you’re a submissive.). Compared to condoms, dental dams are not nearly as popular, however. when he's beating the pussy up.

Etymology: Literally, sitting on someone’s face — or at least squatting right over it. Service offered by high-end escorts and sex workers where clients pay for the experience of a whole relationship, not just sex acts — things like saying “I love you,” spending quality time together, going on dates, etc. Often used a name for the porn genre featuring older actresses having sex with younger men or women. “I asked Cheryl if she would let me finish inside her, and she said if I wanted to creampie her, I would have to pay for her IUD.”. Something that you can “earn,” like a badge, since theoretically it requires courage to lick someone’s clitoris while there might be blood in their vagina. “I was super excited for her to go down on me, but when she pulled down my pants, she said, ‘I can’t suck on this, this is a chode.’”, Something you can ask a dominatrix to perform on you, if someone hurting you via torturing your genitals sounds arousing.
© 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Adjective and noun denoting someone who is gay but in the closet and perceived as straight, or someone who secretly engages in homosexual activity while maintaining a heterosexual appearance. “I’ve been watching so much bukkake porn that now when I see a cinnamon roll, I feel like it’s sexual.”. Can also be done in an all-woman iteration featuring female ejaculation. It turns me on, but knowing that these women didn’t consent to being filmed… I just can’t watch it anymore.”. Etymology: The term is a reference to the idea that a pair of testicles descending into an open mouth is similar to a teabag being dropped into a mug of hot water in order to make tea. “I can’t believe this, but my hook up last night was actually into the idea of me facialing her. However, depending on the menstruator’s flow, where they are in their cycle and whether they’re using a tampon or a cup, there might not be any blood coming out regardless. Term for a brief sex act, usually just a few minutes in length, often because it’s done in public or, for instance, when one or both participants need to be elsewhere — at work, or at an event, etc. Now picture the best parts of what the best babygirl provides: laughter, joy, silliness, fun, playfulness, warmth, affection beyond belief, beauty, awe, excitement, mental and physical challenges, and unconditional love. Slang term for an accumulation of fecal matter around the entrance to the vagina after a heterosexual couple switches from anal to vaginal penetration. Slang term for the pain men sometimes experience from extended sexual arousal without completion. This glossary of BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism) terms defines terms commonly used in the BDSM community.. BDSM activities are described as play in BDSM terminology.. Pronunciation: DAH-dee.

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