You can still lead a normal life after undergoing treatment. Accessed April 30, 2018. But the good news is that your condition is treatable. Other symptoms include loss of grip strength and thumb mobility. The treatment of thumb pain is usually carried out in similar ways in both these conditions. Pain in the palm often results from a minor injury or from overusing the hand. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2098802, '88d086ab-8ed2-4765-ac82-971f4c18651f', {}); Posted on Various treatments are available and they include: Some drugs would usually provide relief that can last for several weeks or months. Make a donation. amzn_assoc_linkid = "3c983a83a7077562741123bd8f7ef2ae"; Here, we are going to discuss two major problems that can lead to the symptom of thumb pain. Thumb pain at the base, swelling at the base of thumb joint and severe ache after long use of the thumb joint are some signs that indicate the problem of thumb arthritis. Vasculitis refers to conditions that cause inflammation of blood vessels. But if that doesn’t work, here are six other hacks to try. A sprained thumb could also result in swelling and stiffness. Thumb arthritis. 2017, Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners, 5 Common Injections for Treating Orthopedic Conditions, Snapping/popping sensation when moving the thumb, Locking in the bent position, requiring help from the other hand to straighten, Primarily pain felt over the thumb side of the wrist, along with swelling, A snapping sensation when moving the thumb, Enlarged appearance at the joint of your thumb, Swelling or stiffness at your thumb’s base. Without plenty of cushioning cartilage, the joints become rough and grind over each other when you move, causing more joint damage. In this article, we describe some possible causes of pain in the palm of the hand, along with other symptoms and treatment options. Treatment generally involves a combination of medication and splints.

Certain hereditary conditions, such as joint ligament laxity and malformed joints. You may want to apply ice to the site of your pain if you notice swelling. Palmar fasciitis is a rare medical condition that causes inflammation of the palmar fascia, a thickened band of tissue that connects the palm to the fingers. While a case of thumb pain might be caused by a simple injury to the thumb, there are some serious medical conditions that can lead to the onset of this problem. In a normal thumb joint, cartilage covers the ends of the bones — acting as a cushion and allowing the bones to glide smoothly against each other. Accessed April 30, 2018. An infection can lead to serious complications, such as cellulitis, abscesses, and sepsis. “wear-and-tear” arthritis. Kloppenburg M, et al. amzn_assoc_region = "US";

Examples of injuries that may lead to pain in the palm include: Other symptoms of a hand injury can include bruising, swelling, and stiffness. Keep reading to find out more about pain on or near your thumb. The damage to the joint might result in growth of new bone along the sides of the existing bone (bone spurs), which can produce noticeable lumps on your thumb joint. Anyone who suspects that they have an infected wound or a broken or dislocated bone should seek prompt medical attention.

In: Plastic Surgery: Volume 6: Hand and Upper Extremity. Other causes, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, may require medical treatment. When vasculitis affects the hands, it may cause: Doctors do not fully understand what causes vasculitis. Factors that can increase your risk of thumb arthritis include: Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. The severity can range from mild to fatal.

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