Very friendly and available to students. Online class is easy but also a lot! Discussion question and then smartbook practice that is not due until you take the test. Every teacher and class are different, and knowing what to expect can help students best prepare themselves to succeed. She seems nice but since this was an online course it was hard to tell how great of a professor she really is. I am a recently admitted MD student from a nontraditional background, and I wanted to share my experiences with online coursework (specifically biochemistry) because I don't want future students to have to go through the same ordeal that I did. Easy enough and you're allowed to work ahead. There is 14 discussions (due online Thursday), 4 case studies(due online) , and 3 tests (all online) . "Textbook" is online and homework is answering the questions assigned to each chapter. Just answer DB questions & homework and you're good to go.

She was very responsive to all emails. She is so much better as an in class professor! © 2020 Altice USA News, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Learned a lot as well. Lots of reading but assignments are easy and the same every week. 86%. Her lectures are clear and easy to follow, and even if you still have problems understanding the material visiting during her office hours will sort you out.

Not and easy "A" but can get one if you do the work. Professor Parent was a good professor. Work overload, if you're a fulltime employee, have kids, and a life.

I'm Professor ParentSubmit a Correction. Her online and person lectures are clear and interesting. Took MATH105 with her and Dr. Roxanas in the summer, could not have asked for a better duo! For sure taking her for my next psychology course!

lol, grading - horrible/strict because for an online course she could at least leave comments as to why you get points taken when you've answered everything, responded to 2 peers and sited if needed. One paper due, simple enough. Really cares for her students, wants us to do well, and I learned a lot! Professor Parent's Top Tags. If you are a FT student&work don't choose her.

All professors at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. I highly recommend taking a class with Ms. Pam Parent. She gives you good feedback on the assignments. Login Sign Up 4.9 She works extremely hard to be there for her students and be accessible in and outside of class. If you're taking a math class take it with Pam!. With over 1.3 million professors, 7,000 schools & 15 million ratings, Rate My Professors is the best professor ratings source based on student feedback.

Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. Rate Professor Parent. It may take up to a minute to process. Take Professor parents class you wont regret it!

Looking for a professor by school/department? She has a weekly calendar at the end of the syllabus that really helped me plan my work. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot! She got back to me right away with questions and feedback.

Her & Dimitrios Roxanas are a blessing truly. Funny and easy to follow her lectures. Great teacher.

Level of Difficulty. You must read and retain the information in order to pass this course. Took Prof. Parent two separate times online - her class is pretty awesome and straightforward. Pamela Sargent has won the Nebula Award, the Locus Award, and has been a finalist for the Hugo Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award for alternate history. Fair grader.

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