Level 7 Prerequisites master in Crafting, Affix a Talisman in less time Level 7 Level 11 Prerequisites master in Stealth, Hide and Sneak without cover or being concealed Level 2 Prerequisites trained in Survival, Identify nearby creatures through signs and clues Prerequisites Prescient Planner, Gain secret checks to detect poison by taste Level 1 Level 19 Prerequisites trained in Alcohol Lore, Cooking Lore, or Crafting, Become trained in a skill Prerequisites trained in Lore, Make a battle plan and roll Warfare Lore for initiative Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 You can select a feat with this trait when your class grants a general feat. Level 1 Prerequisites trained in Performance, +1 with a certain type of performance Prerequisites master in Perception, Gain constant effects of true seeing

Increase its HP by the amount shown on the table.

Prerequisites trained in Deception, Reduce the bonuses against your repeated lies Level 1 Level 1 Prerequisites expert in Crafting, Craft items more efficiently Gain access to ancestry feats from another ancestry

Level 15 Level 1

Level 15 Prerequisites expert in Medicine, Treat several patients at once Level 7 Prerequisites trained in Society, Use Society to Gather Information and Recall Knowledge Prerequisites master in Survival, Increase your party’s travel speed through wilderness terrain Prerequisites master in Perception, Procure consumable items with Prescient Planner While using Survival to Subsist, if you roll any result worse than a success, you get a success.

Prerequisites trained in Occultism, Gather Information about secret societies and mystery cults Increase its AC, attack bonuses, DCs, saving throws, and skill modifiers by 1. Level 7 Level 15 Level 7 Level 7 Prerequisites legendary in Survival, Survive extreme conditions Level 7 Prerequisites master in Occultism, Perform to fascinate observers Prerequisites trained in Crafting, Craft magic items Prerequisites trained in Thievery, +2 to AC or saves against devices or traps you trigger while disarming Shallows (Avg. Level 1 Level 1 1d4 tidepool dragons (Pathfinder #55 82) 5: 54–60: 1 saltwater merrow: 6: 61–68: 2d4 jinx eaters: 6: 69–71: 1d6 pteranodons: 6: 72–78: 1 shark-eating crab: 7: 79–85: 1d4 sea drakes: 8: 86–91: 1 coral golem: 9: 92–96: 1d6 duppies: 10: 97–100: 1d4 giant snapping turtles: 11: The monsters below are often encountered in shallow waters near coastlines. Level 1 Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy, Gather Information rapidly Level 1 Ok! Gonna talk about Pathfinder 2E here, and layout some of the things I like, and some of the things I am worried about! Recall Knowledge - Beast (Arcana, Nature): DC 21 Recall Knowledge - Humanoid : DC 21 Werebear Creature 4 Uncommon LG Large Beast Human Humanoid Werecreature Prerequisites trained in Intimidation, Coerce a creature quickly

Level 2 Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Second Edition). Level 1 Level 7 Prerequisites trained in Religion, More accurately recognize the tenets of your faith or philosophy Prerequisites trained in Society, Leverage your connections for favors and meetings As long as there is nothing around to threaten it or the natural area it protects (typically a forest), a werebear in its animal form is generally content to forage and sleep away the night.

Level 7 Level 15 Prerequisites Dexterity 16, Fleet, +2 to Perception when you spend twice as long Searching

Level 15

The creature gains weakness to silver as shown on the table. Prerequisites trained in Society, Learn two new languages Prerequisites legendary in Arcana, Fight more effectively as you Climb Complete information for all 170 Pathfinder 2 general feats (and general skill feats) published to date including their descriptions, prerequisites, triggers, and more. Level 2 Prerequisites trained in Crafting, Craft basic tools without a basic crafter’s book Pathfinder 2e édition Vers (la nouvelle page) des ressources Pathfinder - - Discussions générales. Level 15 Level 1, Gain a 1st-level ancestry feat Prerequisites expert in Diplomacy, Make Requests of others with lesser consequences Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy, Reduce creatures’ frightened condition values Level 7 Prerequisites trained in Nature, Use Nature to Treat Wounds Level 1 Level 1

Prerequisites expert in Intimidation, Demoralizes foes when you roll for initiative Prerequisites expert in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action, Assurance in that skill, Gather Information without revealing your motive

Prerequisites trained in Deception, Remain hidden after you Create a Diversion Prerequisites master in Medicine, Remove disease or the blinded, deafened, doomed, or drained condition Level 1

Prerequisites trained in Survival, +1 to Survival checks in certain terrain Prerequisites expert in Athletics, Pull yourself onto ledges quickly

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