“And then when we came back to the market they remembered. Not so CSL, which is geared to the detection and treatment of rare immune deficiency and bleeding diseases. His updated diagnosis: Seqirus is on track to deliver on CSL’s 2020 profits target.

“It went over like a lead balloon. CSL346 is an antibody to control glucose absorption in insulin-resistant type 2 diabetes patients – there are more than 420 million people in this group globally – and diabetic kidney disease. CSL extended its number one position in immunoglobulins and plasma-derived products. CSL has progressed new therapies for “secondary heart attacks”, inflammation in type 2 diabetes sufferers and hereditary angioedema (swelling similar to hives).

Unlike CSL’s other flu vaccines plants in Parkville and Liverpool, UK, Holly Springs manufactures vaccines from cells rather than eggs. Crude oil prices have handed back most of their earlier gains. She was the beloved wife of Paul P. Perreault, Sr., they were married for 52 years.

Born in Providence, she was a daughter of the late Agnes (Fox) Shepard.

Peggy worked as a Ward Secretary for Saint Joseph Hospital for many years before her retirement.

In addition to her husband Paul, she leaves a son, Paul P. Perreault, Jr. and his wife Kimberly, and two grandsons, Brendan and Corey Perreault. The JP Morgan analysts expect it will be able to hold on to “a significant portion of these gains”. She was the beloved wife of Paul P. Perreault, Sr., they were married for 52 years. The R&D pipeline is one reason Perreault doesn’t worry too much about acquisitions, which means CSL’s regular share buybacks of $500 million to $1 billion a year look safe. Under McNamee’s leadership CSL returned 26 per cent each year for two decades, making it a standout among Australia’s other large listed companies: banks, retailers, miners and Telstra that are now struggling for growth. Immunoglobulin sales are growing at 9-12 per cent per annum in the US, Australia and Canada, which have the highest per capita usage, say Credit Suisse analysts Saul Hadassin and David Bailey in a report in April. “The focus that Brian [McNamee] and others brought to this was, ‘Look, we have to make tough decisions but there’s a future here’,” Perreault says. I had congressmen in the US calling me because patients were getting sick, hospitalised, and some were dying. In just four years, the annual return since the company floated in 1994 has increased to 27.6 per cent and the company has tightened its grip on its core blood products market by relentlessly expanding its plasma collection and global manufacturing networks. CSL112 has successfully completed human clinical trials. Scott Barbour. Career path: Rose through ranks at Wyeth-Ayerst, then held senior executive posts at Aventis Behring before it was acquired by CSL. Career path: Rose through ranks at Wyeth-Ayerst, then held senior executive … Its own global flu vaccines business, bioCSL, dates back to the 1919 Spanish flu epidemic that killed 50 million people. Wayne Taylor. If Novartis missed budget at Holly Springs, it was a rounding error for the wider group. “Everybody in business schools wants to be a leader but nobody wants to manage, and I think it takes both. Professor Ian Frazer, left, who developed the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil.

The demand for these products is increasing as nations spend more on health care. Wayne Taylor.

Growth in rich countries gives CSL the time it needs to refine a strategy for China. Perreault is acutely aware McNamee’s are giant shoes to fill. A year or two before he retired, McNamee decided to shift CSL from a network of manufacturing “fiefdoms” to global manufacturing to spread the risk. Now they’re expanding Broadmeadows to produce albumin for export to China and a self-administered immunoglobulin, Hizentra. You have to innovate and differentiate your products and you need to scale.”. Perreault, whose French-Canadian grandfather was a physician and whose father was a pharmaceutical salesman, knows from experience that being able to supply these life-saving products makes an impression on patients and their families.

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