Once you've made your way across, go through the door. However, if you want to see the "true" ending, answer with "I refuse.". A reliable way to take down Fafnir is to use status ailments. ", Perhaps my phrasing was not as clear. You will now be on Iweleth 1.

Go up to Switch 4 and turn on the blue lights. Facing the switch, there should be a red bridge to your right and a cyan bridge to your left. As you may have known if you have fused Siegfried before this fight, it's all about Physical attacks. The answer you need is "By wishing to be that person". Out of all the options, there is only one "right" answer. If you're interested in the 3rd Will Seed, head back to the area with the red bridge leading back to Switch 2. You can choose to crawl through the grate in the 3rd room, but you don't learn much other than the answer is not C or E. For the special consultation rooms, the answers that Maruki wants are: No matter how you get through, you will reach the Counselling Room. In front of you is a switch that controls red (Switch 1).

Switch 3 controls the green light, Switch 4 is blue and Switch 5 is red. You will get into a fight. Once you're done, you can return to the Monitoring Prep Room and proceed past the wires now. You must wait until New Game+, then visit Jose in Mementos then to get the Ring of Sorrow. Go to Switch 5 and turn on the red light. Once you have the tape, go back to the wooden door room and play it. Proceed back to the Auditorium where you met Maruki to trigger a fight. The bridge you need to cross requires you to not only build a bridge with purple (red + blue), but also take away the green light to pass. Same with the third. You will see another wooden door which has the tape you need, but it's locked and you need to find another way to get in. You're finished with this Palace! If this helps you out please feel free to share it with other people too. Turn on the red and blue lights or you can't move anywhere. Head to the right and then down (the other room just has a treasure chest), sticking to the path until you reach the staircase at the end. You will then have one more enemy to fight. You can't get in because it's locked, but head the room above and find a grate to crawl through. The attendants will tell you about the consultation rooms and how you choose to go through the ones you feel are right. You will visit all three eventually, so it doesn't matter where you choose to go first. The blue bridge you just came from should be in front of you. You will see the 2nd locked door, inspect it to learn the question you need to answer. Speak to each one of your teammates and convince them to follow you for one last ride. Battle: Dionysus/Hedonistic Braggart and Chimera/Deformed Lion God. Resist Nuclear at all times and you should be fine. The platforms switch colors when you walk over them. After this fight you will be offered a single dialogue choice. The goal is to turn all of the yellow platforms into blue platforms. You are almost done with these puzzles.

Now cross the red bridge that was once blocked by the yellow wall.

You may have come across this Persona at some point, but expect Surt to throw a lot of powerful Fire skills (ie.

The room right next to the Safe Room has a wooden door, which makes it the last of the rooms with a video tape. Either way, you don't get the Ring of Sorrow until New Game+. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know. You will have to leave the Palace and then to go the newly sprouted area of Mementos, Da'at, in order to proceed. While you’ll spend most of your time in Royal cutting down various demons and evil personas, not every fight has to end in bloodshed.

This is Maruki's Palace. There will be a switch in front of you (Switch 1). Anybody pick it up? Your right is a red bridge blocked by a yellow wall. Once you have found your six human teammates, return to the center of the Velvet Room to have a quick meeting.

Before you try and solve it, go to the back side of the wall in the middle of a puzzle. To your left is a blue bridge.

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