Margaret, along with Nanako, Marie and her siblings, is also available as a DLC Navigator for $3. Over the course of the next few weeks she will call the protagonist, giving him updates on her search.

Tome and Tarot Cards Once both protagonists reach Level 55 or higher and the player enters the Nurse's Office, Margaret can be seen discussing the power of the Wild Card with Elizabeth. Feeling a sense of kinship, Margaret creates the Empress Arcana Social Link with the protagonist. The twenty playable characters do not include support characters like Fuuka Yamagishi and Rise Kujikawa, who can be picked for the role and have support skills of their own.

)". The X is the secret passage in the last room you go to. Upon reaching the end of Heaven, Margaret informs the protagonist that she learned from her master that Elizabeth challenged one of their previous guests to a battle as well, but it is unknown whether the guest took up the challenge. Well thanks to TC for giving that bit of advice from Yosuke, or I guess I should thank Yosuke instead. Boost status wears off if the character takes a hit or when they take an action that does not score a critical or weakness hit.

Margaret is a character from Persona 4. ", "Behold... She who resides over power... in the epitome of her strength! Triple magic attack for next hit. During the True Ending, both her and Elizabeth witness the battle between Yu and Sho Minazuki, noting how Minazuki's persona has been passed down to Sho.

Genre Unlike the previous games, all party members (not just the protagonists) are able to use a variety of Sub-Personas, which are explained in the story as having to do with the meeting of the two protagonists. As they were about to enter, two students -- Rei and Zen appear, and tell them not to go in as it is dangerous. They are the younger sisters of Margaret,Elizabeth andTheodore and attendant(s) of the protagonist of Persona 5. P4 Manga June 5, 2014

(1 enemy) Stronger in Boost. Next magical attack will be 250% greater in power. She uses multiple Personas; specifically, Cu Chulainn, Ardha and Yoshitsune with Helel appearing for her Instant Kill technique. After two days of being bedridden due to a cold, the P3 Hero decides to head out to Tartarus with his team. The new characters Zen and Rei will function as a singular unit, with Rei focusing on healing skills and Zen using physical attacks. At the start of the game in the P4 side, it is confirmed that the "Familiar Voice" in the P4 Culture Festival is Margaret.

She still follows all of her patterns from Persona 4, with the only difference being that she now gets 2 turns in a row. PQ2

Elizabeth Battle without Orpheus Telos 6f. PQ October 23, 2014. Furthermore, she always comments on the bonds Yu has made over the course of the show at the beginning of each episode. "The Battle for Everyone's Soul" (Persona 4 Arena Ver. For Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Elizabeth *spoilers *".

The main theme for the game is Maze of Life. Live Action

Caroline and Justine, or Lavenza, are characters from Persona 5. Lasts 3 turns. More importantly, what does the X stand for? How do I solve the Evil Spirit Club 4th Floor puzzle with the 4 rooms? Learn the pattern and guard appropriately and she should go down in no time. She is only vulnerable to the opposite element of her previously used attack (for example, Fire↔Ice, Wind↔Elec).

", "Not yet. The dialogue and events will vary depending on the player's choices to follow either Persona 3's SEES or Persona 4's Investigation Team. South Korea Where can I find the arrow Theo is looking for on the first stop of the Group Date Cafe. Margaret's role in the anime adaptation is slightly altered in comparison to the original game. She also cannot be knocked down, unlike in P4, preventing the use of All Out Attacks. Nearly triple the user's magic attack for next hit. Another addition is that, should the protagonist max out her Social Link and ask her if she has another request, she will give him the Deep Blue Clothes costumes, which are the outfits of all three of the residents of the Velvet Room.

P4G Anime Katsura Hashino It is implied that in the future, Margaret will take Aigis back to the Velvet Room and assume Elizabeth's abandoned duty of assisting her with the Velvet Room's services while still retaining her original responsibility of assisting Yu, as the two guests' future ordeals will eventually be intertwined. Defeating her allows them both to obtain their ultimate Personas, and the rest of the party's personas will then evolve when they reach Level 55 or the next time they gain a level if they are already level 55 or above.

During the ski trip, the protagonist and one other character of the protagonist's choice get lost in a blizzard and take refuge in a storage shed behind the lodge. Upon stopping, the group steps out only to be greeted by what appears to be a Cultural Festival.

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Unlike in the battle with Elizabeth or Theodore, using a Persona with, The third phase is the Elemental Attack Phase. Margaret has slightly higher health than the rest of the siblings, and so will likely be the last of them to go down. Apart from handling the Persona compendium, Margaret also handles the Fusion Forecast service, where she predicts the phenomena of the day and the extra effects that may affect a Persona during fusion. She returns once more near the end of the episode along with Igor to congratulate Yu for discovering the truth of the mystery.

", "Now rest... Let the radiance embrace you...", "If you don't use all the strength you have, you're going to regret it. Additionally, Margaret carries around a blue book, entitled "Le Grimoire.".

(Retry), Despite in-game Elizabeth's boss fight in, Margaret is the first playable character in, Margaret's title in the game may refer to the fact that most, if not all, of the Personas she uses in her boss battle in, Some residents of the Velvet Room seem to be named after the characters in the novel. Knowing his connection to her, Margaret tells the protagonist she will begin locating her for him. However, both of them have lost their memories. If Theodore or Elizabeth are knocked out, Margaret will revive them with Samarecarm before initiating the All-Out Attack when the time comes. Inside is a TV, which Margaret uses to pull the Investigation Team in, introducing herself to the others and revealing Marie's location, the Hollow Forest. She apparently speaks to Nanako after this, calling Yu a "man-whore". Please allow me to continue."

Atlus (JP, NA)NIS America (EU)Nintendo (KOR)

Māgaretto Unlike their originating games, the game will not end when either protagonist loses all their health, unless the player is playing on the Risky difficulty. November 25, 2014 Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Producer(s) They boost HP and MP and also grant a set of added abilities. Thus, the Sub-Persona system is designed to allow players to use characters they like even if they share similar focuses by giving players the option to diversify their skill sets. Japanese VA Through the protagonist's interactions with Margaret, it is revealed that Margaret possesses a silly, whimsical sense of humor despite her initial image as a composed and dignified woman. P4AU But I did manage to finish the quest last night. She seems to have knowledge of the events of Persona 3, because when Elizabeth first told Margaret her "fairy tale," she immediately realized that the young man in the story is actually the protagonist of Persona 3. Atlus This also makes it clear that Margaret is highly loyal to her master Igor. Nintendo 3DS As the only Velvet Room inhabitant at the beginning of the Persona 4 side, Margaret serves as a weapons and items vendor, Velvet Room attendant, and nurse. (All enemies), A severe Almighty attack, with medium chance of knockdown. Her leitmotif is a radical remix of Aria of the Soul. She now has a set of new conditions for battle and she uses different Personas. Margaret then exclaims that she originally thought what Elizabeth said was preposterous, but she eventually came to believe her. In Golden, Margaret can be fought on the second cycle regardless of which ending was obtained. Every playable character in the game has a comment on every type of Shadow, such as one being Aigis’ comment on the Enslaved Beast where she confirms that the true form of it is the iron ball chained to the beast rather than the beast itself.

Introduction ===== Secret boss Elizabeth is undoubtedly the strongest enemy in Persona 3 FES (Nyx Avatar has nothing on Elizabeth) Beating her in normal mode is already hard enough, but is it possible to beat her in Hard mode? She takes over many of Igor's duties, such as explaining to Yu many things about Personas and how to get stronger. Persona (All enemies), 5-7 heavy Cut attacks against random targets. These Sub-Personas can be assigned to other characters and can be obtained as rewards for winning battles.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Side:P4, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Side:P3, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Roundabout Special,,,, Persona 20th Anniversary All Time Best Album, Persona Dancing P3D & P5D Soundtrack Advanced CD, Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Stageplay, Persona 4: Dancing All Night Original Soundtrack,

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