The mayor thought, "What a dumb idea! I've just seen a flock of pigeons in army unifoms. Editor: "Sir, during your life, you made an outstanding fortune. Coo man coo. I think they're fascinating creatures, robust, hardy birds that thrive the world over yet can live on just breadcrumbs and worms. So far I have sold some homing pigeons 25 times this week already. log in sign up. This joke may contain profanity. You could say I killed two birds with one drone! Well the mayor had to pay the ticket and court charges and was furious. New York was having a problem with too many pigeons in the city. Pigeons Jokes. The mayor of New York placed an ad asking for help to get rid of the pigeons in the city. There are pigeons and pigeon shit all over cars roads, sidewalks, everywhere. Archived. Press J to jump to the feed.

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All of Phoenix was full of pigeon poop, the people of Phoenix could not walk on the sidewalks, or drive on the roads.. As the man headed for the door, the mayor could no longer contain the question at the fore of his mind.

the mayor approaches and asks the gentlemen if he is the man that can get rid of all of the pigeons. The pink pigeon returned to it's owner and was given a soft pat on the back and put back into the box. They might have protected him from harmful rays. How do I know he's the best? After taking his seat on a plane, a young man was startled to see a pigeon strapped in next to him. After an hour of eating and chatting, mayor and his associates went out to the car only to find it ticketed by a rookie officer not aware that the car belonged to the mayor. The mayor told the man that he had a question for him. "He must be half-a-mile away by now." Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic.

the pink pigeon flies out and around gathering up all of the other pigeons and once it has all of the pigeons in the city behind him it dives into the pond effectively drowning ALL of other pigeons. User account menu. It was costing a fortune to keep the streets and sidew alks clean. You could say I killed two birds with one drone! It was 'pigeon this' and 'pigeon that' as a child, my mom used to joke that I'd BE a pigeon if I could. He opened the box and pulled out a pink pigeon. Ive got the world's best homing pigeon. Smith." For as long as I can remember, I've had a thing about pigeons.

", If your homing pigeon does not come back, then what you have lost is a pigeon. Q: How does every black joke start? 643. The mayor complimented the man on his magnificent work. The species nearly became extinct during the 1990s when just 10 individual birds remained, by conservation efforts have increased its numbers to 500. After a short council meeting, the mayor decided to take a few associates out for lunch in his new car. What does a pigeon with sunglasses on say? As Mr. and Mrs. Jones arrived, the parrot would say, "Introducing Mr. and M. The little girl told the pigeon that she wanted to be a ballet dancer more than anything, but the only way she could be a ballet dancer was to get to France, being really the only place that teaches ballet. The gentleman then opens up the pink box that has been sitting in his lap and out flies a pink pigeon. ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. How did you do it exactly? The man went to his car and brought back a small box. This joke may contain profanity. After a long day of interviews with people and their crazy ideas, finally a man dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase arrived.

The gentleman then opens up the pink box that has been sitting in his lap and out flies a pink pigeon. How many cops does it take to change a lightbulb? The mayor eagerly agrees to the conditions. The mayor agreed to the terms. The comments below have not been moderated. The mayor sent ads all over the paper alerted everyone that the mayor was offering one million dollars to anyone who could get rid of all the pigeons. Pigeon Jokes. He stated that he would stand behind his work and that he had very good credentials. The mayor complimented the man on his magnificent work. In this park there was a replica of Rodin's "The Kiss".

Two nude statues - one of a man, one of a woman - stand on opposite corners of a park, facing each other. Close. A citizen has a meeting with the state guy in charge of fixing the problem, and says "hey man, I can fix this easily, and I'll do it for free. In 2015, a spate of pink pigeon sightings throughout the UK were traced to a pigeon keeper who said dyeing the birds' feathers helped to ward away falcons. The man reminded the mayor that any questions to be answered would cost an additional $1million. what's this? Click here for more information. pink-pigeon 971 post karma 56 comment karma send a private message redditor for 1 year. After decades, a fairy godmother sees them and, feeling impish, turns them human. remember me reset password. The old man turns to one of them and says, The man was very angry and kept throwing his bread, cakes and the rest of it in random directions as he just couldn’t control his rage and felt the need to throw his stuff all over the place. Why did the white guy go to the black guy's yard sale? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. A mayor of a city was having an extremely bad pigeon problem. There was only one stipulation, any questions that were asked would cost the city an additional $1million if answered.

Of course, these jokes come with no … A Liverpool docker went to South Africa for a job. James Fuqua's Law Jokes The Pink Pigeon. The mayor readily aggress to the deal and asks the gentlemen how soon he can take care of the problem. God looks at them from the above. Two guys are feeding pigeons in the park.

the blonde asked.

I've just seen a flock of pigeons in army unifoms.

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