He is now grounded in his community in Gabon. Since then, Nick has dedicated himself to spreading knowledge of this amazing plant and its profound healing abilities. We work with San Pedro in our small group nature quest retreats in the wilderness … Scroll down on our retreats page to learn more about everything that is included in a retreat with us. Journey to beautiful Costa Rica, a premier eco-lux retreat center sitting on 65 acres of land in the mountains of a quiet seaside town. Claire is also a shamanic practitioner, yoga teacher, bodyworker and workshop facilitator. For many, 2020 presented unique and unprecedented challenges. All retreats include lodging and meals. The plant contains a variety of alkaloids, including mescaline. You KNOW you have a deeper purpose. The first day of the retreat we will coordinate with a private vehicle to pick you up from the designated accomodation and take you the retreat site. This all-inclusive, human accelerator program is designed to fully optimize your mind, body, heart and spirit. We work with Peruvian Shipibo master healers and offer plant medicine ceremonies along with other holistic healing modalities. She offers vision quests in Australia and New Zealand with an understanding that this work is central to her purpose in this lifetime and is humbled to witness the profound opening that occurs in people's lives as they deepen into connection. Nick is also involved in drug law reform activism, and is part of the local movement pushing to have psychedelics deregulated in Australia.

Because of its divinatory potential, Ayahuasca is classified as a plant entheogen, a substance that allows "discovery of God within". Ayahuasca is a powerful and sacred medicinal tea-like brew from the Amazons. Surrender to the purification of emotional and energetic blockages and return home to a renew mind and body after the retreat. A global online community and oceanfront retreat center in the mountainous tropical forest of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Nick has been studying and researching traditional plant medicine since 2008, when he discovered the power and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Find out more about this sacred medicine. Our vision is to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and space to release what doesn’t serve you, effect positive change, and live your truth. View some of the shamans we work with on Our Tribe page. Spiritual & Healing Retreats Directory. This center overlooks the ocean and is nestled just below the cloud forest of the Montes de Oro. Plant Medicine Retreat in Costa Rica hosted by 1heart Journeys Jul 20 - 27, 2020 IVY members are warmly invited to join a transformative “Celebration of Life” Plant Medicine Retreat in Costa Rica with Dr. Marie Mbouni from July 20th - 27th, 2020 with 1heart Journeys, which brings together inspirational leaders, entrepreneurs and creators from the world’s most innovative companies. In our retreats, Ayahuasca is consumed in a small group setting as part of a ceremony conducted by one or more shamans. If you are considering a deep dive into your healing…. We work with incredibly skilled Shamans, who have decades of experience in the healing arts and plant medicine ceremonies.

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