I’ve lost a ton on this site. The screen goes dark or the thing logs you out. Poker – all poker books you read do not apply here, go to casino or play Party Poker which isn’t great either but it is away better than this. In real life, gambling is a game of chance with the outcome of each spin unrelated to the size of your bet or the numbers or color you are betting. I’m sure they gave me a winning code to suck me in and it worked. But I guess it’s for those certain individuals who are lucky enough to get something just for trying. If they don’t know, how is the public supposed to get answers? Can I ask are you still not bale to log in? Oh, and the Poker room just ‘upgraded’ their ancient software. If you're experiencing ongoing issues with your broadband service, please get in touch with our service team via the 'Get In Touch' option in the NOW TV help centre. Stop lying to paying customers. It's my 4K box the problem is the YouView the t4000 boxs my box in the bedroom the t2100 YouView box is working perfectly with a NOW TV app same goes with a NOW TV device I got connected, @nowtvhelp . and finally up up up. The bonusses on their bonus relient games are unobtainable therefore you will never be able to win. If you are running Java Script.

Oh, come on, by hitting their link to get back into the game, I’ve suddenly hit 20. Page last updated by It is half running by the BC government so I guess they can not lose beside the player. Total RIPOFF.

Dave, you said it all.

For the amount of money it happily accepts, you would think it would be less glitchy but deposits can disappear, you get bounced in the middle of a game, and it will take $1000 in less than twenty minutes.

It is without a doubt the worst casino that is offered online. Don’t even understand how it’s legal to be that gross.

On two separate occasions I was not allowed to use tokens awarded for purchasing lotto tickets because of some fine print in the BCLC regulations.

Now I’m not able to register an official complaint because its a weekend, yet they will take your money on a weekend. Thanks. This site has big glitches that happen when you place big bets they’re cheating people out of a lot of money. @nowtvhelp hi, just wondering is there an issue with the streaming of Billions, season 6? Play now is a terrible gambling site, there’s no money to be one there just constantly stealing money from people.

Anyone else having problems with @NOWTVSport channels? However the disney app works perfectly on my phone, ps4 and xbox. I will be reporting this to disability organizations & politicians.

Even sports betting sides in THEIR FAVOR, as they don’t allow SINGLE bets, everything is minimum PARLAY. I’ve restarted it and unplugged and plugged it back in but it still says no internet, thx! Never play here ever. Bonus rounds pay less than what you spend to get to them and the reps will tell you it’s randomized as they’re trained to do so. Playnow is a scam. @virginmedia taking the absolute piss today now tv not even working. In some of the PlayNow games, this is most certainly not the case. 33. What is going on with @NOWTV @nowtvhelp I can’t find entertainment channels... it’s saying it’s offline but I’m paying for it? Multiple times an hour, one player in particular won several games every day then eventually won the HUGE jackpot, just a few short months of winning another Jackpot on their mini games. @k8e21b I played hundreds and hundreds of hands today. I closed my account.

They also need to be in British Columbia or Manitoba to play. 90% of the time when you have 11 and double down, the dealer will spit out some lame ass card to you like 2 or 3. There’s a reason for that!

Stop lying to paying customers. I feel as though they cheat because I never win I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone it’s a scam. This place is a joke. Or a repeat! Is there an issue please? @SkyUK get everything fixed. lmaooo turns out nowtv cut off our broadband because there is a "slight glitch with the website" which means it's not saving any updates to payment details, so they've been trying to charge my expired card for the past 2 months . Played here and there, with a few hundred bucks at a time.

New hub delivered in less than one working day - shout out to @NOWTV for being fab as usual <3. Just good entertainment being a parent at home. Live roulette seems monitored consistently. 79. @nowtvhelp the now tv app (on a laptop using Firefox) is out of focus, laggy then keeps saying ‘something is wrong is the app needs to quit’. Consistently got beat by the dealer. 1-866-815-0222.

My broadband averages at about 20-25mbps, I checked the speed at the time and it was at 18 (so still not exactly too low for HD Streaming). #AmazonPrime. Playnow will not publicize the glitch event to warn other users. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. @DMaxwell79 Hello Dan. I got only one big bonus when I started this website like Zesus 100 free spin (Amazingly). I was not able to and it has a message on the web which said the Live casino is not available due to technical problem for the last four days already and it is still down now. @nowtvhelp @NOWTV . All the issues are not resolved. I don’t know how this is even possible, statistically, it makes no sense – when you see 4,000 cards in play and the same winner keeps winning. Statistically that is not even plausible….. Do not accept their free tokens or so-called $20 cash it’s a scam to hold your money when you win do not accept call 778-636-1405 and I will let you listen to the recordings I have I’m them settings customers up with this free $20 standings I will receive reporting it to that’s how it is as soon as possible and people will be going to their office, Stay away from this site, government run site that proves governments are a bunch of thieves, games do not payout anywhere near what they should, and the more you bet the less they payout. @NOWTV is the internet down? can’t win anything anymore. This is so true. All impacted players have been contacted. If you don’t trust the machine casino then you can still hit up the keno.

BC casinos, hire some people to check out casinos in Washington…….. I spent the $10 and won $200. Their so called payout percentages are false id like to know what they base their facts on tampered or untampered software if its slots your playing weell here’s their excuse you can’t tamper with algorithms are they questioning ones intelligence or are they that stupid to believe they are in 4 months I have handed them over $10,000 dollars and have got nothing back, here’s what their corporate says “you know their is no guarantees in gambling” that’s the only answer they can give you it would really be nice to have honest people running this instead of greedy selfish corporate pigs who don’t give a rats ass about how much you lose trying to get ahead a little cause they know every flip of va card every push of a button they get a little richer, It look that when some players are winning some dealer will say rude thing to them sometimes is it to throw them off their game?

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