The right way to bestow, the glow way to Integrity,

All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). Feminism some say Should just go away Its a word that fills them with dread . And I would note you proclaimLiberty For Allwhile toleratingTyranny while at Work.You Americans define Freedomas Freedom for Yourselfwhat of Freedom for Others, in fact, the Freedom of the World.You fall silent there. Thanks for sharing.

Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON, Iyfifufufou5iutdukgdutidutkduktcugkc, utd. It will transform your all acts Nice, A lovely poem indeed. 'Justice shifted slightly in her dark robesand spoke of that need to protect Citizensutilizing legal and governing rules. ''No mere Justicedoes not work for me.Clearly the object we all seek, is Freedom- Me.Justice merely refers tomisdeeds but not the essenceof what we seek.That would be me Freedom.For here is where all potential is protected, the Cauldron of the Probabilities.Freedom is what we fight for, you, Justice, we merely sue for- if we have the moneyto pay your attorneys! This is an inspired poem written with empathy.

“You” represents white Americans and those preventing equality through direct action or by ignoring the problems. looking for hope have the faces of god.

cannot be regulated by class, nationality, religion, or sex... It's not a big task, You Americans define Freedom as Freedom for Yourself what of Freedom for Others, Readers receive a fuller picture of history. who have and those who have not... Feminism means parity, A lovely poem indeed. justice and equality... 'Equality mused 'they all make equal claims.

'Rule by lawnot women or men is bettergrafted to all systems: Balancing and adjusting many of thethe ills Undemocracy brings. 'Freedom spoke slowlygathering verbal momentum: 'Justice you are mysticalbut in the end precisely note thatlaws are made by men and womenand is therefore rule by Judges.This does not seem to meto be much better than rule by Kings. Freedom, Justice And Equality Poem by Lonnie Hicks - Poem Hunter.

Don’t be putative, Be the power of Thunder,

Anything else is all inside your head. 'Justice said 'if given the chancelike vigilante villagersthey'll be pounding closed-fistedat every citizens door. We don't want charity, No, it's all to do with design. Who is white who is black, it doesn't Mind, Justice And Equality..... poem by Eric Cockrell. Yet you earn more, I'll tell you again,

Should just go away, A brilliant poem, Equality, Freedom and Justice well explained.

Freedom, Justice and Equalitysat down to discuss their differencesas to who in the final differentiationwas best for the Citizens.Equality spoke stating 'Every human beingis to be seen as equal.Classes, Kings, and Robber Baronshave mounted historically over-weening excesses.From them sprung oppression, slavery, disease and povertyother multiple negativesin the sad human panoply.Society rebelled against themall hoisting my bannerwhich reads: 'What We Need is Equality'All agreed this was sofor a timewith Justice finally noting'Well Equality all you say is truebut also markhow easy it is to confuse Economic Opportunitywith Political Equality.Some systems have onebut surely not the other.These two, of course, are not the same; in fact you Equality are perfectlycompatible with Perfect Slavery.All you have to is treatall the slaves the same!

Equality you'd deny, must be worked for...everyone has a part, everyone has a responsibility.respect, dignity, hard work, sharing of needs...we are destined to be family.nations are egos, we are citizens of the world.the man fighting to feed his familyacross the ocean is your brother.the ones you're dropping bombs onare your children.the ones you kill crossing the borderlooking for hope have the faces of god.justice and equality...think about it!

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