Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! This is your song, shouldn’t you be aware of this? I said KEVIN JAMES!! Meaning of ponton. ( Log Out /  One is the foam filled (U) shaped pontoon, another is the round baffled single chambered pontoon, and then there is the single round pontoon with several airtight individual compartments. Which, since I’m clearly not as country as you, I looked up and it looks something like this: So needless to say I’m having a problem with the whole “catchin’ rays up on the roof” thing. The beat sucks. My head may have even begun to bop along and then the magical voices in the radio began to sing. just cause y’all don’t like it don’t mean others don’t. Someone here in Nashville has dropped the ball and let this one through. I know what a hitch is. I apparently am not as hilarious as I thought, as no one seems to grasp that I don’t actually misunderstand the song as much as I just don’t find it pleasurable and I was merely just writing this to entertain myself. No one said anything about “skiin”, as you call it. I definitely picked up on your sarcasim and just wanted to give you a perspective of why a country girl (NOT redneck) would appreciate it more. Nadie Anime, yea right!

Henry Danger The Musical Lyrics, No DRUGS i’m sure were involved and it is just a good SUMMER song. Why do people read so much into a song. 1 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for the week of September 15, 2012. Sunny Ledfurd Greatest Hits 2003-2009 ℗ 2013 Ledfurd Recurds Released on: 2013-05-01 Auto-generated by YouTube. Space out those generic Merry Christmas text message throughout the day. He also thought that the lyrics "have a sense of playfulness that make the mere act of riding on a pontoon sound like a blast. Information and translations of ponton in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … and just enjoy the song. Opencl Vs Cuda Benchmark, Simpletons. Oh. Mmmmmmm…motorboatin'”, “On the pontoon  I think mosy guys will recognize this.

Mmmmmm…motorboatin’ “. That’s your description of it?)

I believe nothing wrong with the song at all. I can’t fathom the number of brain-dead fans that bought this POS to make it a hit! It should look like this AstroTurf) Coozie? […]. between the lines to you?

Hysterical! And they play it at least five times during my shift. Baraboo, Wi Missing Girl, So booze seems to be playing a role in this song. Makin’ waves and catchin’ rays up on the roof  Hayes Macarthur Brother,

I’m going to go make some really serious life changes now. 3. It’s not everyday you hear a song about a pontoon, that’s all. *you’re *hitch (ball of the back? “Pontoon 

So I made up the replacement word “pontoon”. So Funny! I like this song. "Pontoon" is a song recorded by American country music group Little Big Town. If you want to do comedy it’s gotta be done right. What the heck am I listening to? It is so annoying when I am driving along, and suddenly catch the tune mmmmmmmmmm….motorboatin, coming out of my mouth. Cari Tuna Linkedin, I think its about a cheating husband or wife making love. You are making to much fuss over the words and over thinking. Just yesterday I was driving to work, when suddenly the most unsettling thing happened to me. Are we floating in the air? Let me break down this for you… This song is so stupid. If you don’t know, I’m certain that I have no idea. Provide song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may Test your MusicIQ here!

/lyrics/l/little_big_town/pontoon.html. Pontoon Boat Lyrics: I ain't got a high powered motor / I don't own a wake board / I have a 1970 martin guitar / And an outdoor carpet dance floor / I got burgers on the grill and beer on ice and ill Den Songtext zu Pontoon von Little Big Town sowie Lyrics, Video & Übersetzung findest du hier kostenlos. Again, if you don’t know who’s on your pontoon, I’m sure I don’t. You know what’s really funny? Kevin James. Number One Christmas Song Of All Time, Although I’m not sure how large it is, it might just be a town, I better stay away from them just in case. We are boating people and go to the river every Sunday. 3) No one says anythign about skiing but its almost an implied that when on a boat in the river/sound you will be water skiing. The music video was directed by Declan Whitebloom and premiered in May 2012. I like the simple humor. Highlight lyrics and request an explanation. Stupid bitch. But this is a super chill relaxing day on the water so no skiing! Cliff Richard Chart History, I thought your post was hilarious! Now it all makes sense? Who Sang Cars Songs, I always go to my friends house along See canyon road they live on a vineyard it’s nice. Get a hobby.

And what are we floatin’ on? Srne News, Did you get you some learnin of that?

This song is about a sexual act called motor boating. It’s really about girl chasing. I was minding my own business, listening to the top country hits of today on WSIX The Big 98, and then it happened. Aj Tracey Parents Names, I’ve never been on a pontoon, but every time I hear the term, I think of a spittoon… just saying…, I’m not trying to be rude here…but nothing about this song is confusing. some people just have more fun then you, you should try it. After Hemby corrected him, the two thought that they should write a song called "Pontoon". Floatin' is all I wanna do You can climb the ladder Just don't rock the boat while I barbeque "Pontoon" lyrics. give readers a perfect insight on the song's meaning. Let me google.

But I thought it was funny. 5)Jumping off the back/front/side or roof of a pontoon, or any boat for that matter is almost a prerequisite for being on a floating water apparatus…its a given, you just jump off into the water (because around here we all grew up near the water and became part fish by spending so much time in it) The quartet's musical style relies heavily on four-part vocal harmonies, with all four members alternating as lead singers. Meaning Of Melinda In Hebrew, George is the king of country.

I only know of one hitch and that’s a movie starring Will Smith and Kevin James. That in itself should be enough to demonstrate the cluelessness of the fans of this ‘song.’ No DRUGS i’m sure were involved and it is just a good SUMMER song. I do lack common sense don’t I???? I will second your motion on noticing that my head was bobbing regardless of my personal thoughts of the song. Robert Graham Bachelor Season, They have AstroTurf. The words are not all correct, but the title and melody are. again, not all country songs have dogs or love lyrics. we aren’t explaining the lyrics, we are simply trying to help clueless city people like you so you can go on sayin ‘oh yea, im such a cowboy/cowgirl! Lyrics powered by, zuletzt bearbeitet von Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Little Big Town lyrics. « Meanderings of a Restless Mind,, Adventures in Running: What is Wrong with Amanda. Like, “this is our turf” would mean its there area; if you don’t like the music get off the station. Jumpin’ out the back, don’t act like you don’t want to  [2], Laird said that the idea for "Pontoon" came about when a publisher asked about a song that he and Hemby wrote for Miranda Lambert called "Fine Tune", but the publisher thought that it was called "Pontoon". Carry a small plant. but it was a funny review! Helmut Newton Studio, When I read something on the Internet that I don’t particularly enjoy, I just find something else to read instead of leaving pointless comments. Remapping Galway, I’m curious about the word “coozie.” I thought an aluminum can insulator was called a “cozy.”, i agree the writer is making too much fuss over the words and over thinking it. Just don’t rock the boat while I barbecue”, Um. [4], Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave the song three and a half stars out of five, writing that "those who invest time to pull apart the layers of this lazy lake song will be rewarded with a new toy upon each listen. Original lyrics of Pontoon song by Little Big Town. Govern Meaning In Tamil, Jumpin’ out the back, don’t act like you don’t want to  Who cares its an awesome song. However hitch means the thing you tow the boat in not the movie, I know I’m a little late on commenting, but I just heard this song for the first time today. its a good time! This song is seriously amazing for the 99.9% of Americans that understand it lol. It was released in April 2012 as the first single from their fifth studio album, Tornado. Rock Shoppe, King's Field 1 Japan Walkthrough, sit down, exit the site, and go to you tube. I think its about a cheating husband or wife making love, its country music. Wait. Sharing The Night Together | El Camino Lyrics, Please, if you’re (because I can use it correctly, unlike yourself,) going to insult someone, try to at least pretend to have some intelligence. Volunteer all your spare time. grow up.. seriously, 13 year olds act more than all y’all sometimes: i should know…, @Sheila, sorry, i meant to p[ost this one comment down sorry. and a turf is also a figure of speech, sunshine. Also what ladder are you climbing? Folks overthink it. I hate Metal and all that type of music but you don’t see me bashing every thing they stand for, do you? “Back this hitch up into the water  Janice Ward Obituary, Even I who love the song can honestly say its beyond over played…I actually did find your post comical because it was so saturated with sarcasim it wasn’t that hard to pick up on! ( Log Out / 

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