View Cart {{shoppingcart.totalQuantityDisplay}} Item(s), © 2020, Official Amp Research Shipping Center, ElectricStep, Delivers Substantial Power When Deploying and Withdrawing, Hard Working Construction For Superb Traction, LED Illumination When Boards Are Deployed. Due to dynamic coating with black anodized PTFE Teflon, the PowerStep XL design looks stylish and au courant, topped with a super resilient surface. Each vehicle is a little different and relocation of items like brake cables might be necessary (parts to complete the relocation are provided) The Here’s an overview on the BESTOP Powerboards: An electrically powered running board that tucks in when doors are closed and extends down when a door opens. And a black one, Looking for PowerShell for ram 18 2500 crew cab 6.5 bed. Designed with lifted trucks in mind the View Cart {{shoppingcart.totalQuantityDisplay}} Item(s), Same Day FREE Shipping + Price Match Guarantee, © 2020, Official Amp Research Shipping Center, ElectricStep, Produced from hard wearing 6063 Marine grade aluminum, Offers a three-inch lower surface for stepping than the initial PowerStep, Automatic power functioning running boards-rail designed from three-millimeter thick-temperate steel, Die-cast aluminum-alloy parts with an anodized and PTFE coat, Precision stainless steel pivot pins for unwavering steadiness, Fully welded integrated bracket operation that holds up to 600 lbs, Weather resistant, OEM quality electronic motors, wiring harness, and drive system, No hassle maintenance, self-lubricating bushings for tough terrain and climates, Automatic lowering mechanism for easy exiting and entering. PowerStep™ XL is maintenance-free with a self-lubricating bushing for all-weather performance and American designed and engineered. Got hard to get in n out. Designed from heavy-duty superior strength die cast aluminum-alloy elements, the PowerStep XTreme is designed to endure. When it comes down to equipping your truck with top-notch and progressive durable accessories, AMP Research is the company that will give you your money worth by making your vehicle more serviceable, stylish, and usable on a daily basis. The PowerStep XL is robust and designed to withstand intense heat, extreme cold, and dampness, and establishes an unwavering commitment to performance in every environment imaginable. a side, have a standard 6"-7" drop-down distance and step width of 6". In a nutshell the AMP Research PowerStep XTreme features include: The PowerStep Xtreme kit incorporates some decent components like connecting wires, cable ties, and butt-connectors. This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or YouTube. AMP Research notes that the PowerStep XTreme is made in the USA and its motors, drive system, and wiring harness, are all backed by a 5-year or 60,000 mile … Go. First off, the steps themselves are pre-assembled. The Here’s a case where it’s best to start off with a picture. Add in a prestigious award for Best New Exterior Accessory (at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas 2014), and you get the ideal of the type of quality and functionality you can expect from the PowerStep XL model. PowerBoard NX Wi-Fi vs. AMP Research Plug and Play option is a bit of a toss-up. AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme has a high traction surface and thicker, heavier board. What is more, this dynamic aftermarket contraption not only withdraws, it completely disappears and maintains the sleek design of any truck it is attached to. Jan 4, 2019 at 12:14 PM #1. Our friends over at AMP Research have decided to give a little something back when you purchase the more rugged versions of their Powerstep series of retractable running boards.

The result is a sleek and refined running board that maintains the look of the vehicle while being fully functional.

But, for now, let’s compare the Optional Stainless Steel Trim is available. Connectors are provided that allowing splicing into the vehicle’s wiring without cutting the wires Promotion ends November 30, 2020. This includes making certain that your truck is equipped with the proper accessories as well. The same automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and retracts out of sight when the doors close. Open your door and a flat, cab length, running board drops down offering a safe and sturdy step up. Mounts just behind the cab, forward of the rear wheel, providing a faster, easier and safer route to access toolboxes, equipment and cargo in the bed. Anyone running Amp Research XL … You won’t need the OBDII port but you still need to attach leads to the battery and run the harness down to the boards. Sign-up to get our latest reviews and news before everybody else does. I'm not sure what happens when the batteries are weak or dead. AMP Research notes that the PowerStep XTreme is made in the USA and its motors, drive system, and wiring harness, are all backed by a 5-year or 60,000 mile warranty. Void elsewhere and where prohibited. The basic ARIES Action Trac is a two-step combination of power retractable running boards and nerf bars.

Rockslide Engineering Votes: 55 75.3% Aries Automotive Votes: 3 4.1% Amp Research Regular Votes: 10 13.7% Amp Research Extreme Votes: 3 4.1% Other Votes: 2 2.7% Total voters 73; 1; 2; Next. Our friends over at AMP Research have decided to give a little something back when you purchase the more rugged versions of their Powerstep series of retractable running boards. All Rights Reserved. Your personal information will only be used in accordance with Sponsor’s Privacy Policy and as permitted by law.

Posted by Jason Locke on 7/28/2017 to Sales. Please enable JavaScript to use this site! Includes all hardware necessary for installation. Installation of the ARIES ActionTrac is simpler in many respects. If your truck or JEEP is 20" off the ground 7" of drop like the standard retractable powered running boards offer won't do much good. In addition, AMP Research has made sure that installation is simpler with innovative plug-and-play components including an OBDII wire harness. Subject to complete Official Rules. PowerStep™ Xtreme is for extreme conditions for those owners who live and work in challenging environments SEE DETAILS . 2018 Ram Power Wagon Prototype Spotted with New Grille, Face, Ford Brings Diesel Engine Option to 2018 F-150, Falken Wildpeak A/T3W All-Terrain Tire Review, Lightforce Lighting Solutions Long-term Review. Featuring Dual motors and an aggressive design, these boards are designed for those who live and work in challenging environments. AMP PowerStep Xtreme is a heavy duty offering that is meant to hold up in extreme weather conditions. The XTreme’s boards feature a textured powder-coat finish and are constructed of die-cast aluminum components to resist corrosion. Strong and rugged, this non-slip, retractable bumper step quickly flips down with the nudge of a foot providing a faster, easier and safer way to load or unload your pickup’s cargo. Alternatively, If you want to avoid under the dash and inside the door wiring on the According to Leitners research, the running boards were usually mounted too high or too near the vehicle to allow people to step out naturally and then, AMP Research comes up with a superb product: the PowerStep.

Claim a 150 rebate. We will dig into installation a little later but let’s look at the AMP Research PowerSteps first. Here are some links to sample instruction sheets and independent/manufacturer produced videos. Yes, the PowerStep XL still retracts like nobody’s business and hides away tidily along your truck’s rocker panels. One of the selling points for the AMP Research and BESTOP basic retractable running boards is no "loss of ground clearance" but if you need 15" of drop for your side steps ground clearance is probably not an issue you're concerned with. Starting with the

Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area. It is, however, a tempting option and I wonder if BESTOP has thought about an app that will allow activation from your phone? Next Last. In addition, LED lights illuminate the boards when deployed, which is a fantastic cautionary set-up. The running boards extend on cue when your vehicle door opens and goes into hiding when the door is closed. However, if you do 25,000 miles per year you get more coverage with the BESTOP.

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