An opera will be performed this month in Alaska, and on Oct. 2 the Royal Canadian Mint released a commemorative coin. An official Canadian inquiry and a lawsuit later found the captain acted reasonably by not attempting to offload passengers.

These were coastal class ships known as “pocket liners” i.e. Annette G.E. “There was just so much going on simultaneously,” said Leverton. Nobody on board survived, save one pet dog who swam to shore. with 1,120 new cases, nine in Island Health, Search for missing 14-year-old Victoria girl continues, Oak Bay man handed $1,150 ticket for not following quarantine rules, Loud Halloween party with 30 guests nets Saanich host $2,300 ticket, Home sales stay strong, pent-up demand low mortgage rates cited, B.C.

Vanderbilt Reef in the middle of the Lynn Canal, making a narrow fjord, even trickier with potential high winds and tricky tides and currents. Soon after leaving, the ship ran into a blinding snowstorm in the narrow Lynn Canal. “From that point I’ve been hooked, and I wanted to know all about it and all about the people who were on board.”, Download an application for a Times Colonist Literacy Grant.

One of the primary functions of this website is remembering not just the vessels lost in Alaskan waters but the people lost with them. Around 16;44 the late afternoon a desperate wireless message from Sophia to Cedar said the ship was foundering and to hurry to the rescue. Hidden just below the surface at high tide, it is visible at low tide just above the surface. Click here to view our new Automotive Marketplace. “I turned to go up to the bow and the whole bow area was lined with all these plumous anemones,” she said. The boat might go to pieces, for the force of the waves are terrible, making awful noises on the side of the boat, which has quite a list to port.

At the end of the list is a link to download the complete list, color coded and in .pdf format. At the end of the list is a link to click on if you want to download a copy of the list. Coates said the death toll alone, about 10 per cent of the non-Indigenous population of the North, should have made it more infamous. Keep track of what's happening with COVID-19 in your community, Use our online map to find local businesses that are still open.

What I have done to to arrive at such a large number of people lost relative to the official count is to include all names that were published as passengers or crew lost when the vessel went to the bottom.

“Back then, folks would move back and forth across the border and had a level of kinship that was quite remarkable,” said Coates. For the complete list go to the A to Z section and pick the letter P. Once there scroll down to PRINCESS SOPHIA. The Princess Alice, for example, arrived near Vancouver on Nov. 10, 1918. As soon as it cleared Sentinal Island’s shelter, it encounterd gale force winds, snow,  and huge waves as darkness increased. The dead were a collection of Americans and Canadians, miners, prospectors, entrepreneurs and a big collection of riverboat sailors finishing up the season after putting up their vessels for the winter.

There are now seven ships near. “People from Alaska would come down in the winter to live in Vancouver or Washington, Oregon or California.

When American families couldn’t afford or didn’t want the bodies, they were buried in Canada. Your email address will not be published.

When the tide went down, two-thirds of the boat was high and dry. Annette Smith, 66, and a resident of Alaska most of her life where she skippers a whale-watching boat, has dived to the Princess Sophia more than 200 times, probably more than any other person. The more than 350 people who died aboard the SS Princess Sophia were Canadians and Americans by nationality, but avocation had made them all Northerners. Smith swims over the wreck of the SS Princess Sophia. All that remained on the morning of Oct 26th was the ship’s foremast Photographer is standing on the reef, amid calm waters, a remarkable change from mere hours before. That information is not just historically interesting, it is important to families and their descendants when a loved one is lost to maritime disaster in Alaska. site of one of the worst disasters on the west coast. The list follows the description of the loss of the Princess Sophia in the alphabetical (A-Z) section of this site. “People from Victoria would go up north to work in the Yukon, but also go to work in Alaska,” said Coates.

The next day, the armistice was declared, ending the fighting of the First World War. Hurricane Katrina, for example, exposed huge social chasms in 2005 when it slammed into New Orleans. The SS Princess Sophia sank on Oct. 25, 1918, with estimates of the death toll ranging up to 367.

“So there was these white, ghostly shapes waving in the current. We struck a rock last night which threw many from their berths, women rushed out in their night attire, some were crying, some too weak to move, but the lifeboats were swung out in all readiness but owing to the storm would be madness to launch until there was no hope for the ship. One would-be rescuer who had approached the stricken liner in  small boat noted a hole in the bow with water rushing in and out from the waves. I used newspaper publications from Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

The Princess Sophia, on the other hand, revealed how integrated and collegial were the people of Alaska, B.C.


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