Sep 14, 2015 #1 I had my first load from Ann Arbor to Las Vegas. I’ll see what I can turn up on the US versions. The Ducato is wider than the Sprinter, so a transverse bed is no problem. Next year IVECO (the bigger size truck from Fiat in Europe) is coming with a conventional 9 speed transmission, so hope is, that Fiat is adopting this to the Ducato and eventually also to the Pro Master as the US market is mainly automatic and if they want to sell there, they have to make a decent automatic available.

I just happened to be checking a ProMaster Diesel and ProMaster City (9-speed) for commercial delivery use.

Far better and innovative use of space. Advanced-RV can install the VB-Air Suspension that Stef is dreaming of in the ProMaster as well. Did you measure further up the side of the van ? I thought about a Travato, but there is some customizing that I want done, so I’m looking at using a custom manufacturer, such as Advanced RV (though not sure if they work on PMs). Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 3 million WordPress sites. As JC suggested earlier, Sportsmobile may be a good alternative. All rights reserved. Suffice it to say the cause of the cam gear slipping hasn't been confirmed, but there is speculation. But to add a diesel generator to the ProMaster would be interesting, because it sits so low. You are, of course, technically correct. © 1999-2020 On Time Media, LLC. Anyway just a thought. I’ll be very interested in seeing how your project unfolds.

for those of us that have done research, v6 get 13-16mpg. There is nothing that I like about this diesel so far. It’s a misuse perhaps, but a popular one.

However, after some regulations that changed in 2010, it is looking like they are much more comparable.

Within 500 miles of San Diego I was able to find 3 that were 159” high roof.

We’ve used our current generator for a grand total of 10 hours in the years we’ve had it (not counting the time running it just for the sake of exercising it). I personally think if you build your own RV it will never look good as a manufactured one.

Interesting though. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process.

This bit of information saved me thousands of dollars. I like the flexibility that provides… if we weren’t taking the bikes for some reason, we could lower the bed to make life easier on ourselves. It’s feels as though it’s being shifted by a very slow-shifting person. Big difference. Thanks for stopping by! (Personally, I found it hilarious that one of the first things they were talking about in their redesign were the “big cup holders”. I especially liked the part where you tested the different tank flushing systems. Many thanks. As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases.

or whatever else you want to know, just drop me a line, More than happy, to help. You have your YouTube comments disabled. This article is an interesting read listing how they beefed up the chassis compared to the Ducato. We’ve got an older Sprinter T1N 140 wheelbase conversion and the Promaster 159 appears to be the best replacement option that still fits our 20ft garage length. I’ll put you down as a vote to build one.

Thanks for reading!

And considering that the diesel ProMaster has an unusual “Automatic Manual” transmission, I was very curious.

James, Are the shifting issues unique to the diesel version of the Ram Promaster? If the bed is lengthwise, that same plan could work in a Sprinter as well – or maybe even a Transit. It makes me wonder if they tried to put white tennis shoes, jean shorts, and a baseball cap on it.

You will then receive an email that helps you regain access. I agree with all of your plusses.

Would you recommend the 2014 Ram ProMaster 2500 Diesel 3.0L for this purpose? Some problems that have been reported with the Ram are panic inducing, such as the car coming out of park by itself and charging towards its owner.

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