He is a construction worker, and she says her heart still goes “pitter patter” when she sees him at work, physically laboring. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Your relationship is dynamic and energizing. Synastry: Venus-Mars Aspects Between Two Charts

Together, you feel you are going somewhere.

Synastry: Moon – Pluto Aspects Between Two Charts You somehow manage to stay out of each other’s way and promote each other’s goals and drives. Although the two of you have many basic differences in your personalities, you are, nevertheless, attracted to each other and intrigued by each other.

Chiron conj the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars. Competitiveness can be a real problem.

Synastry: Mercury-Jupiter Aspects Synastry: Venus with Ascendant Aspects Between Two Charts Synastry: Saturn – North Node Aspects You can turn to each other to pull yourselves out of ruts or periods of despondency.

Synastry: Mercury-Pluto Aspects If they had experienced a partnership with, for example, a tight Sun square Mars, they probably would have noticed this flowing rhythm to their partnership and appreciated it more. You motivate each other in simple ways, if only because you accept each other’s ambitions, drives, and cycles of activity. There is passion between the two of you, and, as they say, a fine line between love and hate.

Change ). The potential to both challenge each other and frustrate each other, as discussed above, is somewhat high, but generally you both feel that you are headed somewhere with each other, and your personal energy cycles are boosted as the result of interaction with your partner. He killed himself last year. When “ego wars” occur between the two of you, remember that your partner is never going to be what they weren’t born to be. Although they had distinctly different hobbies and activities, they had developed routines wherein each was able to carry out these individual endeavors without frustration and annoyance from their partner. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use.

The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. Confrontations can be stimulating and even invigorating, but too many of them are draining.

The opposition tends to be the least problematic of these three aspects, and has the potential to be really quite invigorating. She says that before she met him, she had no special interest (positive or negative) in manual labor as a specific turn-on. I’ve heard before about the wonderful “soulmate” love attraction between Psyche-Eros aspected people, but now I finally get to witness it firsthand! However, you share the same flaws and weaknesses as well as the positive qualities, and you may find it difficult to be with someone who so clearly exhibits the very things you like least about yourself. You make an enthusiastic pair. Synastry: Mars-Saturn Aspects I’ve recently met someone special, and immediately did our synastry chart (because duh) only to find that my Psyche is conjunct his Eros AND his Moon in Gemini. I recently met a guy who has totally blown my world..nothing similar ever happened to me and I really need some information about our synastry. Synastry: Sun – North Node Aspects His eros conjuncts my sun His psyche conjuncts my lilith, and my lilith conjunct his psyche His cupid conjuncts my mars My cupid conjunct his moon His venus conjunct my pluto.. Synastry: Moon – North Node Aspects The tendency to interrupt each other, argue, and to be annoyed with each other’s natural rhythms and manners is very high. An innate appreciation and understanding of one another’s essence exists between you, and this is vitalizing and ego-affirming for both of you. Synastry: Sun – Neptune Aspects Quality is what counts here. Synastry: Sun – Mars Aspects

This is not, always, bad. Care should be taken not to try to knock each other down with blows to the ego. Synastry: Sun – Sun Aspects Between Two Charts. Neither of you gets in each other’s way, and your partnership is characterized by a certain amount of independence and some real productivity. Synastry: Mercury-Neptune Aspects There is a certain level of intensity in your partnership that can best be described as passion, although Sun-Mars alone does not make for the ecstatic type of romantic excitement that would occur if, for example, the Moon, Venus, or Pluto were involved. Both feel the other person is their “type”, and each tends to get a real ego boost and energy buzz from their partner. The square, opposition, and quincunx can be very challenging and tricky–and decidedly draining!

When Sun is sextile or trine Mars in synastry, you feel a wonderful sense of harmony in terms of your individual rhythms. Neither of you feels blocked or drained by your partner. ( Log Out /  Sun trine Sun in synastry: There is a true feeling of progressiveness and energy between the two of you. When disagreements arise, the argument is between your egos. Synastry: Venus-Saturn Aspects Between Two Charts

Chiron will bring pain to what it touches.

The sexual energy between you can be intense, but again, somewhat out of sync. Synastry: Sun – Sun Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Moon Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Mercury Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Mars AspectsSynastry: Sun – Jupiter AspectsSynastry: Sun – Saturn Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Uranus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Sun – Neptune AspectsSynastry: Sun – Pluto AspectsSynastry: Sun Conjunct DescendantSynastry: Sun – North Node AspectsSynastry: Sun – Part of Fortune AspectsSynastry: Moon – Moon Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Mercury Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Mars AspectsSynastry: Moon – Jupiter Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Saturn AspectsSynastry: Moon – Uranus AspectsSynastry: Moon – Neptune Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Pluto Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – Ascendant Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Moon – North Node AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Mercury AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Venus AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Mars AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Jupiter AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Saturn AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Uranus AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Neptune AspectsSynastry: Mercury-Pluto AspectsSynastry: Venus-Venus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Mars Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus – Jupiter Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Saturn Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Uranus Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-Neptune AspectsSynastry: Venus-Pluto Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus-North South Node Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Venus with Ascendant Aspects Between Two ChartsSynastry: Mars-Mars AspectsSynastry: Mars-Saturn AspectsSynastry: Saturn – North Node AspectsSynastry: Ascendant – North Node Aspects, THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE & ATTRACTION: ARTICLES & GUIDES.

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