This is a post from another forum called These performance parts provide extra 15-20 HP.

Upload or insert images from URL. With a return line system the fuel pressure increases with boost keeping the pressure across the injector constant.   Your link has been automatically embedded. At this point the strength of the R18 engine is not known for high power levels in excess of twice the stock output, but we would guess that as you approach HP levels close to 300 HP you will need to build a stronger engine and install a return line system. The 06 Civic Si / RSX-S 310 injector is a straight bolt in and supports low boost with the stock air flow meter housing.

Technical Information Boost Tuning on the R18 Engine, injector calibration with an Air Flow Meter. Check it out. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

These dyno charts show our R18 Civic fitted with the HBAR Motorsports Turbo Kit.

Display as a link instead, × By way of example, lets take a Civic at about 8 pounds of boost making about 240HP. All this ensured the displacement of 1,800 cc. These upgrades will provide up to 180 HP. 7 psi boost - red solid line - a gain of 78 ft-lbs torque and 92 HP. By With the release of the 8 generation Honda Civic in 2005, the new R18A engine appeared in the then new R-series.   You cannot paste images directly.

In countries with fuel problems, do not try saving on it. Operation modes of the intake manifold are switched at 5,000 rpm.

VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This engine can be found in Honda Civic for the South-East Asia. but anyways i thought this was pretty interesting so i will share it. After speaking to their sales/engineer staff in regards to fitment to the 9th gen R18s, I'll be going forward with the R18 FullRace Turbo Kit. It is important to use high quality engine oil, otherwise the i-VTEC system will fail soon. It replaced the outdated D17A and D16W engines. All rights reserved.

Add a 60 mm Skunk2 throttle body, a Skunk2 Stage 2 cam, Acura RDX 410 cc fuel injectors, and a Hondata Flash Pro. Modified Honda injectors need to be measured for flow after alteration. R18Z9 was an analogue to R18Z1, fit for Honda HR-V. 1. It uses a Rotrex C30-74 supercharger with an intercooler. This will give you up to 220-240 HP. The spray pattern and atomization is not as good as stock. This cylinder block was covered with a new 16-valve SOHC head, which got intelligent variable valve timing and electronic lift control i-VTEC system. WIKIMOTORS. Knocking sound in the engine.

I drive ~80 miles daily and wanted to add a bit more power to this great engine. Non disponible Joint de custode R17 95.00 € Aperçu. In 2007, the Honda R-series was enriched by a 2-liter R20A version created based on the R18A specially for larger vehicles. This engine does not use hydraulic tappets, you just have to adjust the valves after every 24,000 miles of mileage, if they are noisy. That turbo usually runs at 35psi but can run at 15psi.

The engine power was 141 HP @ 6,500 rpm, and the torque was 174 Nm @ 4,300 rpm.

If the vibration is too strong, check engine mounts, especially the left one.

5. When you open the injector,no fuel will flow. For higher HP, you will need a larger intake pipe with a recalibrated AFM. Stainless steel braided water lines for turbo cooling; Recirculating Blow off valve; Heat shield; Air intake and filter with MAF Mount ; Oil return hose and Oil Pan fitting; All hardware, pressure lines, hoses, clamps, and couplers included; Hondata Flashpro w/ Base Map - USDM R18 Only; Includes (4) 410 Injectors with clips and wires; Tuned by Hondata as seen in Honda Tuning Magazine.

  Pasted as rich text. RDX injectors require new wiring leads. The size of intake valves is 32 mm, of exhaust valves – 26 mm, valve stem diameter is 5.5 mm. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, Normal engine operating temperature, °C (F), Honda R18A engine reliability, problems and repair, Honda R18A engine problems and malfunctions. Here is the reason why. This engine was created for leisurely driving across the city, it was not prepared for sports achievements.

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