Good for 400 hp on 91 and 600 HP on e85. Good for 1000 + WHP. HKS accumulated know-hows through these activities and feedbacks to the RB26DETT products; this is why HKS has become the "tuning leader of GT-R". There are some fuel slosh issues with an R32 GT-R fuel tank, as it is wide and flat. The return line puts fuel back to the inlet of the pump . Twitter. Machining hollow camshaft, Variance 50°. It always seems that even though on paper two pumps should flow double the amount of fuel, real life we don't see that.

I don't care what they did in Japan, I don't care what the instructions say. There is a cost, but then again, keeping everything in the tank, helps to lessen failure points. We call it the " HIGH FIVE KIT" since it can easily achieve close to 600 WHP on It is used in a ton of different cars, and readily available in the US. GT25 series is a classical HKS turbo kit for RB26 -8?

Email:, -High flow fuel rail for the R32 R33 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, 1-piece gear shaft maintains correct clearance between gear teeth, Flows without cavitation up to 7,000 pump RPM (14,000 engine RPM). skyline gtr gts. Thanks for the mention on the external surge tank! Flow, at pressure and voltage. From 1994 to 1996, HKS also participated in RRC and BE Drag series, and "HKS DRAG R32 GT-R" became a champion of the series. ※1, Only specified camshaft set camshaft openings. When I do a GT-R fuel system, I generally only go from stock to 1000 cc injector. It will suck the fuel tank very dry. From 1994 to 1996, HKS also participated in RRC and BE Drag series, and "HKS DRAG R32 GT-R" became a champion of the series. R32 R33 R34 SKYLINE GTR GTS RADIATOR BRACKET SET. To convert cc / min to lbs.

The flex fuel converter box converts the digital signal from the ethanol sensor to a 0-5v signal that the stock ecu requires. I don't even bother with anything in between. Look, it is a magic box, dissected partially. SBD Bluetooth Flex Fuel Kit for R35 GTR. Having a flex sensor is the best bolt on you could do to a Turbocharged car. The HIGH FIVE Kits are based on budget and POWER GOALS: -BASIC High 5 uses the cx racing turbo manifold, precision 44 mm wastegate, 6262 precision turbo JOURNAL bearing, 3" mild steel downpipe, wastegate dump tube, aluminum 2.5" to 3" intecooler piping, oil lines and fittings. Just one number alone may be impressive, but you need to see the whole chart, at pressure and voltage to make good, Your car just came over from Japan, and while checking it out you notice that your ECU has some kind of sticker or badge on it.

DO NOT put a t in this line. It uses Nissan's proprietary diagnostic connector, known as, USA Legal Japanese, European, or Australian Cars, Buy USA Legal R32, R33, and R34 Skylines at. R32 GTR TEIN FLEX Z COILOVER SET $910.00 Google+. Yes! If you lose this line, your car will probably blow up. Or one stock and one something else. Billet bracket and trigger sensor mount as an all in one unit. These Kinsler Tough Pump fuel pump is engineered to last longer and take less power to drive. We've complete Turbo kits for R32 R33 R34 GTR's, Contact US FOR DETAILS!!

Only VCAM SYSTEM STEP2. HKS came from behind in the last lap to win this race. Car is a daily driver than runs reliably and consistently. Actuator included. You can double up on the stock intank pumps. AMS Performance Brushless fuel pump vs, Walbro, Bosch, and Bugatti pumps, 500 hours on E26 to E85 according to Bosch. -DRAG High  5  includes a custom thick wall custom turbo If you run it too low, then you can lean out the engine and blow it up. -Front mount intercooler upgrade kit is also available.

Good for 660 Whp on e85. manifold. Here are the various options: -91 octane 400 hp plus KIT: Its very simple, you just need 1 Walbro 450 fuel pump, 1 Nismo Fuel pressure regulator and a set of FIC 1200cc injectors. They may work, but adding complexity and failure points to a system as critical as the fuel system isn't really how you should build a car. OEM line was used as a return. HICAS lines went to a Y, with a filter on the outlet, that then feed the back of a modified stock style rail. with great power comes the need for dependable fuel delivery. We have run Hydramat on several vehicles now. The air and fuel mixture are forced into the combustion chamber by our friend, the twin turbochargers(why have one, when you can have two? Applications in various ways are available. These are EV1 connectors, so there are some better replacements out there, but depends on how far you want to go into new wiring. HKS Extension Kit cannot be used together. For intake side. - Divide by 10.5. Internals of the Fuel Pump Control Module - FPCM. High power and high durability were focused on, and after 2-year development, ZERO-R passed the modified vehicle inspection required by the Japanese regulation. What does it do? Facebook. Less parts, less money to spend, less headaches! Fuel Pulsator is also visible, OEM R32 GT-R Fuel tank modified with twin -8 feeds, and 044 Bosch Pumps intank, R32 GT-R Fuel tank capacity and fuel tank specifications. Easy to assemble hardware with excellent support, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders with tech, warranty and support. For warranty evaluation please create a support ticket via this form here. Skyline GT-R R32 Oil Filter Relocation Kit This kit allows you to relocate the factory oil filter for easy maintenance with a sporty look. PRP has designed a billet alloy bracket kit utilizing the cam gear to a drive mechanical fuel pump. Here is an example to figure out what fuel requirements an RB26 would want at a 0.60 BSFC, 280 horsepower, 6 injectors, and 80% duty cycle.

This kit fits a large frame turbo for the drag or half mile Deatschwerks # 9-401-1001 Deatschwerks 415 LPH DW400 In-Tank Fuel … Full article here. If you push fuel pressure, or duty cycle, you could get them to work at "stock" horsepower but don't do that please. If you continue you consent to our privacy policy & use of cookies.Accept. However when you are looking to make several thousand horsepower, compromises are made. This is obviously all up to you, however if there is anywhere not to skimp out, it would be your fuel system. Is it OK to run on pump gas in the US? In the April 2004 issue of Turbo & High-Tech Performance magazine, a stock R33 Skyline GT-R fuel pump was tested to flow 252 lph at 43.5 psi and 13.5 volts. The design of these things is pretty awful. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia or the UK. Or two NISMO, or two Walbro, or two Bosch. This is why in about every serious race car setup I have ever played with, we use the Bosch 044.

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