The owner intervening at the wrong time or in the wrong way. We will help you do whatever we can to make the bond a success. When your bunnies return home it is normal for a few problems to arise, you as a ‘bunny slave’ also have to play a part in the bonding process  They will need reduced space in order to understand that they are now a pair/group and that they don’t need to run away!

I will refund 50% of your payment for a bonding that I consider to be unsuccessful or to risky to continue with, the only exception to this rule is that it becomes apparent from the very start that the bunnies in question are 'unbondable' or require more intense work, in which case I offer an 80% refund, within the first 24 hours. I recommend spraying the complete area with a solution of 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water (once it dries the vinegar smell disappears!). However we find the circumstances of these dates often hide the "real" reaction which may happen when the "perfect pair" return home, and that in 9 out of 10 bonding experiences the bonding "fight", which often appears to be more violent than it is in reality, will still happen. If you need any help or advice or you’re worried about anything during their period of transition then please feel free to contact me. There is a suggested donation of £30 per session for this service.

Male rabbits can take up to six weeks to become sterile after they're neutered.

If behavior changes or any problems occur then go back a step and decrease their space immediately until things return to positive. But once you are comfortable that these factors have been considered, and you’ve decided that repairing the bond is the best way forward, we can help you along the way. I post regular updates and videos to my Facebook page (with owner's full consent) so if your're interested to see how some of my previous bonding's have gone please feel free to have a look at Derrick's Facebook page or check out our customer reviews page to see how happy we've made a lot of lonely bunnies. Rare but again, it does happen!! Within this 48 hour period it usually becomes very apparent if the bonding will be sucessful or not, and if for any reason I feel that that the bonding won't work out, for example; excessive fighting occurs, even after intervention. Each rabbit must also be able to hide from the other whenever they want - ensure they both have constant access to hiding places.

£100 (8 days, £8 a day there after) Trio.

Often when rabbits are first introduced to each other they will show some form of aggression or dominance. It is important that the rabbits are not split up UNLESS THERE IS A RISK OF INJURY, or you will be back to square one and you will need to begin the process again from scratch.

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