The 6th document is on one of the islands you can reach through the tower.

Of course, you’ll start out small and humble. The 2nd document is at the top of the town from the port, next to the water pump. The 3rd document is in the same room as the 2nd document, in a locked locker. It is only visible to you. Story wise, Vasagatan provides a number of notes, transcripts and scenes that gives the player insight in the events prior to its abandonment. Research everything in the research table. These are all of the hidden achievements in Raft.

The 10th document is inside Radio 2, inside an open locker next to a desk. At the top of the radio tower you will find the whiteboard and there will be a note to locate the next area.

Crafting the items on the Blueprints is key to reaching Balboa Island, as the player will be force to sail against the wind direction. A main Story was introduced to Raft on December 3rd, 2019, when the First Chapter was added to the game. Caravan Island consists of three pinnacles connected by bridges and Ziplines, which make out Caravan Town - as the place is also referred to in many notes. In the topmost room of the Radio Tower, there are more clues about an Island which is assumed to house a gathering of scouts - the island is later discovered to be Balboa Island.

I saw a screenshot of a raft with bamboo on it and though I've found it on some islands, I have yet to find a way to harvest it. Lurkers are an animal that can only be found at the Vasagatan story location.

The 5th document is at the top of the tower. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Final Detail Desing Stage; The optimum number of piles, locations, and configuration is finalized. Similarly to find the next area Vasagatan put the code in the reciver and sail towards the blue icon.

Once the code is set, you will find a blue icon on the receiver screen.

Islands come in different shapes and sizes, with the available Materials depending on type and size of the Island.

The player must find specific buildings on specific streets of the city and mark down their number.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This page will attempt to explain the progress of the story line, as well as notes and pictures found underway. Ingredients and recipes. The fourth one is on the top floor, in the building, on the white board. Dealing half the player's health in damage and having a life pool the size of roughly five Sharks, she is the toughest enemy the player has faced so far. :).

Barrels are your friend ! All such codes are randomized from player to player. The first one is underwater, in a suitcase, next to the door of the building A-2. The player will face a number of obstacles that may be cleared by collecting and crafting quest-specific items. It is the second and last location introduced in the Second Chapter. The 3rd document is just after reaching the top of the town from the port, on the right.

Tips on how to explore and expand your raft, how to tame animals, how … Story Walkthrough.

you are a life svaer! It's recommended to bring several Metal Spear or plenty of arrows because the number of Bears faced are too many to be handled with a single weapon.

I was thinking it might be a mod. The story can be started by crafting and installing a Receiver and three Antennas on the Raft. Materials as well … You need to climb a caravan. Can I store my save file some where else and paste it on the game folder late when I reinstall the game? will i … Thanks Hyslyne. © Valve Corporation. Among these bears lives a boss-level bear fittingly named Mama Bear.

I don't recommend collection nets at first in hard mode ( not until you can make them indestructible with foundation armor ). The 7th document is also inside Radio 6, on another desk.

Apart from the notes concerning the engineers' story, a number of useful Materials can be found in and around the tower and the Blueprint: Head Light item is provided.

From the tower you can see the Infirmary sign on top of a building which you can only reach through a zipline. On Tangaroa, the player will find blueprints for the Electric Purifier, Water Tank, and Large Storage, which all make use of the newly introduced Titanium Ingot. The bulk of the story is faithful to the short story, but the ending was changed for the film. The 4th and 5th documents are in the boat's hold, in the kitchen, both on a different kitchen counter. The second one is on the lowest floor, in the building marked B-1, on the left of the red telephone. Once you have crafted the receiver place it on the 1st floor of your raft. Watch Dogs Legion All Starting Recruit & Which One To Choose. The said hill is facing Mama Bear's cave. The 9th document is on the 3rd Floor, on a desk, in a room blocked by a huge object. To remove the object, you need to craft a car jack in the boat's hold by combining 5 mechanical parts scattered around the boat.

Once you turn it on, it will show you to connect 3 antennas.

Read at your own discretion!Go to Mainpage. The fourth one (Biofuel Refiner) is in the Ranger Station (next to Radio 2), on a table. #1. It's possible, where is the save file location? You get the key for the safe inside the Infirmary.

It's next to the rocket.

The 1st document is on the left side of the town from the port ( while the sea is behind your back ). Raft Furniture was founded by Mick and Heinz in 1999, marking the realisation of their shared obsession: producing high-quality, sustainable, luxury furniture.

Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea! Please see the. Drop a shark bait just next to your raft, which allows you to attack the sharks when they come for the bait without having to go in the water.

The 7th document is inside a caravan that's just next to the sea, on a beach with many other caravans. The location of the Island is unknown, but instead the code to an abandoned cruise ship named Vasagatan is provided.

Other Raft Guides: Beginners Guide. There's one on a tree stump laying on the ground, one inside a mannequin and one on a hanged mannequin. We currently have 727 content pages, filled with 1,149 images and videos and they are all maintained by 35 users. There's no bamboo in raft ( except on islands, but I mean none you can bring on your raft ). The second one (Fuel Tank) is in Radio 6, on a desk. Tangaroa is an Environmental Element in Raft. Tangaroa is the final location of the Second Chapter.

The first one (Machete) is in Mama Bear's cave, in a crate with EMP written on it. These are the achievements based on capturing animals, placing containers, and placing cropplots.

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