During the 1930s, the Navy worked on the development of an electro-mechanical Torpedo Data Computer (TDC). They are true to life with features such as torpedo shutters, ballast vents, hatches and safety tracks molded into the hull to present a reproduction of museum quality. The commanders were ordered to adjust the depth settings to compensate for the error, and new torpedoes were modified to fix the problem.

An exploder that worked unfailingly off Newport could fail miserably in the Pacific. Web Videos: USN Carriers, P-47 Assembly, WW2 Fighters, B-26s, USN Torpedo Attack, Need compressed air system to launch torpedo from torpedo tube, The following errors occurred with your submission. By setting the gyro angle, the torpedo would turn onto the proper track after it was fired. To fire the weapon, simply move the magnet away from the reed switch. You've found the new RC-Submarines.net! A torpedo set to run at fifteen feet would actually run as much as ten feet deeper. Swede Momsen suggested firing live torpedoes at the cliffs on Kahoolawe, which rose vertically from the sea. When the Torpedo Station couldn’t build them fast enough, Westinghouse was contracted to build torpedoes, which they did, in a highly efficient manner. The Japanese used a similar design, but with pure oxygen instead of compressed air, which reduced exhaust—mostly the incombustible nitrogen from the compressed air—and took up less room, allowing for the larger warheads in Japanese designs. Three torpedoes were fired from U.S.S. HIGHLY DETAILED SUBMARINE MODELS. When the war started, the submarine force was immediately sent into action, with the order to wage “unrestricted submarine warfare” against Japan. In order to set up a scale torpedo using these timers, you will need to source a 3V LiPo battery, a magnet and a normally open magnetic reed switch. These were 19-inch models, and carried a very small warhead (92 pounds for the Mark-24, 95 pounds for the Mark-27). Duration : 0:0:54. Now that's what I call a sea-skipping missile. Because the captains had been under orders to use the magnetic exploder, and had been setting their torpedoes to run the required five feet under their targets, few of them had had the opportunity to realize that that contact exploder was also defective. One of the more interesting wartime developments was the Mark-27 “Cutie” homing torpedo. In the anti-escort role, the “Cutie” would home in on the escort’s screws, and the small warhead was likely to be enough to blow off a screw and put the escort out of action. 20 comments to rc submarine torpedo part 4. othur. About  |  Amazon Disclosure  Policy  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms of Service. Up to a point, the American experience paralleled that of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy), which experienced its own torpedo problems during the Norway campaign. « rc submarine torpedo part 4 (None of these boats were commissioned until after the war had ended, the first R-boat being commissioned in December 1918, and S-1, while completed in 1918, wasn’t commissioned until 1920.).

The Americans, on the other hand, insisted that the exploder worked, and that the problem had to be in the people using it. Ut convallis euismod dolor nec pretium. The Nautilus Drydocks is the world's premier supplier of kits, parts, components and resources dedicated to the hobby of remote controlled submarines. A hot run from complete torpedo out of the launch tube. rc submarine torpedo part 4. If the TDC operator did his job properly, the torpedoes ran as programmed, and the target didn’t change course after they were fired, the chances of a hit were about as close to 100% as it was possible to get.

December 22, 2009 at 4:54 am. The real consequences of this particular economy wouldn’t be recognized until later. The two experiences diverged at this point. SubmarineWorks™ builds models for the detail oriented modeler. Lockwood allowed the magnetic exploders to be deactivated on Pearl Harbor boats, though Christie persisted in mandating their use for a while longer. It wasn’t necessary to kill an escort so long as you could get it stop trying to kill you.

As this torpedo was used in the “O” class submarines, it remained in service in training boats through World War II. The exhaust was one of the greatest perceived problems with the Mark-14 and its predecessors, since it left a trail of bubbles marking the course of the torpedo as it ran in on the target. Concurrently, the Bureau of Ordnance was busy at the Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island, on a project to produce the next generation of 21-inch torpedoes. Naples, FL  34104 USA The Mark-27 was a submarine version of the air-dropped Mark-24 “Fido” anti-submarine torpedo—referred to as a “mine” for security reasons—adapted for use against surface ships. © 2020 FleetSubmarine.com – All rights reserved. Etiam pulvinar consectetur dolor sed malesuada. In fact, the earth’s magnetic field varies considerably. By the time the United States entered World War I the inadequacy of the Mark 7 had been recognized. This is a very compact timer switch that allows for repeated use of a battery-powered torpedo in your remote controlled submarine. One former Navy Aviation Ordnanceman, who was involved in dropping the originals from a B-26 in the Pacific, pointed out one minor problem that sometimes cropped up. New firing pins were machined from a light, high-strength aluminum alloy—the metal reportedly came from the propellers of Japanese fighters shot down during the Pearl Harbor raid—and the guides were strengthened, so that they would hold up long enough for the firing pin to strike the primer and detonate the warhead. The British supplied a captured German G7e torpedo, and this was copied, with the modifications needed to fit correctly in American torpedo tubes and interface with the TDC. He presumed that any problems came from poor maintenance or other user error. After this, BuOrd finally did their own tests, at last conceding that there was a depth problem. While having a diameter only three inches larger that the old Mark-7, this was enough to allow an increase in warhead size from 326 pounds to 497 pounds. It was found that the contact mechanism, built to essentially the same standards as that in the slower Mark-10 torpedo, had failed under the greater impact of the much faster Mark-14. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers for a model submarine is working torpedoes. The new TDC, which went into the fleet boats, where there was room to shoehorn it into the conning tower, was designed for use with the 21-inch Mark-14 torpedo. Requirements for this project included greater speed, a larger warhead, and incorporation of a magnetic proximity exploder to allow detonation of the warhead beneath the target, instead of against its side. Instead of striking the primer, the firing pin had bent and jammed in the guides, which had also distorted.

And it wasn’t until English died in a California plane crash, and Lockwood took over at Pearl, that anyone would really listen to the commanders.

Initially, there was a depth keeping problem. Too shallow, and that might just be the submarine that fired it. The torpedo was designed and built by Gould Honeywell (mod 1); Hughes Aircraft company (ADCAP); Raytheon (mod 6 ATCOT) and Lockheed Martin for the latest version (mod 7 CBASS). Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Website Acquisitions Inc. All rights reserved. The torpedo was hauled aboard the rescue/salvage vessel Widgeon and returned to Pearl Harbor, where it was taken apart. Both the United States and Germany set to work on a method of doing this consistently, and both came up with essentially the same solution. Phone: (239) 877-4280 Or alternatively a 26mm inrunner of similar KV.

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