The series follows the fortunes of Dave Lister who is stranded three million years in the future, together with the hologrammatic representation of his former bunkmate and immediate superior Arnold Rimmer; a creature known only as Cat; and the ship's computer Holly.

The crew come across a frozen supply ship, the, Lister tries to cope with the loss of his arm.

As of 9 April 2020,[update] 74 episodes of Red Dwarf have aired, including one special, concluding the twelfth series.

Lister, Kochanski, Cat and Kryten flee The Red Dwarf in a Blue Midget and try to find the nanobots to prove that their version events is true.

With Grant and Naylor directly involved with the series' production, under Grant Naylor Productions, they radically changed the look of the show. Rimmer applies to join the crew, feeling that this is his chance of becoming an officer and getting a life. Neither version aired, though excerpts from the first pilot appeared on the Red Dwarf V DVD set. Rimmer creates his perfect companion, an identical holographic duplicate of himself. The released script extract shows that "Dad" would not have followed the pre-credits sequence of "Backwards" to the letter. "Dad" was to primarily deal with Lister's pregnancy, why former guest character Kryten had reappeared and become a regular member of the cast and what had happened to him, and why Holly's image had changed from a male to a female.

Kryten thinks Lister likes Konchanski better than him and is making a fuss about it.

But Kryten and Able discover they're brothers, the same model, and Able helps Kryten escape.

Realising that they were limited with stories based on the huge, but … [31], After Series VI, co-creator and writer Rob Grant had decided to leave the series to pursue other non-Red Dwarf projects. However, when they find the ship's black box on a moon, they slowly learn what happened.

Rimmer's neurotic brain fittingly begins to rebel against the fantasy and turn it into a nightmare. To cheer up Kryten and prove how far he has come the team take him to see an older droid model named Butler in the hope of showing Kryten how he has evolved. There Rimmer has a physical presence and twice-daily sex is a health requirement but emotional attachment is bad manners.

Responding to a distress call from a doomed ship, the Red Dwarf crew rescue the only remaining survivor; a bio-printed captain.

[18] A new official Red Dwarf logo also appeared at the end of the credit sequence. As Lister tries to cope with the loss of his arm, Kryten searches for his nanobots (microscopic robots) to get them to rebuild the arm.

Upon rescuing the hostage, the crew discover that she is not all that she appears with dire consequences, especially for a very enamoured Cat. [34] Episodes were still videotaped, but were digitally processed to look like film, and although there was no live audience, a laughter track was later recorded at a screening of the episodes before an audience. At first he enjoys it, but they eventually began to despise each other. But Red Dwarf has two unwelcome guests on-board, Lister's Confidence and Paranoia. Kryten is ordered to be dismantled within 24 hours and is to be replaced by Hudzen-10 (.

This episode was going to be in Series VII but was replaced by "Duct Soup" for budgetary reasons. Two versions of a pilot episode for a proposed NBC version of Red Dwarf were produced in 1992—a complete episode and a partial episode with different cast members.

The crew find they can go into the photograph, and Lister finds that the photographs allows them to go back in time.

The writers decided to make changes for the new series – Red Dwarf itself was written out, thus removing Hattie Hayridge's Holly – and the series was set entirely aboard Starbug.

The Red Dwarf team finds an ocean moon and begins to discover all is not as it seems on the ocean floor nor in the ship itself, where a nefarious force exerts its power over them.

[23], The character of Kryten was originally intended as a one-off appearance in the series-two episode "Kryten", but had returned mainly to broaden the story potential. Later, when Kryten rescues a mechanoid named Camille, the sole survivor from a crashed spaceship, she appears to be his perfect mechanoid partner.

The crew are taken on a ride called "The Rimmer Experience," which recounts many outrageously fictionalized events from Rimmer's life on Red Dwarf. Rimmer, who has been diagnosed with a tense nervous disorder, escapes in a pod which has no steering, and is whisked away through a worm-hole and crashes on a planet. Lister helps Kryten to break his programming so that he can lie and insult.

The Red Dwarf team return, visiting an alternative universe on early 20th century Earth. He moves out of his quarters he shares with Lister and starts rooming with his doppelgänger. Meanwhile Kryten searches for his nanobots – incredibly advanced microscopic robots, which can alter forms of matter at the sub-atomic level – so that he can rebuild Lister's arm.

Using this he plans on changing history so that he does not end up marooned in deep space.

[9] Series IX (Red Dwarf: Back to Earth) involves Lister, Rimmer (back as a hologram), Cat, and Kryten hallucinating that they've arrived on Earth in another dimension in the early 21st century, and Series X to XII sees the same four crew members continue their adventures back on Red Dwarf, Kochanski having departed due to Lister's descent into depression and Holly offline due to water damage. Daredevil pilot Ace Rimmer, seriously wounded, after rescuing Princess Bonjella from the Nazis, arrives on-board Starbug, to recruit Rimmer to take his place as the next Ace Rimmer. When the primary power goes off and they all get stuck in a room they have no choice but to climb into the ventilation ducts and try to escape. [33] Ed Bye also returned to direct the series after leaving due to scheduling clashes during Series V. The studio audience was now removed from the series and, much like feature-length films, the episodes were mostly shot using one camera.

Lister wants to go on a date with the hologram of navigation officer Kristine Kochanski, much to Rimmer's disapproval.

S7, Ep4 7 Feb. 1997 [4] From 2009, Grant Naylor Productions produced new episodes for UKTV, which were broadcast on the TV channel Dave. Instead, a comically-fast Star Wars opening crawl provided exposition for the episode "Backwards", which became the new Series III premiere. The new episodes form part of an effort by Dave to screen more original programming, instead of just repeats.

[14] A remastered version of this series was produced and broadcast in some countries.

While inside the ducts they discover Lister is claustrophobic! [48] Also, apparently Lister would have rebuilt Kryten while "heavily pregnant", and not "shortly afterwards" as the pre-title "Backwards" scroll suggests.

They discover the planet has been visited by humans years previously, who populated the planet with "wax droids" – animated wax works of famous characters from Earth's history including, Rimmer is abducted by holograms of superior intelligence, and taken to a space vessel which is itself holographic.

Things become worse when a justice scan reveals that Rimmer is guilty of the radioactive disaster that wiped out the entire crew of, Holly has her intelligence briefly restored to an, Kryten uses a prototype "matter paddle" to teleport the crew to a nearby planet with an S3 (or Earth-like) atmosphere.

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