“This land, although not my native land, Will be remembered forever. I chose one of our best sunset quotes to accompany this image. But, here are 15 of our favourites for you to pick from: Just looking for something short, sharp and sweet about your sunset photo? I thought watching a sunset would help but it left me more in the dark.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. What does ride off into the sunset mean for you? We met wonderful people, saw some of the lesser visited sites in Egypt and enjoyed sleeping under the stars. “Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day” – Debbie Shapiro. The island (technically it’s a caye) is so small that it’s only a 2 minute walk from East to West. Tolkien. "The West has contributed much to our way of life, but among all its contributions one stands out as the most significant. “The beautiful affair of sun, sky and the sea brings a perfect moment of love, peace and joy” ― Umair Siddiqui. Even though Manzanillo Mexico didn’t win us over with its charm, it sure had some spectacular sunsets. And the sea’s lightly iced, Unsalty water. A big thanks to Vanessa Schoeck for sharing this beautiful sunset with us. We’re big fans of not being too serious, which we like to reflect….

Our surname loosely translates as ‘writer’, and that’s what we are: Two writers and marketers who are taking our spirit for wanderlust, our passion for the written word and our burgeoning Instagram profile, and turning it into this website.

To a life, where pain and sorrow dont exist, and to where hopes, and dreams become reality. Watching the local children playing in the water as the sun was setting in Cape Maclear, Malawi was a true joy. What made this sunset extra special is that it was quite a journey to get there. Richie Nortoneval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thetravelscribes_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_10',113,'0','0'])); I never met a sunset I didn’t like. “The most beautiful sunset is when you have it with your beloved one and the most beautiful sunrise is quite the same.” ― Galina Nelson. Like a woman who had slipped off her print dress and white apron to array herself in blue and pearls, the day changed, put off stuff, took gauze, changed to evening, and with the same sigh of exhilaration that a woman breathes, tumbling petticoats on the floor, it too shed dust, heat, colour; the traffic thinned; motor cars, tinkling, darting, succeeded the lumber of vans; and here and there among the thick foliage of the squares an intense light hung. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. “Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal” – Elbert Hubbard. And the next thing you know, the Niners get right back into it and play great football and we had to grind it out.

These images are from 12 years of travel around the world. Elbert Hubbard. “The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.” – Pamela Hansford Johnson.

Unknowneval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thetravelscribes_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',110,'0','0'])); When the skies turn pink it’s time for a drink. The sunsets in Caye Caulker, Belize are truly stunning!

“The water was glassy and calm, still candy-colored in the afterglow of sunset.” – Stephen King.

We enjoyed this sunset from one of the beachside restaurants during our first night on the island. Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, in the area of Paxanax, this was our view for a month. There are many churches in Tbilisi and we were lucky to catch this great sunset on camera. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. We called Koh Phangan “home” for a month during our travels. Did we miss any off the list? But, myself personally, I will ride the rollercoaster, for all it's glory and thrills, It's ups and downs, twists and turns, and rushes. As the shadows grew longer, the sun set the sky alight, and I just had to get my camera and take this shot.”, “It was a rich and gorgeous sunset – an American sunset; and the ruddy glow of the sky was reflected from some extensive pools of water among the shadowy copses in the meadow below.” – Francis Parkman.

It’s science! Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. J.R.R. During the late afternoon, people seem to come out of hiding from the heat of the day to enjoy a dip in the water. For nearly thirty days we never saw a drop of rain, or even a cloud it seemed like. “The biggest cliché in photography is sunrise and sunset.” – Catherine Opie.

And although our time in Puerto wasn’t the greatest, we were treated to sunsets like this almost every evening. Unknown, Mother Nature doesn’t need a filter. I know I titled this article 101 Sunset Quotes & Photos, but why start there?

Here’s a list of our favourite inspirational quotes, including some romantic sunset quotes: It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream. Kicksta is a cheaper (albeit not as well-rounded) alternative to Ingramer and competitors in that niche. Keep the ISO as low as possible (usually 100 – 200) and watch the shutter speed. We competed and battled to win.

“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.” ― Pamela Hansford Johnson. But, Koh Chang has some gorgeous spots and amazing sunsets. The sunset was taken in rural New South Wales, Australia, check out the rain in the distance! The Thirst of Satan: Poems of Fantasy and Terror. “Don’t forget beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies” – Paulo Coelho.

How does that make you feel? 101 sunset quotes from around the world with beautiful images for each of the sunset quotes.

101 Sunset Quotes With Beautiful Sunset Photos! Koh Phangan is the kind of place that you plan on visiting for a few days and end up staying a month! A gorgeous local (aka BUDGET) Muslim island where everyone is on “island time,” but people will go to the extreme to make your stay as enjoyable as ever. Scribe (noun): A writer, a journalist, someone employed to copy manuscripts. Shout-out to mother nature.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thetravelscribes_com-sky-2','ezslot_24',199,'0','0'])); The sun loved the moon so much that he died every night just to let her breathe. “Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” – Kristen Butler. We spent about 5 days in Port Barton enjoying lazy evenings and gorgeous views like this one. Let’s be honest a picture tells 1000 words! “Watching sunset makes you feel stronger” ― Anamika Mishra. This setting can be an auto HDR, but its best to do it manually in post-production. “Sunsets are not a rare commodity, they come and go every night, so I compare you not to a sunset, for you only come once in a lifetime.” – Daniel Cooke. Sunsets signal the end of the day, and usher in the night. It is a magical place.

Thanks to Evelise Jolysimoes, a reader of ours, for sharing this gorgeous rice paddy sunset. It’s one of our favorite beaches to go for sunsets since you get a full view and the colors are always stunning with rays of soft pinks, blues, purples, oranges and yellows. Jack Kerouac, Now that’s some orange you could ride a horse into. Figuring out what needs to be done before heading off on a trip can be a daunting task. “And their merging sometimes affords the beholder the most enchanted moments of all the twenty-four hours.

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