Add integrated patches for the following mods: Gold … "The power of friendship destroyed the jellyfish.". Standard Turret 2. Or have same features? LOL, that new game I was mentioning in your other thread may be coming much sooner now! Mech clusters always appear in an initially dormant state. Turrets: 1. Incompatible with Combat Extended and won’t work with RimWorld Beta 18. The uranium slug turret is a defensive turret. Since uranium slug turrets are large 2x2 structures, ranged attacks are twice as accurate against them.

It brings completely new shooting, melee and medical mechanics and drastically changes the way combat plays out.

Adds new security turrets to RimWorld as well has a host of new researh choices needed to construct the turrets. Uranium slug turrets have a chance to explode when they drop below 20% health, dealing damage to everything in a large radius. "A long-ranged armor-piercing turret. Its ultra-dense uranium shells can punch through heavy armor at long ranges, but it requires new uranium slugs to be loaded after use. Fixed an issue where Empire cataphracts would sometimes spawn with a minigun. Shields are worn so you cannot have two equipped at the same time.

Made compatible with Rimworld 1.2. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Sniper Turret 3. All rights reserved. This mod completely overhauls combat from the ground up. Green is 80 - 100% of peak accuracy, blue is 50 - 80% of peak accuracy, red is below 50% of peak accuracy and grey is outside range. Energy Turret Each turret has a corresponding research project necessary and custom textures. A very special thanks to the contributors, patch makers, graphic artists, and playtesters who gave their free time to help make this possible. Standard Turret This turret is as the name suggests, an improved version if the improvised turret. More Vanilla Turrets 1.0: Accuracy affects manned rocket turret, manned blast charge turret, and devastator mortar Kaiser Armory. However, uranium slug turrets also benefit from being put behind sandbags which mitigates this accuracy bonus. It has a long range of 45.9 tiles and is very accurate at range (98% accuracy per tile vs 96% for all others), but can't hit anything within 11.9 tiles. Unlike the mini-turret, this one can not be moved after it is built. mrofa from the forums for his amazing texture artwork and C# coding, This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Same core features as the original mod – shooting, melee, armor, inventory and medical overhauls In 1.1.0 it received a massive nerf to damage (75 -> 30), nerf to armor penetration (112.5% -> 70%), reduced range (49.9 -> 39.9), increased reload cost (60 -> 80 baseline) and nerf to shooting accuracy (98.8% -> 98%). I'll shoot your colonists...After a long nap.

Is this mod compatible with SimpleSidearms?, 60 uranium in Peaceful and Base Builder difficulty, 120 uranium in Rough difficulty and above. Or, will it be compatible in future? Also, since it's a clothing item it is useful for non-violents. Fixes. Combat Extended.

'Laser' Turret 4. That one not adds any guns, but changes loadout system.

Combat Extended 3.0 “In Space, No One Can Hear You Warcrime.” Features. There will be one-off errors when removing this from ongoing savegames though, and you will lose TE Turret Expansion-added turrets and all upgrades to vanilla turrets.

Turrets can now be reloaded incrementally, allowing for larger magazine sizes. Does this mod only work with vanilla clothing due to the new deflection system? You can wear one and carry another though. Patch is unlikely with CE being such a large overhaul. New textures are added and each turret has its own attributes. It works well to intercept heavily armored enemies, such as centipedes or raiders with marine armor as its extremely high armor penetration will negate much armor.

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