The standard Rogue R-3 rack has fully welded side panels. I purchased the 30" depth variant and am so pleased with the item quality. Why do thousands rely on Rogue Bolt for their fastener needs? All in all, I am very happy with this rack. Basically everything positive in other reviews holds true. Definitely anchor it into the ground it can move a bit with a decent amount of weight such as when re racking heavy squats but once i bolted it down it was solid. Sign up for both to get all our updates straight to your inbox. With the new bolt-together design, Rogue Parallettes ship efficiently as disassembled components, with quick and easy set-up using the included 0.5" hardware.

My garage has an 8 foot ceiling height which made me put a lot of thought into my rack selection. Sign up for both to get all our updates straight to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Next up, matador!! By signing up, you agree to Rogue's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you want to be able to do pull-ups in your rack and not want to smash your head into the ceiling, I reccomend the bolt together r-3 over the regular one because it gives you the ability to adjust the pull-up bar height. Rogue prides itself on fast, professional shipping, often with same-day turnaround times. We made the platform because the floor was so cracked and uneven. By signing up, you agree to Rogue's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please choose the registry you want to add this product to: Rogue Fitness HQ With my 8 foot ceiling and my rack on top of a .75" stall mat, I have my pull-up bar bolted one hole space down from the standard height. Learn more. Hardest workout I have ever down. The safety bars are pretty clumsy to adjust so I opted to use the spotter arms instead for quick adjustments. I purchased this rack about two months ago and I can honestly say its worth the extra money vs its competitors such as the similar Titan fitness t3. It perfect for all types of workouts. By continuing to use the site you agree to our use of cookies. 545 E 5th Ave Sign-up to be notified when this product is available! All orders shipped to UK & EU addresses will be charged VAT at 20% unless the address is in the EU but outside of the UK and a relevant EU VAT number is supplied in your account. They also protect your flooring, enable more efficient storage, and make it easier to set the handles at any custom width apart that you prefer. By signing up, you agree to Rogue's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

1- I got the longer length option and that gives you plenty of space to do any sort of squats, chest, anything inside the rack. Choose your subscription preferences below. With a flat floor, I'd consider getting the RML-390F instead, just because it's a bit more modular, easier to deal with, and about the same price.

I’m a beginner on the parallettes and was going to buy a cheaper brand but long term I’ll probably buy another one as I improve. There are three Sockets & Hardware kits available to match your existing Rogue unit. We considered getting the regular welded R3 and putting it in the middle of the garage and using both sides...but that cut off pullup height due to beams and a garage door motor. I take them with me on road trips.

Once received, we put it together no problem. The quality is extremely good, and I am SO glad I didn’t try to settle for a less reputable brand... Don’t be cheap, buy this rack and you’ll never regret it. Definitely recommend adding them to your fitness arsenal.

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The channel that connects the handles to the bases is laser-cut and bent 7-gauge steel.

Please choose the registry you want to add this product to: Sign up for our Newsletter with Rogue News and Product Releases.

We’re currently offering our Husafell Strongman Bags … Easy to bolt together, and managed to cut away horse stall mats and secure the feet to the concrete without too much hassle. Add to Wishlist ; Rogue Sockets & Hardware. It also cut off our Olympic Lifting space. It's 8'x10' rectangle. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Also, the uprights measure slightly different distances from each other, depending where you measure (up high or down low). Tape is needed for grip would be the only addressing issue.

The platform is 2 layers of 5/8" OSB, and one layer of 3/4" AC plywood/stall mats...for 2" total thickness. As a key update to our original design, Rogue Parallettes now include a set of rubber feet that grip to the floor, eliminating the need for a connecting crossmember (which had to be removed, re-installed, and tightened when you changed the distance between the handles).

I can tell this rack is going to last the tests of time. One with 4 separate feet and shims seemed the best option, so we started looking at the regular R3. The rogue parallettes are heavy duty. It's 18" between plates. The bolt together worked really well for me as I had to move the components down to the basement alone and around a fairly tight corner.

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