Richter's Stage Name: Breaking Through the Front Increases the number of times you can use the special items.

Climb up the stairs and hit the rope on the metal balls so they fall. The Prologue of the game. Items provide power-ups and special attacks. Filled with the spirits of the deceased murderers, you'll fight through the docking platforms into the ship. Now it is a place of desecration. A Nightmare RebornUndying Melody Whip the wall to find a bomb that will destroy the wall and open up to the hidden area. [ADDITIONAL MOVES] Castlevania Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Just remember that you won't make it to the Hidden Docks unless you've beaten Dracula already. Stage 2' - The Lake Bridge However, if you bypassed the whole raft scene entirely, you'll go across a bridge and finally through a forest where skeletons will hide behind trees and jump out. In the second part of the stage, when you have to climb the stairs vertically, there's a simpler way. If you go up, more bone dragons must be fought and more spiked balls are to be ducked under. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Stage 2: Richter, Normal Path, Saving Maria (Subtitled) Virtual Console version. If you find the hidden exit, you'll find an underground cave that leads to the well, and soon to the lake bridge. Select the name to be changed with the cursor and press button I. If you fall down in a certain place, you will find the Ferryman who will take you across to Stage 3' (but you'll still have to dodge of gauntlet of Mermen.) You'll fight Carmilla here.

When you proceed and descend the tower, unlock the grate to find Annet. Press Button II + Up Direction again to disengage. Unfortunately, this also keeps you from finding the hidden level exit.

Boss(es) Back to Top Note: "PLAYER SELECT" and "STAGE SELECT" will not be available until you have progressed to a certain degree in the game. Even enemies which deflect knives and crosses with their shields can be easily defeated once they are disarmed. Cross (1) Book of Music (3) Annette Attack both of them and the plank in the center of the area will lower. google_ad_height = 90;

Stage 4' - The Mountain Range The sign reads "shi no keikoku", which has three meanings: "Warning of Death", "Valley of Death", and "Beauty of Death" - all of which apply to your current situations. Investigate suspicous surroundings -- you might find the entrace to a hidden stage! If you manage to elude the hellhound and find a key, you can unlock a hidden cell where Shaft is about to sacrifice Maria. The lake near Castlevania also contains the evil that influenced the barbaric pirates around the time that Dracula X takes place.

However, movement becomes severely restricted. If you're smart, you can find a pulley that will take you up automatically. Make your way underground, and you'll fight the serpent boss, which will then lead to Stage 2'. google_ad_client = "pub-5230184257141993"; Here you can either jump across large pit (with platforms hovering over) or go through a big hall where you'll meet two of the very tough bad guys known as Guardians. Blood Type: A. Though there are no minor enemies at this point, Richter will come face to face with Death (literally). ◄ Previous stage It features multiple paths/stages, similar to Castlevania III on the NES, only the branching paths are often hidden/non-obvious.

Stage 8 - The Count Dracula Blood Type: ? Back to Top Rosario (Ornamented Cross) If you manage to find the secret exit, you fight the Dogether. If you don't go up the pulley, you'll fight the Minotaur. Has a very pleasant personality and is nice to all. Rondo of Blood Menu: Stages - Manual - Walkthrough - Passwords Secrets - Weirdness - Opening - Ending - Translation; Level 0: Prologue - Path Through the Woods.

When you're being chased by the behemoth, you'll notice several pits in the ground. Evil, which spurns prosperity and disdains peace. The destined confrontation with the king of evil, Count Dracula. google_ad_host="pub-4257958550858905"; Right after you climb up the stairs at the beginning of the castle keep, there's an invisible stairway that leads to a hidden room. Rises into flames once thrown onto the floor. Strong-willed and also dislikes the unfair. Held hostage somewhere in Demon Castle. When the heart number indicator appears green and your press the SELECT button, your player is able to call forth the hidden powers of special items! Richter's Stage Name: Bloodlines The final battle! Near the middle of the Stage the path splits...if you take the normal path you will fight large stone creatures and then find the gates to Castlevania where you will fight a Wyvern. Then you'll climb onto the deck of the ship, where harpies and flea men attack. Kill it to reveal a switch that opens up a staircase. The effectiveness of items may differ based on the enemy. Hoo boy, this level is a hard one. An eerie cemetary in the midst of a swamp. If you choose not to, you'll meet a very large skeleton with the church bell overhead (ring it for some goodies.) The file screen presents you with options for "GAME START," "PLAYER SELECT," "STAGE SELECT," "TECHNIC," and "SOUND TEST.". Stairs are climbed using the up and down directions. Back to Top (Effective just by picking them up). Op.13 (RoB)Red Dawn (DXC)

google_ad_slot = "5811832021"; Age: 17. Stage Overview. [NAME CHANGE] The lord of Demon Castle, the god of evil, Count Dracula was reborn. Warm hearted, lively, with a passionate soul. There is no boss or hidden exit. If you chose to go right, you'll enter the furnished areas of the castle, where you must go up a set of stairs. Battle takes place over the bridge which spans the lake. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.