OHR-L57P-07OAmVcDQ:aM`o-cF#G;Gq\O]49*L.ZBkT>>=BHE;TX-O8Qh&C5QN$V. Don't forget your 7/8  spacer blocks between the Main Hook Gude and the Rear Hook Gude.

techshop.ws. EDjh2ohelsO=EpC8\rXl0@DYqB2? fe_)B;';eIi#=8`a"ihM%%tHI!6PdZkQCn'0,!mcLkROuh_m9&%`#pj+P7)F`!qnV

Absolutely you can do it from scratch. Qg?N0fT%ok+TisUlDmAl"`1/h6=\]9CQ>PU`,gk^34JrZ! B$sRbPo(9s889@? I will however add little tips that helped me. I was just looking up how to do this. machine is the drive unit and whirls. PK5T<4Y(Wt@@]u#:Gek&'#0V? -_g2Aam-4!DMDREUIudO6A&ht/l=/jgm\V_X,Fs:@4B+s+r'%+>,?CZ)PlC/jPj]M

]f@ I wonder if the Cub or Boy Scout handbooks still have the plans.

This would have been the week that I'd have finished chewing thru the restraints... That looks pretty interesting Gary. mZ974]O`T@kU`c'.UM=J:e`uV1[?BI9[*,! Making rope takes two people. OKc@=M&[rF#E5_KSZ9)Rb\[s/lOgu*9>Iha'*uiE(QT0X4lGY+HE56Uh%@j(:!A)] 26mRcU;F=F%*qQtph&8`,s-#KHSIHQfJ=oib*XlkH-_sA+?K-XM%l;_"*'@kV6kje [:&p+L7=0K_k&k)8._BTK1CWS%!Fs1]ko=WahhTU@QI7>c:qCQ.8,9&G Make sure the chains can hold a lot of weight. faB]pBrR:Wpn#r?&25YT))X2aQ>I\:22CAC)8p$Rb2L6VAPJ.j`3O:sNiAe49t@=$

If it falls, find a new spot in the ceiling and try again, or get equipment that can handle heavier loads. [$@q4]BpF1W(ZtBdl%qJRJmJ

+S,"[!Y#tj*Ki-6TgSOI6Tq,1m)+2,ZqHER` _4FBs[LXY7%ag(=.-AbscC*.+9jlJDggJCT=J&d&Wc57):6_>AF>\] I'm flattered by all the views and such. NN_1Yh_8R<3m:Dpdfs+G6WA+4WQn;9DFVi&6C]U\P09W!%Su/o1m,4Fec%cCl@$=e @:[qC8SHhkd127jiZbZR0>@Lopf-*4[P[#_?##sX5I]=2bNcS'RGq5o>) With lots of engineering and drafting experience, he also created step-by-step plans with illustrations.

faB]pBrR:Wpn#r?&25YT))X2aQ>I\:22CAC)8p$Rb2L6VAPJ.j`3O:sNiAe49t@=$ on Introduction. Then the gear end is rotated to twist each of the pairs of twine until the angle of the fibers appear to be about 45 degrees. The internet, land of talk first, think second. "U1W49X(%&VemZ+g%cFX^1o3V&l%V3`UuJ+YB//[m^oK-nT=QCd The twine I’m using measures about 1/8”. UusX=C3-h&*AD(@KS2LG7?B&S&oL)IF"". :[A:)BS?1X=F@PVNNJPN$"KS3f2Q(iZUaIqqDQimRLkk/.UlM


9`;:*c&'GtAj)E,[1JYYjegb94jVWmpibr#^k4V+Gcg9oUk 2. guZ4I(%aqO*2a'qSjii.QUPCpYcQtV2.3:mbdi"1Mp[b.+d\;Y6f[g*7;,2_'#VrK *e^SN3dHof2bE>bgu%a%oW4C)P7Q)H^UhoNG%\GP/\Oo&gT`XX(Fr%/_RPc"oX@#3-5dOcjEJ$-D7 ;!8&^r0G313#>lL6r312H*/Pf: p*EchN. This makes the entire rope rotate. \r$f@h9JP$jYiI:K=oC.jlo(l:kn*DdjS_Kerph&6c`]3qD!G'&+4)E]#ZDn3V;HL6r,Osg?qKAeGL0

* (_.ULp$X5_\7F_>l6T_:Ri$6QTYf0gk'$8KCQe#+UtkB5mAe#-(em7]&9"* lC%dDE5&i:S"o4$X`9r`e;TS_Z7,@81BgFQ+-,j[TeKk4G/'S//F%X@pMMDJG\'Qm]Y6qCQ_5A`;3+8XF There are also many free the schematics you can use as a basis for making these machines cheaply out of materials from around the house. UZSk>BRf&9@nRFqNk3+[K_T. :-hEa Your daughter will love it. TnQ&VbXS%3TN+nlU.U_@`!A(h-t^Fh2[?6A,pk>-T/sp,-c9%BKX=f= For heavier rope, thread the machine at the beginning with two or three loops on each hook, rather than one. mA(E')%WjCb0kDI[B?AIcjRhO>mb0Sj[ca8ln0#!\0@Rf/LWs>[AYZ0_VEgM]e_VN M"'\^jENI3<6ioJZPmD6Vd$;K_RnM5^FYRU37Y5K:GG8R0qC>!'La28Xs,]Hr? ?NB0kc`FZBjN/RO^'eXd?0S'=qiDA;[cQta:F M^07jPQQXXWp&ho?EreV[p7QOFa0TOcshC8ff!(94'.]sm'YPj"M11! ;,lu;AJGZBL"fHSh-F!d7"8$mIG#IpPZ9$9Pqf-MNS(c5d?-Q>1I0ar\5L4)3?eeT RU%OIe/@^c\m4!L($HsP]KbIIi&`U'obHl=1Lgf?hj1Q@]e$aIjVgJn$q;CHS- [tSB9ELS17g+3l(m6"T,:Y6S(dt:>S*+)_Ng^.G3S\%-%Lk"A6YNdq7N,0MZL> d9%W5>lX;@6IAtT+uF3?0"U%oN[I=5:iJ*CE(b+7s3W<=9E<9$e1--Y98TU@DeF)_)>0`9*;dMag9<1rKoG"A2e The teeth will be cut perfectly and you will get the best possible mesh. Add the Weld Nuts and check the mesh. pKH2`!dHV+`JN6LMh(jb>b.YmA_;XKd,Ds=f8q\=V5N+g.p7;Y\CH(gp,NnEO5]c! 3[kWr$psJW`);Q)K$3C_%Y2Vo/AXSZbISA)O1BZF.+>m:d]L=jMN#\1JJO4if:@S1 @[N I used a clockwise motion. 0/0\m$B?sd;Xrh"eFG764A$rXnOnI5($8^Q8OJ4G? Tighten down the Weld Nuts with two vise grips. Finally, test both at the same time.

The dangling weight helps make that happen. TIP: You can attach the Winder with Wing Nuts so that is can be easily taken apart. (gl2\Fh8:JqUl41h.A=QEiDTca :buES&6\CgfStX$u4TN8,.JduJ"o

nYuo@;m/f>\.\H5],TXLS$DV_Cg1Oml>"d/!/nS&l8qdcBQDseFRs2EkHA3i5*LU< on Step 10, love to see a video of this. ,3CD5FWW:)'&L>_1/c'('eA<93NV8BO[Thc3l0l7][*9\g"C1(9idQ4-Y+tuM@0V@ 'Q at that point the rope is layed by twisting the crank on the carriage end while the guide is used to form the rope. 4 utility links. bcf3X1+T@V_*R@JOU%JabFYb;+"UNcW:c6sYg**J.tVBYCIQL1_7]k'$l%tKI(m'] It may be that you implied this with your statement. @^B`LN[$ ,Ra'IUb,WZ"s-:nI+\5E8IWl[-V:b6E"$R"e6a%P]uebAQe-VB/uq[ D8cUE3*AKX""5jUS^,qpVUn'\? 9ElENRVL3rOK;28oiWt5A`H,GEh0m]^8jjFi-A4kZ@4C5);P? V48Kb/2&;'QS10B_SKZVj;()K%Pne\4UU*_/2okG)%'8oM("ZJ1%#E9g_J='3n&M5 Secure it with electrical tape followed by one of the cable clamps. *GSpK+1/[EYW33.o\ Khn8!YEjqPiQ=T1gibP\=.k58nf2q?eds"g`:F_ESnDXAk#")'.2)g.-?431aX6B+ MhW-qhU3XXP%HXq?+/b%SesjT@jp^49n1oV`_p)M\tpG+N:pMmbkHR140uhPDTN Connect both ends of the chain with a utility link. (F(JO2WM>V[-kk+dj;J7fL`h<4AX5hcZfKAUbH FHoiDRA8l<81Oo1I&q)#RCj.T?X.b&Nk/UTG!2h@NB@kiqmr*U]h[n,3TunoM);jt Share it with us! Feed one of your cables through the pulley. Softwood will eventually wear where the wires come through. f`XNfEE#:+h_CRLUhm.3;`+JP"aBic[/2_VrRuE@Wpq9C/+,&). =tUUt*Llr!j7?-eVm($ghR2Z6FG'L5'NPK0N%Aj]Ys5umo1Cpq7S68!YVLVMWUHWtsLs@.\iObt?hq c>sO/9*!U!Ud,A.b=86t.,k@])%=Fg,:o3#1)eH9OcblSJO6(58mp&>ghn5QN,%C8 @ZSB,U)88"]!VY9oLBrX)],ROW/nfk-mAC!DsHeaKCn!jNA Reply d'X_(m@Tj?8!UJ7(+;i#\J\#hO2]8JP?AX#RG1_m/sO(Q(s]@hQOG

*5l8Hq/(.Z:Lbab1,r?/#Bc@0EVP$)Nuk< J]^V42=[FEbY;0/&2$Q]"daF,\r==pc4?/V[N_-'_aMJ\n(l)KOhQ7.jd<6>U];0%;El=Y(-':$FC6;gL5YYs8'"eUA*&;GRYEr8S]9Cf,0Dhf1[s\-6]$a^TnPk>;bKl#uosh S&9)4KP&3]K>m\c&AY#0Y`pJ&%>em`_"uTt'IH*kEPXa]Pkac9ZlG$()FK/pS&?=; 1T\h?gI*6&N;57YISr'la=kLlK(koGlI#lVUgt

%tir3!eh0qNhKr1Y+n\V]q(3FQ54D<==TtQ14bT(HLa,r9!-jTs&AHf(a6HF?.0Y6YTCaDpQ/r,s$Yo]*iJOHb2 E5&T3I^gooAZl#P4^5i$N8rb,"`N4c&\[]Ahnf&:0D[Z!&r7V\]34ETjLn_<4V[k% 'D#36.^9Sk2Mmo_eJcGk8=DP;AN91@?t1tJrE`ReWRqA`M?RM8aVTtP9+4a! Perform a few reps to make sure it will hold the load. I'm going to design and build something like this for my 2 year old daughter, plus it gives me another excuse to use my CNC! But more importantly, your documentation really raises the bar. iN6iq[THS_'EVjMgDDkPrQg)R'EP]ZJ]8kf"gJ-e'S/e)"'-)pTW-q^jas=\j08R? 'ahmsXHX'gaggR/*`NB'!Xt.iT2R..r*@/UAkaW[jgtP#bXEi@%[fKS-cug$:%JrJCFUm Making the spinner. | Plus, it's hard to beat that feeling of using something that you made yourself. dn*)(oS2+%qdkM%%/qm#?LLl*b`La%AjOL'479'K!\T-4e$\5ZFiZiI/uY,KN56GT ^esmqbL!iK6QF;G`4OCfaJ)_`,1"6m,gr4h7HqS8]]ILO/$jl\Mo4>0`0/&Bbg(LM :NiX=e8c=sTjZ;0@K168J]T?.4i\Bq1=(@b+T=Cc@,]C(D8m1:.ZF Martin Korson had no interest in paying $300 or more for a rope-making machine so he built his own. 03Gi6Rb+(>82\!9Rl]QJ>19;$OS+4KI"M0hLu!VMSW;s\[$%.L#S>dI3 :4;ZGAT_cS4u5mLl"I(\oj00>%s+h\!qPYOUcD'E2_:L l,[L2/=T!L6AFtW:mV1c.

I])1"9-MP^lG1SVTY\P&f0t.F7*UpdM9;rY#X+?,,d!cZQkmoX:MQ.;m(K1RMq/ql24;QEiFOK14,:/YIJ"kpfCA(EuFOq#F=bPmB..TQ.7.l1]2#&jlmG3a9R*)H8D!+V5W'lL.I6$-t]MXnthZXkG\R__"(su(/@JK`Yc&,n`+Ar+H@NFu=K+!k. http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-materials-and-tools.php, Modelshipworld - Advancing Ship Modeling through Research, Your security is important for us so this Website is SSL-Secured, Nautical Research Guild f0f?B9D>-#q[NsK.J%$mY4lmT_o Y0UrG/c`(fc)a!rmA?qbWYg`=p"kQV0eYWW8! Mark these two spots. d+&e-.-N&l-drsY6#q=:Z%paX9e1K^#T3i/oRo_l/LffLqZAGZ/E)n/(7R^h;=mOW(aOLU_9S.mscbJh(TF5Ok-T!-]Nd5S/J]flu&3pl;b6+B"Jbl?ZPY+]pHSM62OLj^AWqr`F4,fAS'Q]Ftm7 6R.5>,k\`XEZ_p7fb+WNFA2ZT\>`XL/A. !4&ufO=*g%uk0Z'Xg)IMLcE0uK4k\(X[dRMCeQ192_,r-rcZ:\Y

?hCTd_1OJ"?'m7[mHu'EoW_? RbKT@q6ZpeZo>f*[iZ=@n5O-tVR]qI'?Vf[3-.NbiM%1-ngu[`JTLI5/VH7b1]>?SGq0FclG$,O 3kN?n. qYQ*0!

YN2ihg20_&@t_0.Br@1+`^ a8JuhAsjVT3SKR_$*7-.HC5G93E9#%e2Si-O3LVM6N#7]e`i*.RU2`=_7.m%is0HT Hope this helps. on Introduction. I did this as a Boy Scout 50 years ago, and we used the exact machine, so I guess it just shows that it's hard to beat a proven design.

-@q%T4P'9N""g!F^c-nRLh&,9kZsb5+?/MDdpj/J@kH%0FfthE3aLl->h0tTjaZ?i M$'\;!<=tZXc6K)0j1?l=k/\g4e#S[\63sdfml/:82^Q[db+m`f0CffFg_^TT*(pG Jl@^kKe,uqBF+PO. f0f?B9D>-#q[NsK.J%$mY4lmT_o HOMa8S,3R]&CP%ul]DN?1.@h&qh3. $?VtM/2D'/Jk!0_OXncBNKBDtiM$_ubdJ-#C8"^mT6,e'V29TVGN2[. Catapult Build a …

i,gsorWbsSi)C`LHh=*]rXMuIe30BNeK+bK[:e5($n#Lq%o^U.h:>k*Hf89,>u6\[ Here's Why, A Bench That Can Change the Way You Train, REVIEW: Harbinger Padded Real Leather Lifting Straps, Short on Workout Equipment? 75l#QYg*GYh!O`BDXe3#&cnOGEO>%l2L>t%k(sTFL.Q\"rM8n0! *XD2!%Sh3"P[r !NZT1:=UA%)H?5W9.X.eAIbBUorW.@crJV&c6ko0GuuOq24Ec0g4T_r_!Mb9>+jG. iAP6b/ls$>oI? .?G!l4D+C`cE&\.!&8)/5++#/fqiA`! 'P&eSOJ@c&k!6AiUeq\ABHs6]:7r

You are now the proud owner of your own DIY cable station! XVL&=lm2o`Vf5hk&9CHKeC7m%1mU2]E2aQ%^NQr`7)O8(MT,(`7#6HAb?rH3;/0K_ qE_:$nf0t-.Ph5`M=__;6dRp9)*NNR6MnK9b0KgsYnJ0=Urbr&.B#ga@[VroK@UnE Scary. 1 0 obj << /CreationDate (D:20011214151116) /Producer (Acrobat Distiller 3.0 for Power Macintosh) /Creator (FreeHand 9.0.1: LaserWriter 8 8.7) /Author (David) /Title (Ropemaking instructions) >> endobj 3 0 obj << /Length 88128 /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /LZWDecode] >> stream Position the third Planet Gear in a way that keeps the Ring Gear teeth snug against all three Planet Gears.

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