In searching for an alternative to geese, straight-up Muscovy ducks were first tried, but they react against the forced feeding, so the idea of Muscovy cross-breeds was hit upon. The Silver Appleyard duck is a breed of domestic duck developed in the 1940s. Duck They are very beautiful and closely resemble wild Mallards in coloration. The resultant females are valued for their large breasts; the males are valued for foie gras production, because the males are larger and hardier, making them better able to stand up to the forced feeding (“gavage”), and the female livers are often veined, causing them to get downgraded. Because the Muscovy duck is actually a different species,”Cairina moschatvs Anas platyrynchos”, from all other ducks, the offspring is sterile and can’t breed other offspring. In Europe and in Asia many mule ducks are produced because of their large size, quality liver and reduced fat content in the carcass. [1] It was used chiefly as a roasting bird; though it produced 35 to 125 eggs a year, there were other breeds which were more reliable egg-layers with higher production. Rouen duck is a very old breed of domestic duck originating in France sometime before the 19th century. This is a fast growing, feed efficient duck. Mule Ducks are bred for several reasons. There’s another bonus, though: as the feathers are white, when the carcasses are plucked there’s no sign of black or pigmentation where the pin feathers were — Chinese consumers prefer a cleanly plucked duck carcass with no black marks. Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada. Poultry If you cross a Pekin male with a Muscovy female, the offspring are called hinnies, which are not grown commercially like mules.

And A Mallard Female? Pigeon Silver Appleyard duck is pretty rare in the United States today.

They were included in the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association in 1874 and since then have won many titles, often having the most entries in the heavyweight class and doing well in competition with other breeds. Sitemap

Rouen ducks. There is a blue cross-stripe on their wings. The French version resembled a larger than average Mallard, but by selective breeding, the British developed the exhibition-type Rouen. Description.

The plumage coloring of both the Rouen drake and the Rouen duck are nearly identical to that of the Mallard drake and Mallard duck. Ostrich And the miniature version of this duck breed is called the Miniature Appleyard, which was developed by Tom Bartlett of Folly Farm in the 1980s. It is created from a cross between a male Muscovy (aka Barbary) duck, and a female from another duck breed.

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