Buckner, Phillip. [57] While recovering, she was visited by her brother Prince Leopold. [15], Following his visit to Quebec, William was stationed in the West Indies. He was an unquestioning follower of English customs; to him, afternoon tea apparently was one of the foundation stones on which the Empire rested, and it was largely due to his persistence that our porter was impressed with the imperative necessity of its punctual daily appearance. [101], Elizabeth II's sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon conducted seven official tours of Canada, as well as three private working tours of Canada from 1951 to 2000[101] Two of her private working tours were conducted in relation to her role as patron of the Princess Margaret Hospital. I developed a technique, adapted to the environment of a moving railway car; a kind of hawk-like swoop of the pen, which touched the paper lightly for an instant and was off again before a blot or juggle could interrupt the line. Cuba  was blockaded by the American fleet; but Knight hired a sail boat and made the captain run the blockade to within a mile or so of the coast near the mouth of Havana Harbour, which was as near as the captain would venture. She did not make another public appearance until April 1880. together in peace and friendship, and prays that they may continue to be united DOI: http://doi.org/10.21039/rsj.139. which must have rather surprised the Royal visitors. But not even pouring rain could dampen the ardor of the vast crowds. up for the occasion. The 2011 royal tour of Canada was the first time Prince William, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visited Canada as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Alfred was stationed at Royal Naval Dockyard, Halifax from time to time between 1878 and 1883, as Commander of the Royal Navy's North Atlantic Squadron. The usual crowd had gathered to see the royal train pass, and had experienced the usual disillusion that followed the cheering that had greeted us my mistake. The ceremony on Parliament Hill attracted a great crowd, most of whom could see what was going on only from a distance.

The Prince is greeted by Māori at Rotorua in 1920. favourite theme. On landing, he was seized by a Spanish patrol, which was waiting for him, and marched to Morro Castle, where he was confined as a spy until released by the interventions of the British Consul. Where are you staying! from the station gave vent to a song of welcome, the unrestrained vigour of During his time there, he attended a royal reception, and inaugurated a park. South African Historical Journal 41, no. We all know them better now, as King and Queen, after twenty-five years; difficult years alike for royalties and for peoples.The Ottawa celebration was a happy mixture of dignified ceremonial and friendly intimacy. [50] Lorne was formally sworn in as the Governor General in Province House, Halifax, before they proceeded towards the capital, in Ottawa. Queen Mary's Album volume 7, RCIN 230142-230168. of the Maoris are true words – the words of a generous and chivalrous people, They charged at him:  he grabbed tripod and camera and ran; this attracted the attention of some of the elk in the other section of the park, who in turn gave chase when he appeared on their side. The couple toured New Brunswick; after the Princess and Duke arrived at Fredericton's Union Station on 6 November, they were there greeted by both Lieutenant Governor David Laurence MacLaren and hundreds of well-wishers,[102] and moved on to tour the University of New Brunswick, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Legislative Assembly Building. [64] As the period of court mourning for Queen Victoria's death had not yet expired during their time in Canada, public balls, banquets, and levees planned for the royal tour were cancelled, with only official dinners, concerts, receptions, and reviews taking place. [13] Prince George of Wales (later George V) was stationed in the Maritimes in 1882 as a midshipman on HMS Cumberland. was on the royal visit to Rotorua, with thousands from iwi all over the country "Photographs of HMS Ophir, 1901." “I say,” he asked as the autumn drew on, “can’t you get up a revolution over here in Central America, or a show of some kind in the West Indies, where it’s warm. Accessed 20 December 2017. http://www.dreadnoughtproject.org/tfs/index.php/Alfred_Leigh_Winsloe. In 1945, Edward sought the appointment as the Governor General of Canada, although failed to obtain it. I was in the city of Quebec, as a special newspaper artist on the tour through Canada of their royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, the present King George and Queen Mary. This was quickly and quietly done, and a cheer went up from the people massed on the street and the slope of the hill. Under steady rain, bunting sagged and colors ran, flags drooped, millinery and silk hats became bedraggled, and thousands of dripping umbrellas blocked the view. Piquant was Hector Garneau, of La Patrice, grandson of the historian of Canada, of whose monumental work he later produced the definitive edition.

[117] In this vein, the Queen hosted the return dinner for Eisenhower at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.

They then proceeded towards Medicine Hat, Regina, and Brandon, before concluding their tour in Toronto and Ottawa. However, nearing the end of the 20th century, such occasions took on the added dimension of a theme; for instance, the 2005 tour of Saskatchewan and Alberta by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was deemed to be a vehicle for the Queen and Canadians to honour "The Spirit of Nation Builders. [66], The Canadian portion of the 1901 royal tour began 16 September 1901, when the RMS Ophir arrived in Quebec City. [143][144], In 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their children, Prince George of Cambridge, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, conducted an official tour of British Columbia and Yukon, visiting Victoria, Vancouver, Bella Bella, Kelowna, Whitehorse, Carcross, and Haida Gwaii. 'Ophir' 23rd March, 1901 ... Photographs taken for the Orient Line." Royal Studies Journal, 5(1), 55–81. Sydney Prior Hall sketches in 'Voyages of HMS Ophir 1901-2 and HMS Medina 1911-12', RCIN 3094-31081. He was already familiar with Western Canada, having accompanied the Marquis of Lorne on his journey across the prairies in 1881, when he made some very interesting drawings for his paper. delegations to London London: George Allen and Unwin, 1959. [28] The welcome reception the Prince of Wales received set the pattern for other welcome receptions during the royal tour, which typically included an official address at a levee, and a formal ball held in the Prince of Wales' honour. The weather, too, was decidedly unpleasant, and this, combined with the curtailment of the programme, took off much of the éclat of the royal visit to Quebec and Montreal. ...A guard of honour of about 100 of the [154] Prior to their first public appearance, reports had surfaced in 2016 that Harry visited Meghan at her home in Toronto; who was residing in the city from 2011 to 2017 in order to film the television series Suits. danced & made weird noises at me!! William's first visit to the colonies was during his command of HMS Pegasus, a command he was given on 10 April 1786. [101] In 1967, she returned to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to celebrate Canada's centennial in 1967. Buckle, G. E. "Wallace, Sir Donald McKenzie (1841-1919).' September 1901 Archives of the Canadian Rockies Vaux collection . Marie, and took a three-day canoe trip down the Nipigon River to fish and hunt with two Ojibwa guides. [75], While serving as the Governor General, the Duke inaugurated the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, and laid the cornerstone for the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Regina,[76][77] and for the new Provincial Library at the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. The first, which travelled generally about half-an-hour in advance of the royal train proper, carried the Countess of Minto, wife of the Governor-General, and her party, Sir Wilfred Laurier and his two secretaries and Mr. Joseph Pope, Under Secretary of State. Steel, Frances.

324-348. A glance at it, and “Good, d__n good. carrying their taiahas, which accompanied the procession, made a very imposing One of the photographers attached to our party one day wandered into the park to take some pictures. Thereafter, whenever our eulogies of Canada verged upon the flamboyant, the Englishman would cock an eye and say, “Snow in the wheat fields again”.Among the correspondent’s little groups of convivial personalities naturally formed themselves, whose intimacy, in some cases, led to lasting friendships. His engaging personality won all hearts. Ge, won’t dey ‘ave de belly-ache”! Apparently they became excited by the strange black apparatus: field photography then was a cumbrous and lengthy operation compared to what it is today. "Imagining the Great White Mother and the Great King: Aboriginal Tradition and Royal Representation at the "Great Pow-wow" of 1901." I was, and still am, somewhat proud of this feat, and it quite set me up to have Prior and Pearse sit and watch with admiring amusement my graphic gymnastics as the car rolled and swayed through the Rockies.

Stroud, Gloucestershire: Amberly, 2011. [104], The Queen also journeyed to New Brunswick to celebrate the province's bicentennial in 1984, touching down, along with Prince Philip, at Moncton airport on 24 September, from where the royal party travelled to Shediac, Sackville, Riverview, and Fredericton over the course of three days. and to strengthen each other in the works of peace... 4. [79] In addition to Canada, he also visited Newfoundland, a separate dominion of the British Empire in 1914. It was the 15th of September, 1901. Stout fences enclose the whole preserve with a similar fence running at right angles to the railway, separates that part of the park occupied by the buffalo from that given over to the elk.

[53], They undertook an official tour of Eastern Canada from mid-May 1879, touring Montreal during Victoria Day, awarding prizes to officer cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston.

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