Ruger LCP II problem (image courtesy JWT for

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is, however, serrated. It’s not a range gun, and should not be treated as such. Puts me in mind of an aquantantice of mine who was looking at a Beretta .25 auto one day in a local pawn shop. This keeps the thumb from flagging in front of the muzzle, as well as completes a very tight grip all the way around the firearm. Like the magazine release, good design has made what could have been a disaster an easy and natural process, for right-handed people.

The Ruger LCP II. That is why double-action triggers are so heavy on rimfire revolvers. It covers the trigger guard of the pistol and has a hook and sticky material to stay secure in your pocket so it is easy to draw the pistol from your pocket without bringing the holster with it.

I had to lock the slide and take the mag out to clear the gun (the spent shell was partially out).

ruger lcp 2 problems, ruger lcp ii 22lr problems, ruger lcp ii problems, ruger lcp ll problems, ruger lcp problems, ruger lcp2 22lr problems, ruger lcp2 problems, ruger lcpii problems. Just too many people having issues for me. If SR-22 is a Honda Civic, the LCP is a Smart Car. The trigger pull on most .380 autos is exceptionally long and gritty. It is considerably lighter and smoother than the original LCP and other comparable .380 pistols, and it also features the Glock-style bladed safety that must first be depressed in order for the trigger to be pulled. It's particularly interesting that your problems begin around the 70th round mark. Soon she won’t be able to manage her LCP and she’ll need to choose a larger firearm, or a smaller caliber.

Pictured is sanded down vs follower vs stock. Light primer strikes were the reason for my concern. The 9mm EZ is a better answer.

Not a good gun wouldn’t recommend for safety.

This time, after lightly lubricating the gun with CLP, I had no issues until about round 150.

I have a Ruger Security 9mm but got expensive to practice with so bought a LCP 2 22lr.

You might ask why this gun exists in .22LR. It’s never going to be as reliable as a centerfire pistol, not just due to the rimfire priming, but because a heeled bullet is not as good with feeding as a non-heeled design. From not firing at all, to not being able the shot one clip this out double stacks. Let’s find out by comparing it to the original LCP. WAY more accurate than it should be at 15yds (Palm size groups for 8 rnds). Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This issue I am having is that when you seat a magazine with the slide locked back, using the same or less force than is required for my LCP Custom or Glock 43, the top bullet in the magazine is rising up just enough that the round will not chamber. One video shows some trigger problems and the … Ok.

Because everyone needs an unreliable pocket carry gun chambered in .22LR.

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JavaScript is disabled. This is a four star gun that meets the needs of a lot of shooters, if it runs right. I love the feel of the LCP, but I hate shooting it in .380 — the .22 is awesome though. When it came back from Ruger it was even worse.

Classic Firearms has some used Italian police pistols for sale right now. I've shot it enough to know that mine is reliable.

Now you can get to just enjoying this little pistol. The solution is simply to tuck the support thumb down onto the textured front of the trigger well.

Unfortunately, each of these pistols and others in their class suffer from a number of serious flaws. It’s not just the reduced weight. Women would come by my store complaining how they hated the original LCP. A beautifully made pistol and was tremendously accurate. Are LCPs common as an easy pocket carry BUG in that setting? Reliability * It's particularly interesting that your problems begin around the 70th round mark.

The sights on the LCP II are built into the top of the slide like its predecessor.

He clearly got lemons, too bad.

Again, nice review. Late last year, for the first time, Ruger released the LCP line in something other than .380 ACP. Tried Remington Golden HV but had 2 misfires per 10 rounds in a box of 100.

In this review, we will cover the disadvantages of the .380 pistol that the LCP II sought to remedy, what makes the LCP II an improvement over the original LCP, and the uses for and specifications of the LCP II. I like them both, but the LCP is easier to pocket carry.

Rad Man, I own an SR22 and really like that little guy. The Ruger LCP didn’t make the first .380 ACP pocket pistol. I hope these reliability issues get sorted out, because the LCP II in .22LR has a lot going for it.

There are two primary uses for the LCP II: concealed carry and/or as a back-up pistol. . You need the mag loader assist (included) or a couple of bandages for sliced fingers. I have considered calling Ruger CS but I have a friend who wants it knowing the problems it has and that might be simpler, at least for me. Little .22 pistols are a hoot and many people enjoy them.

But despite those advantages, .380 pocket pistols have also been plagued by a number of downsides. One could argue that you should wait a year or two before you buy a newly released firearm from Ruger. It’s a smart design, focusing on finger-friendly geometry to make up for tiny controls.

MSRP: $349 (about $320 retail).

Regarding #2 - many LCP owners need to do what I recommended.

I hope the reliability gets fixed, because if it does, the LCP II in .22LR turns a great pistol into a great pistol line. The packing slip said they replaced barrel and slide lock, and fired three types of ammo - 36 rounds each with no malfunctions. There’s a relatively wide and smoothed out section of the grip just above the magazine release.

Just got one… every time I fire a shot the safety comes ON!!! And that’s how I got my second “Original” LCP.

Ruger has proven that you don’t need to have an arduous and gritty trigger pull on a .380 auto and it’s likely that more manufacturers will now follow their lead. Ruger LCP II 25 yard group (image courtesy JWT for Your email address will not be published. Your hands are HUGE. Damned if they did, damned if they didn’t. After first 200 rounds reliably got very good. Even little bitty 22s. The 10-round magazine sits well below the line of the grip, and is required to get even two fingers on the grip of the gun. I sold the pistol after about 100 rounds. I have the Gen 2 LCP and I begin to have problems aorund the 80th round, stovepipe & failure to eject. While larger .380 pistols such as the Walther PPK/S, Walther PK380, Bersa Thunder 380, and Glock 42 don’t have this problem, the truly small pocket pistols such as the LCP and TCP most certainly do. I switched again to Aguila’s 40gr lead solid and Herter’s 36gr Plated Hollow Point, but the same issues persisted. There are also .32acp versions of the Beretta. In your opinion, if the gun’s action was DAO, would that cure the light strikes? Seated off a bag at 25 yards, the Federal Premium Target 40gr solid cartridge scored an average of 3.6″ groups for five rounds over four shot strings. This section is also slightly below the plane of the rest of the grip. I field stripped and cleaned and lubed the gun again, and experienced the same issues shooting CCI Mini Mags and CCI Standard Velocity, at about the 100 round mark.

The original Ruger LCP has been perhaps the most well-known and popular .380 pocket pistol since it was first introduced in 2008.

Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! The original Ruger LCP has been perhaps the most well-known and popular .380 pocket pistol since it was first introduced in 2008. No part of the grip is rubberized or soft, but the aggressive and almost complete texturing of all of the grip surfaces means that the pocket pistol won’t snag when being pulled from said pocket, but also locks firmly in the hand for rapid shots at close range. BUT… THE SAFETY COMES ON!!

A range session feels like driving a Lego through my hand. Really? There's a guy on Youtube ( Havok Arms) that has posted a couple of videos on some problems with the new LCP II. I'll post back after I get it back. We did exactly that and Ruger had a new LCPII in .22LR and three new magazines out to us within just a couple of weeks. I could carry a reliable/accurate 22, but I will pass on this gun. Using several different ammunition types, including Aguilla, Wolf, a few different CCI loads, and Federal Premium’s Target line, I had quite a few failures to feed and failures to fire. Height: 4″ There were also .32 acp versions of the CZ83. Ruger LCP II problem (image courtesy JWT for At under 200 rounds, I gave up shooting standing and sat down to shoot the groups listed above.

Ruger LCP II in box.

rimfire goodness, the venerable and versatile .22LR.

But if it were me, I think I would have tried an LCP rather than gone immediately to the Glock.

But that’s not a “tip up” action (only the Model 86 Cheetah had that). My only complaints are the terrible sights and sharp edged mags.

Sights: Integral

But, I’m wondering why Ruger would produce this pistol when it already sells the diminutive SR22. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Mark Twain. Required fields are marked *.

I like .22, run 4-5,000 rounds a year but its because its fun and cheap, not because its a self defense round.

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