He is an active and contributing member of numerous other RUST communities.

All advices and news on this niche will be posted here. If possible, use anti-rust paint to prevent any future damage.

Allows players to buy, spawn and recall: Boat, RHIB, Sedan, HotAirBalloon, MiniCopter and CH47 etc.. To drive, simply use the WASD keys. 1440 = 24 Hours, Understand that this variable alone will not prevent decaying for all items in the server, This is a large dynamic change to the way in which the game is played, The tool cupboard decay upkeep may be disabled, but tool cupboards will continue to use resources inside of them on each ‘tick’.

Inside, however, will result in 10x the decay time.

Before you get to work, get a plastic sheeting, painter’s tape, sandpaper, wax, a microfiber cloth, body filler, touch up paint (also known as clear coat) and base paint (base coat).

But if you let it be for long, you will find yourself at the worst stage, and you will need to replace parts of the car to fix it. Get rid of that horrible rust damaging your car.

If decay upkeep is disabled, the server will revert to the previous system. The mixture of these two elements will create rust and slowly decay any metal surface that it can find.

An unlucky crash at a crucial moment can lead to huge losses.

See below for information on how to join and check out the devblog here. At least one of each of the 5 parts is required for the engine to function. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Decay is prevented by building a Tool Cupboard and filling it with materials which are consumed over time. Fuel Tank Vehicle ModuleThis is a dual module tank which will be used for transporting fuel in the future.

Crafting Cost250 metal frags250 wood5 HQM. Below is an initial look at what there is to know.

The Minicopter has a maximum of 750 hitpoints.

Players or clans should plan to have a lot of low-grade fuel available when flying often.

Here’s an initial look at Vehicles from Puddy! Think that would be near 7.5 days. If a certain part of your base has been partly decayed, then you need to repair it with the resource used to create it. Crafting Cost250 metal frags5 HQM100 wood. If you accidentally roll you’re vehicle, pushing will be an option.

Decay makes no sense for vehicles and helis. Vehicles will set landmines off (and it causes quite a bit of damage), Locking and ownership are planned (hopefully before release), © Rustafied 2020VIP | Support | Terms | Privacy.

The RUST decay upkeep variable.

It does a great deal of damage pretty quickly, so it’s in your best interest not to get hit by a car.

You can do it at your home by yourself for little money. When it comes to vehicles in Rust, there are 3 varieties of chassis to choose from: small, medium, and large. On the chassis go the modules.

Crafting Cost250 metal frags8 HQM100 wood. Take a good look at your car and check for rust spots. This game mechanic prevented bases from decaying rapidly.

Thanks in advance. Prior to the Building 3.0 release, if doors within the tool cupboard’s radius were opened, it would reset decay timers for the entire building area. It is the consequence of two of the most common things that surround us all: air and water.

You can also pull modules off vehicles and store them like any other item in your inventory. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unless the server configuration has been saved, the decay upkeep variable will no longer be in effect when the server restarts. Armored Cockpit Vehicle ModuleThis single module provides extra protection for the driver and passenger. Also, you can research and craft low and medium quality parts (high quality can only be purchased). Decay. The mixture of these two elements will create rust and slowly decay any metal surface that it can find. Now that the vehicle is repaired and you’ve loaded in your engine parts, you just need to fuel her up and get going. This new deployable can be purchased or researched / crafted. Possession of a valid key is required to enter any car with a lock.

Below are all the parts (click then hover over the image for more information - all subject to change).

5/18 Update - The Vehicles Testing branch is live! I've asked same in different area but depends on if your asking from player or admin standpoint I guess.

Some servers (mostly low population) like to opt out of the decay system to make the game more friendly to new players / roleplayers / casuals. Changing the decay time of structures should be done by changing the deploy_maxhealth_sec setting. Player built buildings will continue to decay “from the outside in”, meaning the innermost layer of a building will be the last to decay. Also, you can repair via the vehicle lift (see below). If not located inside a base, it will decay in 8 hours and if it is inside a base, it will despawn after 36 hours (see 3 July 2020 decay changes) . If you own a car, there is a silent killer to be aware of. There are different levels of rust.

Once you’ve got it down, simply drive a vehicle onto it and you’re good to start modifying.

And parts of a car are no different. Here’s a bunch of vehicle variants which are now possible. If you’re looking to find a no-upkeep/no decay server, you’ll want to look for those keywords in the server’s title or description. As it stands, vehicles will decay in 216 minutes (a little over 3.5 hours) when left outside.

By the time it’s gotten serious, it has penetrated big holes in the car and it’s going to need to be replaced. Here's reply I got from helpful person https://www.reddit.com/r/playrustadmin/comments/hm8bei/is_there_a_way_to_modify_vehicle_decay/, But if your asking how long do cars take to decay 36h inside from full health. Similar to minicopters, vehicles spawn randomly near roads. Stupid. Stupid. If you treat it on time you can repair it without sending your car for an expensive trip to a repair shop.

If a structure has already collapsed, it is not repairable and must be rebuilt. 5/15 @ 5:00pm EST - The team at Facepunch has provided certain content creators exclusive access this weekend to the upcoming modular vehicles in Rust! In Devblog 191, a new base decay indicator has been added to the Status UI. If you have found that the rust has gotten into the metal, use the body filler to fill the gaps.

The pilot seat is behind the passenger seat. Player constructed buildings will fall into a specific tax bracket, based on the number of connected blocks (or the total block count) and will be taxed at a fraction of the total upgrade costs of that base.

Rust: How to repair and upgrade a Modular Vehicle Before you can drive off with a Modular Vehicle, you’ll need to repair its engine.

Open to use free or paid plugin if you know of any that work.

So you’ve got a vehicle, now how do you modify it? As of 7/2/2018, there is no setting to disable this UI component. Is there a way to extend the vehicle decay? Now that your vehicle is repaired, you’ll need some engine parts. To refuel while flying you hold down ALT to Freelook and look back at the Fuel Tank. If this is they way to do do you know what min decimal point possible aka .02 work?

To answer the question on everyone's mind: Yes, you can run people over. Maxhealth controls how much damage will be dealt per second. And, in case you were wondering, you can go full blown tank mode by wearing heavy armor while driving this bad boy.

Crafting Cost250 metal frags100 wood5 HQM. The Minicopter can be bought from the helicopter vendor in Bandit Camp for 750 Scrap. Open to use free or paid plugin if you know of any that work. Low quality engine parts can be found in junk piles and roadside monuments. Once you have everything in place, put plastic sheeting over the healthy parts of your car and tape it to avoid any movement. If you have spotted rust on time, you will have no problem fixing it.

Decay is a feature added to the game because of the massive amounts of player-made structures on the map, which the servers can't handle.

Players may still push a car without a key.

Vehicles run on low grade fuel (accessed in the rear) - no word on if diesel will be added into the mix in the future.

Examples below: decay.scale 0.5 = 50% decay rate decay.scale 1.0 is normal decay rate decay.scale 0 is off - no decay. In order to work, the minicopter needs Low Grade Fuel which can be placed inside the Fuel Tank, located behind the driver seat. Set to 0 to completely nullify decay damage near a tool cupboard.

The command console will then display the following upon success: Note: Don’t forget to save any modifications you make in the command line to your server’s configuration file (server.cfg). The first thing you will do is clean the damaged surface with wax.

However, the values for these variables are not straight forward to set.

Found with a semi-random selection of modules equipped, each vehicle will need repairs, fuel, and engine parts prior to being drivable (more on that below).

At the moment, for testing, there will be about 50 vehicles per 4k map (expect this to change).

Now, decay.scale will manage player crafted deployables and decay upkeep will manage only player built buildings.

The Minicopter uses 1800 Low Grade Fuel per hour or 30 per minute of flight.

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