Lynn asks them why the assault plan is so drastically different from the original plan and Audrey tells him about the new intelligence Jack gave them. Audrey was reluctant, but Lynn insisted arguing that her personal relationship with Jack could allow her to connect with Diane. Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore. During the afternoon, Lynn's key card was stolen by his sister Jenny and her boyfriend. Chloe complies and he hangs up the phone. Logan took Lynn to task for the failure of the mission. Lynn then walked into the Situation Room where Bill Buchanan, Audrey Raines and Chloe O'Brian were meeting. After he stopped the flow of the nerve gas, Lynn ordered Curtis' team to move in to evacuate the mall. After the raid, Lynn went to the Situation Room where Buchanan apologized to him and told him how if he hadn't found out about Jack's duress code, they would've walked into a trap. Audrey complied and left to meet Diane.

Lynn asked about evacuation scenarios, but Buchanan said it wasn't possible because there was no time-frame and no target.

As Jack went on with the transaction on a parking garage, Lynn and the rest of the staff monitored them from CTU. Angry, Logan accused McGill of being incapable of running CTU and threatened to replace him, if he continued to use excuses for not doing his job. However, Rossler asked for full immunity, unfreezing of his assets, and transportation to a foreign country. Bill told them that the terrorists' canisters could only be activated via satellite, and hence were useless right now, unless they received valid activation codes. High-strung and controlling, McGill had a reputation for firing most of his subordinates soon after taking command of a new office.

"[2], In 2013, film critic Glenn Erickson gave the film a positive review, writing, "Financed as a one-shot project by an agent-turned producer, Ruthless plays its quietly subversive theme right out to the bitter end. Some minutes later, after learning that someone tried to kill Jack at the clinic, Lynn met with Bill and Jack at holding. Later, he fired Carrie Bendis for not mirroring her station quickly enough. "[3],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 19:10. As they left, Lynn stood up and returned to CTU. Security escorts Lynn to a holding cell, after Curtis Manning relieves Lynn of his duties. Plot’s denouement is also telegraphed long before the finale. As the terrorists drove to an unknown location, CTU heard Jack say that they had one of the canisters with them. Jack excused himself and headed to CTU medical clinic. "He may be in charge, Bill, but he's not in control." Buchanan insisted that he should disregard the order, arguing it was his responsibility to ignore anything that jeopardized the search of the nerve gas. Instead, Audrey convinced both Edgar and Chloe to help her forge the tipoff so it would appear to come from Lynn. When Lynn asked what were they doing to trace the canisters, Chloe told him she had pulled Erwich's voice-print from his previous call to Cummings and was scanning all sat-com frequencies for a match. After some hesitation, Logan authorized them to go on with their plan. They listened to Jack answering, as Erwich gave him a meeting place to exchange for the chip. Bill ordered a lockdown, and then an evacuation, but was too late to stop the attack. Jack gave them the location of the Sentox canisters at the Port of Long Beach. Lynn agreed and told him that he thinks Palmer was about to expose that plot. When Jack arrived at CTU, Lynn introduced himself and told him he believed in his innocence. ("Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm"). Jenny, who had an addiction problem, wanted some money, and told Lynn she had cleaned her life and was working two jobs. Enter your location to see which Sydney Greenstreet, cast as a utilities magnate who’s ousted by Scott, tends to overact. Nerve gas flooded the building, killing 40% of the staff (56 people). Bill told him that Jacob Rossler was killed by his female companion, so now they had to find a new way to reach Erwich. As they waited for feedback from Jack, Lynn received a notification from Division to stop the search for the nerve gas, on orders from the White House. He had also worked once before with Spenser Wolff, who told Chloe that Lynn's management style included slowing down operations and firing 20% of his employees everywhere he was assigned. Collect bonus rewards from our many partners, including AMC, Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club when you link accounts. After dropping him to the floor, Dwayne took his wallet and stole some money and Lynn's CTU key card. At this point, Ivan Erwich called Cummings' while CTU listened, and threatened to use the nerve gas on US soil. Lynn received new casualty estimates from Civil Defense that said each canister could generate a kill zone of 1 to 3 square miles. Buchanan also told Lynn that they put a tracker on the chip to follow it to Erwich. Although Jack wasn't willing to deal, Lynn ordered him to accept since they had no time. Realizing that Jack was leading the CTU TAC team to an ambush, he ran down to the Situation Room just as the raid was about to start, and ordered Buchanan to abort it. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm") After entering, he went into a corner to straighten his tie and his suit, and wipe the blood from his mouth. As they kept on following them, they realized that the terrorists' target was the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall. Lynn then asked Jack if he would return to CTU, but Jack told him he wasn't sure. See the full list of Ruthless cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. As pressure mounted from the White House to stop the terrorists, he became increasingly erratic and paranoid of his employees' activities, eventually leading Audrey Raines and Curtis Manning to invoke Section 1.12 of the CTU charter and remove him from his post. Lynn, who can't believe that someone close to the President would approve this, argues that an investigation on the President and his people would take months.

Buchanan apologized, but assured him his advice still stood. He called the White House to inform everything was on track. This prompted Lynn to double check the transcripts for any incongruities. As he is doing so, he finds a few items he wants to clarify so he calls Chloe. Lynn argues that Jack being out of contact for so long is suspicious so he asks Bill to send him the transcripts from every conversation they've held with Jack after the crisis started. Chloe then sent the playbook to his laptop. When Audrey tells him about the mitigating evidence of Chloe's testimony on Jack's favor, Lynn insists that the situation is still too complicated and that Jack needs to be brought back to CTU. Audrey Raines, "Day 5: 3:00pm-4:00pm" Lynn McGill was a high-ranking official at Division, sent to oversee operations at CTU Los Angeles during the Sentox nerve gas crisis on Day 5. As Lynn was heading to the Situation Room, he received a call from his sister, Jenny, shortly after 1:00pm. Sign up for a FANALERT® and be the first to know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area. He also insisted on taking his sex slave, a 15-year old called Inessa Kovalevsky, with him as part of a deal to help CTU catch Ivan Erwich. Lynn then went with Jack to an office to debrief him. Lynn briefs President Logan, as Jack listens. It has excellent performances by a cast of not-quite big stars, some of them recently relieved of studio contracts.

Directed by Renato De Maria.

Shortly after that, McGill called President Logan to explain how Jack had disobeyed the order to allow the terrorists to release the nerve gas. Lynn then slipped out of the building to meet his sister, Jenny. At around 12:45pm, Jack contacted them with President Logan with the intel from Walt Cummings. When the forensics team at the hangar confirmed that there was nerve gas there, Lynn ordered Edgar to get a trace of the nerve gas so he could trace the manufacturer. However, Jack refused to do so and the terrorists knocked him out. Once Lynn verified with Chloe the intel that Jack gave them, he told her to make sure that the team knew about the contents. After the terrorists got out of their van, Chloe started sending redeployment orders to tactical teams to intercept them. They then started working with a CBP task force that was near the port to recover the canisters. He confessed to Harry Swinton, also trapped in Holding Room 4, that the attack was his fault because he was too embarrassed to report the theft of his key card. Curtis asked if they should intercept them, but Lynn ordered him not to, until they had a visual of the canister. We know life happens, so if something comes up, you can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime.

They then watched through a live feed as the team, led by Agent Finn, stormed the container only to find Schaeffer, Cummings' inside man, tortured and killed, and the canisters missing. Jack then suggested to Lynn and Buchanan that he could pose as Rossler to see if the terrorists led him to the canisters. In fact, the history of his rise from his unhappy broken home shows this to be far from true. President Logan accuses Lynn of incompetence. After he returns to the office, he starts reviewing Jack's phone transcripts. Sometime later, Lynn also approached Audrey Raines and asked him to debrief Diane Huxley. His action allowed Chloe O'Brian to restart the ventilation system and clear the air, ensuring no further loss of life among the survivors. Reluctantly, Lynn agreed to Jack's plan to go to the Presidential retreat and extract information from Walt Cummings. However, he shot himself before he could be captured. Lynn then went upstairs to Bill's office and started settling down. While Jack was in transit, Audrey received a call from James Nathanson, who demanded to be put in touch with Jack. Lynn had a sister, Jenny McGill, who struggled with drug addiction., In his first appearance, when he introduced himself to Chloe, McGill said he was from District. Cast Zachary Scott Horace Vendig Joyce Arling Kate Vendig Louis Hayward Vic Lambdin Edith Barrett Mrs. Burnside Diana Lynn Martha Burnside, Mallory Flagg Sydney Greenstreet Buck Mansfield Lucille Bremer Christa Mansfield Raymond Burr … He then tells her to unlock Volume 5 so he can check some things.

("Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am"). Although Curtis didn't seem comfortable with that position, Jack insisted it was their only shot and added he was in a "flank 2 position.". ("Day 5: 11:00am-12:00pm").

Lynn gives Jack level 2 security clearance. Picking up on the tactic, Lynn had Bill taken into holding and put a Section 2.3 redundancy into effect, mirroring all stations through his office so that he could keep tabs on things. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm"), During his CTU career, Lynn had previously met Chloe O'Brian at a lecture on memory management, and apparently recognized Bill Buchanan on sight. Lynn (りん, Rin, born June 1) is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with Arts Vision.After involving in the entertainment industry, she made her debut as a voice actress in 2010. Remembering that Jack used the term "flank 2" to give his alleged position, Lynn found out that "flank 2" was a CTU duress term used when Jack was active. The siblings are playing football on the second floor. As they were talking, Jenny's boyfriend, Dwayne Thompkins, came from behind and attacked Lynn. Lynn congratulated Curtis as he informed CTU of the success. Looking for movie tickets? Lynn asked questions about the people who knew he was alive, and about anyone that he might know wanted him dead. When Jenny asked him if he had brought the money, Lynn gave her the phone number a doctor instead, and told her he could pay for it. In episode two of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless, Brian’s wife, Lynn, goes to the Rakudushi compound without telling him, in order to try and find the missing girls, … With the terrorists holding 20 canisters in their possession, the casualties could mount to a million.

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