Sally Rand was born Helen Gould Beck, in Elkton, Mo., Jan. 2, 1904. Later she enrolled in a small college in Missouri and gained a bachelor's degree. Last week I posted some photos by Seymour Snaer from 1939, a couple of which were of Sally Rand’s Nude Ranch from the Golden Gate International Exposition that took place on Treasure Island. See more ideas about Sally, Burlesque, Vintage burlesque. Pendergast Years, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression. Sally Rand, whose fan dance to the strains of Debussy's “Clair de Lune” and Chopin's “Waltz in C Sharp Minor,” created a sensation at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair and helped launch a career that lasted for more than 30 years, died yesterday in Glendora, Calif. She was 75 years old. ID Number . She is survived by her son, Sean, 31, and two grandchildren.

Sally Rand (born Helen Gould Beck; April 3, 1904[3] – August 31, 1979) was an American burlesque dancer, vedette, and actress, most noted for her ostrich feather fan dance and balloon bubble dance.

General Collection (P1), Rand, Sally, Number 10.

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She also performed under the name Billie Beck. Gratefully, Sally Rand…


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Find Sally Rand for sale. Sally Rand (born Helen Gould Beck; April 3, 1904 – August 31, 1979) was an American burlesque dancer, vedette, and actress, most noted for her ostrich feather fan dance and balloon bubble dance.She also performed under the name Billie Beck.

Joining the company, Miss Rand studied dancing, voice and drama, and for a brief time pursued a career in silent films in Hollywood. Her first job in show business was as a chorus girl at a Kansas City nightclub, where she caught the attention of G000dman Ace, then drama critic of The Kansas City Journal. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. All images contained on this tumblr are the property of their respective owners. Her last appearance in Kansas City was April 14, 1978, at a benefit for Historic Kansas City at the Midland Theater. Rand once replaced Ann Corio in the stage show, This Was Burlesque, appeared at the Mitchell Brothers club in San Francisco in the early 1970s and toured as one of the stars of the 1972 nostalgia revue "Big Show of 1928," which played major concert venues, including New York's Madison Square Garden. She danced well into old age, appearing in burlesque retrospectives for decades until her death at the age of 75. She performed the fan dance on film in Bolero, released in 1934.

The Missouri-Kansas Burlesque, the ostrich-feather dance, Chicago World’s Fair, The Kansas City Feminist Who Made June Cleaver, Mary Colter: Madame Architect Extraordinaire. Rights .

Sally Rand, who would eventually immortalize a certain kind of scandalous showbiz, entered the world quite modestly in 1904 as Hattie Helen Gould Beck from Hickory County, Missouri. [21][22], In the early '50s she was traveling with a 17-member troupe around the midwest appearing at state fairs and small theaters. Barcode . An early supporter of her talent was Goodman Ace, drama critic for the Kansas City Journal who saw her performing in a Kansas City nightclub and wrote glowing reviews.

“I remembered my days as a youngster in Missouri when I watched the ducks and the geese and the herons flying south, their wings graceful against the sky.

Missouri Valley Special Collections The rising popularity of bowling leagues led to larger, more modern facilities.

Burlesque, the ostrich-feather dance, Chicago World’s Fair She later said that she created the dance after seeing some moth‐eaten ostrich feathers at a costumer's shop shortly after arriving in Chicago. Locate Sally Rand available to buy here online! Sally Rand - Typed Letter Signed 04/22/1974.

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As a publicity stunt, she thought up the idea of appearing at the concession's preview as Lady Godiva. Ace's praise, in turn, interested Gus Edwards, whose “School Days” juvenile vaudeville company had developed such stars as Eddie Cantor, George Jesse!

Miss Rand died of congestive heart failure, a spokesman at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora said. Jan 24, 2015 - Explore Jacky Miller's board "Sally Rand", followed by 216 people on Pinterest. [5] She also performed in summer stock and traveling theater, including working with a then-unknown Humphrey Bogart.[7]. Portrait of Sally Rand with full body feather fan. Miss Rand, whose figure and face belied her age, continued to perform the fan dance — which she said she had changed “not a whit, not a step, not a feather” — until 1978, when she was first hospitalized for congestive heart failure. Index  |  Works Cited  |  Press & Awards  |  Contact  |, Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression. When her son entered school, she became active in the Glendora, Calif., ParentTeacher Association and continued her civic activities. She appeared on television in March 12, 1957, in episode 13 of the first season of To Tell the Truth with host Bud Collyer and panelists Polly Bergen, Ralph Bellamy, Kitty Carlisle, and Carl Reiner. Her father was a retired Army colonel and her mother a teacher and correspondent for several Kansas and …

She starred in "Sally Rand's Nude Ranch" at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco in 1939 and 1940. He remembered being stressed that she was unprepared and seemed to care more about her costumes than learning her lines, which he admitted were dazzling, to the point that he forgot his own lines during a performance. Deco Feather Sally Rand Huge Dance FAN Las Vegas by sajeeladesign, $229.95, Sally Rand 1933 Police Gazette Journal Cover by LivingLegends1, $50.00, Sally Rand and Martha Graham, Vanity Fair by Miguel Covarrubias, A Pre-Raphaelite Child living in a modern world. Gratefully, Sally Rand. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. She signed on to star in Rain and Little Foxes whose cast also included Karl Malden. “Those ostrich feathers gave me an idea,” she said. In later years, Miss Rand's performance, in which she artfully and strategically twirled two seven‐foot ostrich fans around her nude figure, would come to be described as charming and, despite her youthful figure, devoid of prurience. I'm Me.

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I had wanted to fly like heron and I then thought of a dance that would incorporate their movements.”. Lover of languages, cultures & history.

Sally Rand For Sale. Written by Dory DeAngelo You have a good time while you are in there.”. [20] In an unusual move, the judge viewed her performance at the Savoy and cleared her of all charges after deeming that "anyone who could find something lewd about the dance as she puts it on has to have a perverted idea of morals".

According to local newspaper accounts, Miss Rand's large white feathered fans acted as "a guard to keep too much of mother nature from showing."

For a short time as she worked her way to the west coast, she was employed as an acrobat in the Ringling Brothers Circus. Yet, although it did not seem so at the time, Miss Rand was actually rescuing the sexually provocative dance from the strip‐tease joints and making its derivative forms respectable for the legitimate stage. South Central Business Association Records, P14, Box 1, Folder 14, #9, Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, [4] Her father, William Beck, was a West Point graduate and retired U.S. Army colonel, while her mother, Nettie (Grove) Beck, was a school teacher and part-time newspaper correspondent.

Rand catapulted to superstardom—and controversy—thanks to her leggy displays at events like the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Rand appeared many times in Kansas City and continued dancing with her fans into her 70s, using skillfully placed dark lights and wearing a body suit.

After the introduction of sound films, she became a dancer, known for the fan dance, which she popularized starting at the Paramount Club, at 15 E. Huron, in Chicago.

The resulting sensation reached all the way to Congress. “Her burlesque days were written all over her, especially in her hygiene habits,” wrote Malden in his memoirs. Rand became famous for her risqué burlesque numbers, including her iconic fan dance with ostrich feathers, which alternately shocked and titillated audiences nationwide.

Sally Rand, Whose Fan Dancing Shocked Country, Is Dead at 75. The tour was across Oklahoma and Texas then west toward Washington before returning east.

Reproduction (printing, downloading, or copying) of images from Kansas City Public Library requires permission and payment for the following uses, whether digital or print: publication; reproduction of multiple copies; personal, non-educational purposes; and advertising or commercial purposes. May 8, 1934.".

All images must be properly credited to: "Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, Missouri." Her identity was correctly solved by panelist Robert Q. Lewis.

It was emphatically not viewed that way in the 1930's and 40's, however.

Categories posted in: People. One explanation is that the play misdirected the defense, or in other words, like the dancer herself, the offense was showing more than they actually had.

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