The .338 Lapua Magnum MRAD is for anyone who wants a comfortable, accurate, and smooth long range shooting experience. The AccuTrigger in the Savage 110 Elite Precision is user-adjustable from 1.5 to 4 pounds and is one of the few production rifle trigger designs that’s good enough for competition shooting. The left-folding stock can be adjusted with up to 3-inch length of pull and 1-inch comb height. Minimum length of pull is 14 inches and maximum length of pull is 15½ inches. Every detail of the rifle’s design was built with a singular goal in mind – winning matches. Enter: Savage Arms 110BA Stealth 338 LAP Rifle. The Savage 110 BA Stealth retails for $1,622 and has a street price closer to $1,200. Combine this with Savage’s bolt-nut system – which allows for very precise headspacing – and you can see why the 110 action is inherently accurate. Another great upgrade for the long-range shooter is the 60 degree throw of the bolt. This is especially true during the colder months when heavy outer garments can obstruct access to a traditional waistline holster. The short-action models are topped with a self-timing taper aligned muzzle brake that provides a consistent recoil pulse and reduces muzzle rise and all feature twist rates that are designed to glean the most accuracy out of high-BC bullets for each individual caliber. below, to find the closest FFL Dealer in your area.

Overall weight of the Savage 110 Elite Precision rifle is 12.6 pounds in short action and 14.95 pounds in long action. Shortly after the Elite Precision rifle was announce to the public, Team Savage shooter Scott Satterlee won the Best of Texas Production Class Precision Rifle Series match held February 8 and 9 in Navasota, Texas, with an Elite Precision rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. By doing this, you are reserving both the current advertised price and your position in line to receive the item from our next available shipment. The 110 BA performs comparably with those guns at a fraction of the cost. Envoi Rapide et conforme à la commande (Comme d'habitude). To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. VENTE UNIQUEMENT EN FRANCE METROPOLITAINE, Bombe de défense TW1000 PEPPER FOG - JET poivre OC, Matraque téléscopique - Tonfas - Menottes, Pistolet d'alarme UMAREX - Beretta . This trigger has a safety blade that feels more like a dual trigger system with a range of 2 to 5 pounds. In the 1980s and late 90s, the .338 Lapua bullet was designed for military snipers. With a sighting system and other add-ons, you can expect a 20 plus pound gun. The version I tested used the MDT 10 round magazine. And just to church things up a bit, Savage also put a gold-­colored titanium nitride (TiN) coating on the bolt lugs. |   The 110 BA mechanically does a good job of recoil management but the poor buttstock leads to more felt recoil than needed. Brevet des Métiers d'Art, Nos munitions de chasses dans les plus grandes marques et aux meilleurs prix Like basically every other component of this rifle, the Ruger Marksman trigger system can be adjusted or replaced. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. The bolt handle is oversize for smooth cycling and the receiver is topped with a 20-MOA top rail that makes mounting optics easy and secure. This is not the first time Savage has used the AICS-­pattern magazine, and it appears that as their relationship with MDT grows, the use of these magazines will continue to proliferate its product line. The weight is considerable at 14.8 pounds. This weapon would also make an inexpensive and dependable rifle for military snipers.

I would also recommend getting a new buttstock (if you’re getting the GLR-16 version). you will be notified automatically via email

88300 Neufchâteau FRANCE, Armurier professionnel agréé Before the AccuTrigger debuted, production rifles invariable had heavy triggers that prevented accidental discharges under impact but also severely limited accuracy potential.

The design makes use of bilateral paddle-style magazine releases.

Click HERE to login. Snipers have said that prior to using the MRAD, their previous rifles were just out of reach, resulting in other tactics used to take out the enemy.

This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. The force generated by the rifle felt no stronger than a .308 Winchester, despite firing a much larger bullet. For others, the debate goes on. The 110 BA has a barrel length of 24” with an overall length of 45 3⁄8-inches to 48 1⁄2-inches. A free-floating barrel means that the barrel doesn’t touch any other part of the gun except the receiver itself. Most Lapua round guns retail for between $4,000-6,000.

Catégorie C - Soumise à déclaration avec envoi de carte d'identité et permis de chasser ou licence de tir FFT ou Ball-Trap en cours de validité.

E-mail your comments/questions about this site For questions/comments about American Rifleman magazine, please You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Rifleman, visit for more information. Two screws loosen to allow lateral cheekpiece movement atop the steel hardware. It offers... SGM Kyle E. Lamb (RET) - October 08, 2020. As mentioned above, the trigger can easily be taken apart easily and requires minimal, if any tools used at all for adjusting. If you’re familiar with the previous model, you might not notice much difference in recoil. By adding this item to your Wish List,

The FFP Reticle Riflescope is also the top choice among tactical shooters and hunters who want a wide magnification range from six and 24 times. It offers a level of customizability – everything from comb height to mass distribution – that top shooters demand. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales, president of Trident Concepts, joins G&A contributor Kimberly Heath-Chudwin to discuss guns, training and gear, including Blackhawk's TecGrip holster that can make pocket carry more successful. Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily 181.00 € 145.95 € Réf : 7245 . One flaw in the design is that the handguard generally comes off-center, which does impact accuracy the further out you go. This makes any range session more comfortable. Just a heads up. Average groups sizes with three different loads (two match and one target load) averaged around 0.5 inches with some three-shot groups measuring under 0.4 inches. Excellent fit and finish are essential for an accurate firearm. Savage’s long 110 action has been available to American shooters for more than six decades, and 110-based rifles have taken on many configurations in the past to suit the needs of today's enthusiast.

Browning . This is the LSS XL chassis from Modular Driven Technologies, commonly known as MDT. Accuracy is crucial in a precision rifle, and the overall consensus on this RPR is that it hits the mark. Nearly every component of this gun can be upgraded, and it is recommended that one of the first changes to make is upgrading the less-than-spectacular pistol grip. For those wondering why someone would want to add steel weights to a rifle, the answer is recoil reduction. This extra-­long forearm protrudes 16½ inches in front of the receiver face, is flat on the bottom and features an ARCA-­Swiss rail machined into its entire length, allowing for a suitably equipped bipod. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. As mentioned above, the muzzle brake of this model makes for easy tuning and absorbs a ton of shock, but the oversized monster is not pretty to look at. The barrel boasts a twist rate of 1 in 9. The FAB Defense GLR-16 Buttstock looks like the sole of a boot, and felt like one too. Part of the Savage 110’s success can be attributed to its floating bolt-head design. As for the bad, the butt-stock was terrible. If you’re looking an effective and reliable long-range sniper, the Barrett MRAD is for you. Probably the best 338 lapua rifle on the list. If you’re new to the AR-30A1, you’re likely to appreciate the manageable recoil. The MRAD has both a magazine feature and bolt action. The RPR .338 Lapua would make a great choice for a beginning competitive precision marksman who is just starting in long-range shooting. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment down below. If we look at the weight of this gun compared to other shorter RPRs, this thing is heavy.

AICS-­pattern magazines are ubiquitous in the competition and tactical bolt-­action rifle world, and there’s a wide selection of both polymer and metal in five-­ and 10-­round capacities. The chassis-style stock for this weapon has long been known for its excellent build and sturdiness, and its design allows for the unimpeded free-floating motion of the barrel.

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