It was a relief that Jung Hoon’s dad turned himself in for bribery. The last line is “Father will surely be back”. I watch and blog dramas on Faithful leader Kang Eun Sil search’s Father Baek’s room and finds flame retardent which explains why he was able to hold the burning book without injury. Wan Tae was arrested.

Even though Wan Tae thought his bribes would help him wriggle from justice. People need to step back and examine things so they don’t get blindly caught up. Sang Mi’s mother, Dong Cheol, Sang Hwan, and Sang Mi converge in Father Baek’s study. He and Sang Hwan were a terrific team.

With Grace facing time behind bars, Nelly vowed to help her by tracking down Paul and pinning Gideon's death on him. Sang Hwan and Man Hee search local nursing homes for his mother but she cannot be located. Sang Hwan turned his back on his disgusting father, redeemed himself and reunited with his mother, who regained her senses.

If there's one big takeaway from Save Me Too, it's that life can be desperately cruel and happily-ever-afters just aren't on the cards for all of us..

Sang Hwan is relieved to learn his mother’s location. I guess justice will have to wait until Eun Sil is surprised when she boards the Grim Reaper’s barge to the underworld (AKA goes to HELL) instead of the “ship of salvation”. Sang Mi’s mother hear’s a woman’s cries from an ambulance outside the cult’s nursing home. She had plunged the kitchen knife into him, seeing red after he refused to pay her the money he had promised. He was prisoned for three years after Sang-hwan refused to testify for an accident he was involved in, and their relationship had become astrain since ever. Sang Mi had to rely on Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan to extract herself from the clutches of the cult. As to kjt’s wish list for this series: That goes for all the minor face injuries a lot of the characters suffered as well didn’t just miraculously fade by the next episode. Sang Mi’s father and Eun Sil watch Father Baek burn. The followers try and block their entrance. COLOR ME SURPRISED : There would NOT have been an Evil trio without her.

This was a satisfying final episode. If there's one big takeaway from Save Me Too, it's that life can be desperately cruel and happily-ever-afters just aren't on the cards for all of us. Serving as the first television series from producer Lee Jae-moon's company Hidden Sequence, it aired on OCN from August 5 to September 24, 2017 for 16 episodes. He orders Dong Cheol throw in the dungeon with the other prisoners. Good message with interesting characters Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I haven’t seen anything like it before. DISTURBING SERIES: Good point. Save Me 2 will premiere on May 8, 2019. She bats his hand away. I LOVE all your comments and will keep my response selective. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Good trumped evil. This drama series is based on the popular Daum webcomic Out of the World (세상 밖으로) by Jo Geum-san.[3].

Jung Hoon got to see his father as fallible but still loved him. I think if they had to leave someone to carry on with their crazy beliefs to reflect how those cults go on in real life, out of the three, I can accept her more than the others as she truly deceived herself out of guilt over her murder of her husband and in a sense, her daughter.

Well said, Justice Jane. ✳ APOLOGIZING IF YOU THINK I’M TOO PREACHY✳, JT – girrrrl! She became mentally unstable after Sang-jin's death, and was locked in a sanitarium owned by the cult. They declare they will live a happy life going forward. His partnership with Dong Cheol was wonderful. Glad you watched and enjoyed Save Me! Head over to our Facebook Group to see new picks every day, and chat with other readers about what they’re watching right now. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. OCN confirmed that Save Me will be back for a second season. – appreciate show’s effort when it came to injuries. I was pleased Dong Cheol’s prison buddy was on Dong Cheol’s side. Dong Cheol gave Sang Hwan the opportunity to save Sang Mi and he did so. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Sang Hwan prevails. Father Baek’s bedroom is a creepy cubby complete with a red cross and candles. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Bake Off's Luis Troyano dies after cancer battle, This Morning's Holly in tears over musical guest, NCIS: LA casts LL Cool J's on-screen daughter, TWD announces first-ever Christmas special, Selling Sunset star has a real tiger in her house, TWD addresses if Rick Grimes is in World Beyond, Don't Rock the Boat viewers are disgusted by this, DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 5 Blu-ray on sale, The Undoing's Kidman talks pressures of ep 2 twist, Dancing with the Stars contestant drops out, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. I liked the ending. Enforcer Wan Tae was captured…FINALLY!

Sang Hwan turned his back on his disgusting father, redeemed himself and reunited with his mother, who regained her senses. ( Log Out /  The final moment between the foursome of friends and Sang Mi’s surprise appearance was the perfect way to indicate they’ll be friends now and in the future.

Father Baek promises Sang Mi she’ll like what they do together.

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) meets his father’s aide who refuses to tell him where his mother is being held. Sang Hwan sees his father tumble and his mother returned. Sang Hwan joins the fight. – Show was diligent about Faux-haired Father’s white locks. The full series is now available on Sky on Demand and NOW TV. I concur with what you taught your son “have faith but to question EVERYTHING, verify it for yourself in the Bible”. the friend of Sang-hwan, whose years of abuse have given him mild superhuman strength and agility, as well as the ablity to withstand pain. That observation made me smile!, I agree Sang Hwan’s “mother’s miraculous recovery was a bit too perfect, but that’s a nitpick.”. While I’m glad that Dong Chul found a way to forgive Sang Hwan – Sang mi’s and Dong Chul’s dad could go take a flying leap in the Han River as far as I’m concerned. That is realistic. Another good point. Sang Mi tries to pierce her father’s brainwashing but to no avail.

Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. She’ll be nice and toasty next to Father Baek and Wan Tae for the rest of eternity … What a lovely trio they will make. 2.


Asian drama fan.

Serving as the first television series from producer Lee Jae-moon's company Hidden Sequence, it aired on OCN from August 5 to September 24, 2017 for 16 episodes. Burn baby burn. She explains that the vision told her to eliminate the church and start over. Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) is turned in by Sang Mi as a traitor per their agreement. And nope, I meant what I said – I hope Sang Hwan’s dad is thrown in prison for LIFE for attempted murder of his wife and other things BUT there is no excuse for the way Dong Chul’s dad tried to tear him down. She bent but she didn’t break.

Sang Hwan worked nonstop to save Sang Mi and his mother. The series ends with Sang Mi’s voice over declaring that she endured the cult because she had hope that one day someone would hear her cries and save her.

The religious cult Goseonwon has most of the county in its grasp, with a large number of followers. It makes sense that his cult-supporting father would stash his mother at the cult.

Sang Hwan’s personal redemption was completed when the Sang Mi was saved, and his parents got their just dues. Sang Mi hopes that if there is a god, that he’s watching them now. (We won’t mention that my every post on ask shows is long winded and preachy on EVERYTHING!

I knew Sang Mi's father wouldn't magically turn sane in the last episode, nor Apostle Kang. His purpose right now in life is to save Jody and it also ends up being about saving Grace. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. The final image of the series is Sang Mi’s father preaching alone on a street corner. She kneels and kisses Father Baek’s hand. My thoughts on this series that I was leery of watching until you guys told me it wasn’t an attack on Christianity or disrespectful to God: – love how Jung hoon and his cop daddy interact with each other. Dong Cheol is shocked to find his father in the dungeon. Gideon was the source of Grace's pain and despair. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Sang Mi’s mother realizes the woman she helped the other night was Sang Hwan’s mother. People need to step back and examine things so they don’t get blindly caught up. The aide tries to leave but the police detective detains her. But Father Baek is a whole other type of evil incarnate! Sang Mi smiled!

Man Hee and his brother bond with the thug and the delivery man. I had feared that MY HERO was going to die a noble death. Sang-mi's mother. Eun Sil is calm and declares this is just like the vision she had. Sang Mi stares at her tormentor, the man that targeted her and destroyed her family.

(similar experience with 2 family members – 1 burned badly with fire, the other with hot water (a whole other type of horrible burn) BUT…

I hope that there was enough evidence to lock him up for life. Yes, it was that good.

It's not clear whether we'll ever see him again. After initially telling Nelly that Paul had killed Gideon, Grace later admitted that it was her. He had the victim's blood on his old yellow puffer and he'd pressed his own prints on to the knife handle. There's something about him that reels you in and gets you on side. In a surprising move, Eun Sil gives Sang Mi’s mother her street clothes and urges her to leave the nursing home and get to safety. Related: Save Me Too – Nelly's yellow coat explained. The evidence against him was solid, leaving James' character in a precarious position. Sang-mi's brother Sang-jin is mercilessly bullied and assaulted at school. His father pushes his son’s face into the massive plate of noodles after opting out of eating them in under 5 minutes. In the end it Sang Mi’s mom is the one who came to her senses; I thought Daddy Im might snap out of it for his daughter’s sake, when his wife came to her senses or when the “fireproof” Father burned to a crisp.

Then Father Baek lit himself on fire. Sang Hwan makes a public charge against his father. Concur, people need to keep their brains functioning and not get sucked into blind obedience. Despite her repeated objections of something wrong with the cult, her father is fully brainwashed. Sang Mi smiled! ( Log Out /  My nitpick is that she did not pay for the horrible things she did. ), I was only apologizing IF someone thought I was too preachy, I didn’t think Beez would find it too preachy‼.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. She declares she’ll walk out of this walk on her own two feet. “My nitpick is that she [Kang] did not pay for the horrible things she did. I found the regional dialect used in this series interesting, but a bit difficult to understand.

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