I know human is homo sapiens but what is just the body name? Worldwide over one billion people are obese,[168] while in the United States 35% of people are obese, leading to this being described as an "obesity epidemic.

(9) The reproductive system, composed of the male or female sex organs, enables reproduction and thereby ensures the continuation of the species.

Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Human babies must turn around as they pass through the birth canal while other primates do not, which makes humans the only species where females usually require help from their conspecifics (other members of their own species) to reduce the risks of birthing. Some organs of the body serve as parts of more than... Thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in adult... You may logically assume that all the persons must have... Do you know how the functions like communication, transportation, reproduction and growth are executed through the collective effort of different organs of the body? [267] Romantic love has been shown to elicit brain responses similar to an addiction. [240] Largely focusing on the development of the human mind through the life span, developmental psychology seeks to understand how people come to perceive, understand, and act within the world and how these processes change as they age. ", "Earliest Stone-Tipped Projectiles from the Ethiopian Rift Date to >279,000 Years Ago", "A Cultural Leap at the Dawn of Humanity - New finds from Kenya suggest that humans used long-distance trade networks, sophisticated tools, and symbolic pigments right from the dawn of our species", "Long-distance stone transport and pigment use in the earliest Middle Stone Age", "Evolution, revolution or saltation scenario for the emergence of modern cultures? In addition to controlling "lower," involuntary, or primarily autonomic activities such as respiration and digestion, it is also the locus of "higher" order functioning such as thought, reasoning, and abstraction.

[331] An understanding of mathematics is unique to humans, although other species of animal have some numerical cognition.

[353] Humans have evolved the ability to change affiliation with various social groups relatively easily, including previously strong political alliances, if doing so is seen as providing personal advantages. Dark-skinned populations that are found in Africa, Australia, and South Asia are not closely related to each other. (1) The integumentary system, composed of the skin and associated structures, protects the body from invasion by harmful microorganisms and chemicals; it also prevents water loss from the body. Leg 6. Nearly 1.4-kilogram mass of brain occupies over 1200 cubic centimeter of space and accounts for about two percent of the total body weight.

The great majority of the skeletal muscles are firmly anchored to the skeleton, usually to at least two bones and in some cases to many bones. It has been proposed that menopause increases a woman's overall reproductive success by allowing her to invest more time and resources in her existing offspring, and in turn their children (the grandmother hypothesis), rather than by continuing to bear children into old age. [151] For various reasons, including biological/genetic causes,[152] women live on average about four years longer than men. [241][242] This may focus on intellectual, cognitive, neural, social, or moral development. So also is collagen, the fibrous, elastic material that makes up much of the body’s skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

All the 78 (plus 2 newly discovered) organs of the body work in sync to form around a dozen organ systems. (2010) Ten facts about human variation. Most researchers believe that skin darkening is an adaptation that evolved as protection against ultraviolet solar radiation. Until about 12,000 years ago (the beginning of the Holocene), all humans lived as hunter-gatherers, generally in small nomadic groups known as band societies, often in caves. Humans' brains are about three times bigger than in chimpanzees. H. erectus were the first of the hominina to leave Africa, between 1.3 to 1.8 million years ago. However, since "corpus" is used in other senses besides a living body (e. g. a dead one, a body of writings), I'd recommend the Greek . Another important physiological change related to sexuality in humans was the evolution of hidden estrus. [232] Opinions differ about what exactly needs to be studied and explained as consciousness. [268] When in love dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and other chemicals stimulate the brain's pleasure center, leading to side effects such as increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Metabolically, liver is the most complex organ in humans as it is assigned to form a number of different metabolically important functions. [257], For humans, sexuality involves biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors. With 60% of the dry weight contributed by fats, the brain happens to be the fattiest organ. Early modern humans are thought to have diverged in Africa from an earlier hominin around 300,000 years ago, with the earliest fossil evidence of Homo sapiens also appearing around 300,000 years ago in Africa. [19], The species binomial "Homo sapiens" was coined by Carl Linnaeus in his 18th-century work Systema Naturae. [167] However global food distribution is not even, and obesity among some human populations has increased rapidly, leading to health complications and increased mortality in some developed, and a few developing countries. The rapid progress in the field of neuroscience has turned many of the ‘brain facts’ of past into ‘brain myths’ of today. [172] Skin color tends to vary clinally and general correlates with the level of ultraviolet radiation in a particular geographic area, with darker skin mostly around the equator. These enzymes help in the digestion of lipids, proteins and fats. For detailed discussions of specific tissues, organs, and systems, see human blood; cardiovascular system; digestive system, human; endocrine system, human; renal system; skin; human muscle system; nervous system; reproductive system, human; respiration, human; sensory reception, human; skeletal system, human. Some populations have evolved highly unique adaptations to very specific environmental conditions, such as those advantageous to ocean-dwelling lifestyles and freediving in the Bajau. pp. [link] One such word is "soma." Well, these are the folds, villi and microvilli which significantly contribute to the enlargement of the surface area. [346] Also there is no generally accepted definition on what constitutes an ethnic group. The scientific name for 'fat' is Adipose.

[215], There are some traits that, although not strictly unique, do set humans apart from other animals. For example, heart, blood, blood vessels and lungs are the major components of the blood circulatory system. Particularly important are cellular proteins called enzymes, which catalyze the chemical reactions necessary for life. Most other species are confined to a few geographical areas by their limited adaptability. Discussed in this article as part of the axial skeleton is a third subdivision, the visceral, comprising the lower jaw, some elements of the upper jaw, and the branchial arches, including the hyoid bone. [335] It has been described as the "no man’s land" between the definitive scientific knowledge and the dogmatic religious teachings.

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