Phone before sending in the samples. Squealing is usually eliminated by reducing supply roll tension and speeding up the machine. Rubber feet in the four corners must be removed first to gain access to the screws underneath. Likewise, the bottom mandrel should be on the right and should read "BOTTOM RIGHT." The temperature will eventually stabilize but there will be wider variations. There will always be someone who thinks that if 310 degrees is good for lamination, then 350 or 400 degrees would be better. Sometimes a document can get stuck in the machine or come out with bubbles in the plastic. When laminating several documents, such as ID cards, always use a carrier card as this will help guide the items through the machine without a jam. But this should not cause problems with the lamination. 8.1) The squealing is caused by the taut film being pulled over the Teflon surface of the heat shoes. Whenever you see those intervals on those machines, you will know there is something on the roller. 3.2) On HD or older Digital machines, the problem is similar. Adhesive of the shoes can be wiped off while the machine is hot using a clean, dry cloth. If your machine has a temperature control, turn the heat down until the indicator light comes on. Thinner film needs less tension, thicker film needs more. Keep it flat against the feed tray.

Edit. 1.2) Make sure the film path is correct for both top and bottom webs. Is there some resistance? Remove the sensor from the roller enclosure by unscrewing the two spring-loaded screws. The film should clarify just as soon as it hits the heated areas (the two black parts we call the shoes). When there is adhesive on the rollers, warm the machine to operating temperature for 15 minutes with no film threaded. Unscrew the two screws and the bar on the other. 6.1) This is usually caused by too much heat, forgetting to turn on the fans, or forgetting to close and lock Never use any abrasive or solvent on the shoes. These materials will cause the soft adhesive to roll up in little balls which can then be wiped off with a damp cloth. pjcall975 -

The heaters in the shoe stay on until the sensor in the shoe reads the set temperature. That heat continues to travel to the surface of the shoe. Switch the machine off and push down on the release lever at the back of the machine if a jam occurs. If the defect is adhesive, see the section below on cleaning the rollers. Label each sample clearly as to the type of film, laminator settings, and item being laminated. If there is no temperature control, turn the lamination machine off and try again once it has cooled down. 12/07/2015 Terms — That something is usually a piece of paper or a scrap of film. If the placement is correct, but there is still no tension on a mandrel, its external gripping teeth or internal locking pin may be broken. DO NOT use too much supply roll tension. Reply. As soon as the rollers take the item, grasp the back corners and pull back and down on the item so the folds or wrinkles are pulled out and it is held flat against the feed tray going in. As will be mentioned again later, watch for any defect which repeats. shoes have no adhesive on them, they can simply be dusted with a damp cloth. Check your roller opening/closing controls. This teardown is not a repair guide.

The indicator light should light up when the correct temperature has been reached. When they get reversed, they don't apply supply roll tension, even when the supply roll tension knobs are tight. Every once in a while, polyester suppliers send material to film makers which was coated for printing instead of being coated for lamination film. Putting it back together is more of a challenge. Any laminator needs a certain amount of resistance to the unwinding of the supply rolls so that the film lays flat as it goes into the nip of the laminating rollers. Turning up the heat on your laminator will almost always fix this. This is typical of debris, damage, or low temperature on a section of the roller. Reply. Thank you! Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum. Even when the temperature is at 310 degrees Fahrenheit with 1.5 mil film, some people will still find the hot film smell unpleasant or even nauseating. See section 1.1 above for advice on setting supply roll tension. The rollers, motor, circuit board, and LEDs are all visible now. Please contact us with any question or problem not covered here. 4.3) As mentioned in sections 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4, bubbles and wrinkles can be seen if the film is not threaded correctly, if the temperature is too low, or if the laminating rollers are open. The supply roll mandrels only apply tension in one direction of unwind. An Educator does not have a top idler.). seanretzloff - Reply. (P.S. Waviness or dimpling. It is always a good idea to run 6-12 inches of film before inserting a new piece into the laminator when it has been sitting for over 5 minutes as the film that has been sitting on the shoe tends to cook causing the adhesive layer to gel and be less effective. This latent heat will push the temperature up 10 to 20 degrees over the set temperature before stabilizing.

First unplug all three wire headers connected to the circuit board. The print receptive coating is slightly sticky, while the proper coating for polyester in laminating film is a slip coat or a hard coat. Loosen both supply roll knobs until tension on the spring is released.

If the item is not laying flat and smooth when it goes into the laminator, it cannot be expected to come out flat and smooth. As the paper buckles upward, the image side touches the top web of film in advance of the nip. Always use one provided with your machine or the pouches. **Prices, images and specifications subject to change without notice. When the sensor reaches the desired temperature and shuts off the heaters, the heat cartridge is still red hot. 7.1) This problem is all too common in locations such as schools, where untrained operators and passers by have access to the laminator.

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