V Sea of Thieves když slyšíš slovo “monstrum” většinou si vzpomeneš na krakena nebo megalodona.

Like a wild animal. I don't want her to know I'm a monster... Kareen, my love, I hope you never read this. So, it shouldn’t be too long before you here the *thunk* of treasure beneath your shovel. @cheshiretora Are you sure you still don't have the plank? This is on the south side of the island just west of the bridges. Až vylezeš nahoru měl bys vidět vodopád,běž k vodopádu a pak vyraž na ten malý kopeček, který je za vodopádem. The journal abridges three of Briggsy's adventures across the Sea of Thieves. Odtud Briggsy vyplula na Shipwreck Bay. Takže ty jsi dokončil Shroudbreaker a Cursed Rouge příběh?To znamená, že jsi získal artefakt Shroudbreakera od kapitánky Briggsy, ale furt ti chybí několik kamenů k dokončení tohoto artefaktu. After all, it is right next to that skeleton that you will find your quest item. See your destination on the map: Naughty Man Treasure Location. Začni kopat mezi nima. Her flesh mostly rotted away, and so fierce. It begins with the treasure’s location, then wends its way back to Galleon’s Grave. Find your treasure-bearing friend on your map: Scary Friends Treasure Location. The stories are randomized though so the guide just lists all the possible stories you could get to cover all the bases. Thank you for commenting! Besides, it’s time for another adventure.

On the counter near Tasha you should see a book. Každý tě dovede k jednomu z itemů : Chalice Key, Crown Key a Briggsyna truhla, Ačkoliv není jisté, kde toto dobrodružství začíná, tak víme, že vede na Golden Sands Outpost a pak na North. She used to tell such stories, all about where she'd been and the adventures she'd had. Zjistíš že když byla Tasha malá Briggsy chodila do hospody a povídala Tashe její dobrodružné příběhy. Below are some of the islands that the wood plank will be used on. Follow the darkened passageway until you emerge in a hideout. Dig in front of the three stone heads for this item. You can also check out our other Sea of Thieves Anniversary update guides and walkthroughs, here. Ale teď tě vedou k chybějícímu kameni Shroudbreakera. On the highest point on the south side of the island is a group of trees. After you and your crew vote on the book, stick around. Lone Cove — In the cave, on a rock next to the mushrooms. Tento příběh je trochu odlišný od ostatních. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles.

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. This is on the part of the island that points out on the west side. With the Ancient Crown in hand, head back to Ancient Spire Outpost to return it to Tasha in the tavern. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger). 3rd, and 4th time reward gold and the 5th time gives the legendary item. Surrounded by Lagoon of Whispers, Sailors Knot, and Twin Groves, there is a large island with many little settlements, now in ruins: Wanderer’s Refuge. @xofroot-loop I am not sure why the items are stealable but the items are only stealable after you dig them up. You will be hunting for Briggsy's Chest and the two keys that are required to open it; The Crown Key and The Chalice Key. I guess Briggsy really was a great adventurer before the curse. Check out our guide to help you find those missing Shroudbreaker stone. @reapinglegion Maybe turning it around may help? Just in case…. And you know... Maybe it doesn't matter if everything she said was true. Dive down and wait to see the glint of treasure. The Legendary Storyteller page describes the quest without spoilers. There, go inside the Tavern and find Tasha. (The Snake Pit tavern, Dagger Tooth Outpost).

Předmět, který potřebuješ, najdeš na vrcholku Plunder Valley. Zde najdeš jeden ze tří itemů. Find the small rock off all by itself on the east side of the island. Although this story begins in the Ancient Isles, you will end up in The Wilds. I don’t mind. Wanderer’s Refuge is a large island, it might help to pinpoint where you’ll need to dig on your map: Birthday Party Treasure Location.

Giving her the crown will unlock The Legendary Storyteller commendation. You'll receive Briggsy's Hat as a reward and unlock the next Tall Tale -- Stars of a Thief. If what she said is true, I should take a scout around Mermaid’s Hideaway. She didn't kill me, only threw me in a cage. Pokud tě prkno zavede na Plunder Valley, musíš namířit prknem na Orlí kamenou formaci na West pláži. - Check out here! "No truth ever rolled off a pirate's tongue", he'd say. Na západní straně těchto mostů bude zakopaný předmět, který hledáš. Pokud tě prkno zavede na Shipwreck Bay, tak se musíš postavit na malý ostrůvek na SW a namířit na předek lodi a útes ostrova. Share your thoughts in the comments below. That is an odd one! Na ten určitý ostrov vypluj. After lining up those rock formations, the small cutout will lead you to the location to dig up the Ancient Crown. This is the tavern at Dagger Tooth. ©2020 Microsoft Corporation. After you've got all the items, head back to the ship and unlock Briggsy's chest. Kapitánka Briggsy věděla, kde najít tyto kameny, ale už ti to neřekne. Use the plank from Briggsy's chest to discover the location of the Ancient Crown. You should see a coordinate on one side of it.

Inside your quest info will be 3 stories, those will be your 3 locations for the chest and keys. I, hoping in the future they'll be able to make private servers or pve only style servers added as an option. Fish Friends: On Mermaid’s Hideaway, with the help of a cannon, land on the Northern rocky peak and dig there.

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