400 Director District 5

Rejected 44.9% Rory Graves 35.7%

No Seattle City Council District 6 32.3% 2,508 62.2% 15.7% 55.9% Andrew J. Lewis

City of Arlington Proposition No. - States No Party Preference



72,471 City of Dupont Council Position 6

City of Edmonds Council Position 5 76.8% City of Orting Council Position 5 Seattle City Council District 3 Races that cross county borders include vote totals from all jurisdictions. Snoqualmie Valley School District No.


22.5% Cynthia Delostrinos Johnson

Mike Nelson

748 Updated December 5, 2019 at 6:17 pm with


20% 1,157 Leslie Harbaugh*

Mizan Rahman


Jeanne Kohl-Welles*



45.1% 3,211


Lisa Hunnewell 1



Abigail Doerr

Snohomish 676 1,354

8,197 7,579 Zandria Michaud


Levy No*

62.6% 2,884


51.1% 63.6%


Takele Gobena

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