In other words, we don’t distinguish between the product and its packaging. Creating and refining remarkable brand identities.

We do this all the time with people, even if we won’t admit it out loud. Though many marketers accept this principle, even companies with giant marketing departments and budgets make huge errors by ignoring it. so only sensational appeal is not the answer for successful enterprise. Which bowl was sweeter? Measure your web page with and without them. The mess that Coke got themselves into was through their obsession with the Pepsi Challenge and blind taste tests. The problem is the bottle. What they can do is use crowdsourced platforms like CrowdFlower or MechanicalTurk, in conjunction with tools like SurveyMonkey and UsabilityHub to conduct market research at a fraction of the price required for traditional market research. Researchers discovered that if they colored it yellow to make it look like butter, and wrapped it in foil, which was a sign of high-quality, people thought that margarine tasted a lot better. 3. These positive associations increased their enjoyment of drinking Coke, whether they realized it or not. Sensation transference is the unconscious association of the looks that something has to our positive or negative memories and feelings. He coined a new phrase At the end of the event, the women were asked to rate the speakers and the food. You could also leave the price blank, then give the participant a multiple choice, how much should this product be? If people are making decisions about purchasing a product based on the packing, then making a strong first impression will impact whether consumers notice your product. Reality In Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak, Constantine's Vision That Changed The Emperor Of The West. This shows that taste tests aren’t always good indicators of what will taste good outside the testing room.

This page was printed from, like showing how the same chips can taste different based only on the sound of their crunch, “… the most unremittingly, sleekly, maniacally. Or perhaps the difference in perception between your page with and without display ads is stark, in which case you need to rethink whether the advertising revenue merits the negative impact. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Whilst more of us are aware of the impact of advertising and branding than we were 60 years ago, the majority of us still don’t appreciate how much of an impact packaging has on our judgment. Because we as consumers don’t always know what we really want, companies like Coca-Cola have learned the hard way that asking us what we like and dislike isn’t always a sound business strategy. There was an example of this when the soda brand 7 UP changed their packaging slightly. Now that the tools are available for anyone to test sensation transference on their website, what hypothesis can you start with? As one might expect from Cheskin’s work, the trials showed that customers preferred one over the others. New York: Liveright, 2You can read more on this story in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, or in the Total Package by Thomas Hine which also contains several other sensation transference tests conducted by Cheskin, This article was written for Business 2 Community by Liam Curley.Learn more about writing for B2C, Liam Curley writes at where he uses behavioural economics and consumer psychology to improve your marketing results. Another great example of sensation transference is a more recent one, conducted by the Cheskin Company. Cheskin set-up blind taste tests and the two brandies came out the same.

Does the volume have an impact on sensation transference. Our minds perceive When going to a job interview, people dress to make a good first impression. I regularly find myself, if not swayed, certainly drawn to books on Amazon with a beautiful looking cover and a clean ‘look inside’. We pair colors, sounds, and smells to good and bad memories. India with its vibrant culture, good food, varying terrains and weaker currency should mean that we become a tourist magnet. Louis died in 1980, however, the concept remains a strong factor in marketing awareness. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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