That’s both a saving grace and a curse. Afghan Star, reality TV show, searches for most-talented singers across Afghanistan, a war-torn nation. She makes off with his cash and passport, leaving Richie high and very dry in Kabul. We thought the shareef wouldn’t like it, but that mostly he’d just froth like Dean Wormer instead of cutting off heads. A survey of some of film’s best paranoid political thrillers. Its music-industry gags sit awkwardly next to war-zone jokes and cultural quips, landing all involved on a peace train to nowhere. Because it is not kissing the feet of jihadis? The air of mourning might have worked as a counterpoint to the silliness if Mitch Glazer’s script had smart gags, but as one-liner after one-liner misses its mark, you begin to feel sorry for Murray, who’s really too old to be playing a guy who has a little daughter (not granddaughter) and likes to get kinky with Kate Hudson as a raucous, Dolly Parton–style hooker-businesswoman. Where is social justice in today’s Afghanistan? Copyright © The central government in Kabul is desperately corrupt, propped up only by American arms and CIA cash; the brutal and bloody Taliban controls much of the country, as if we had never been there at all, and systematically denies rights to women, non-Muslims, gays and others – in accord with what Rock the Kasbah and David Edelstein don’t dare mention: Sharia. Who is this reviewer trying to kid? Hey Upper East Siders, Karena Evans Is Directing HBO Max’s. Should Spotify Be Responsible for What Joe Rogan Does? This appears in the November 02, 2015 issue of TIME. Already a subscriber? All rights reserved. Where? Rock the Kasbah carries a dedication to Setara Hussainzada, ... (“Wild World” and “Peace Train”) by the famous convert Yusuf Islam, once known as Cat Stevens. Now a Sequel Is Poised to Do the Same, The Inspirational Stories of Americans Who Fought to Vote. Follow her on Twitter here. Not much of director Barry Levinson’s comedy (** out of four; rated R; opens Friday nationwide) actually rocks, even with a talent-laden supporting cast and a plot that uses the culture and society of war-torn Afghanistan as the setting for a timely fish-out-of-water story. Save on the cover price & free e-Gift card for Giftees! Murderous fundamentalism, on the other hand, is pure Islam, authentic Islam – but notice that Edelstein never mentions by name the guiding ideology that has created the barbaric society into which Murray’s character enters. Or maybe they seem like enervated camp because the director, Barry Levinson, doesn’t shoot or pace Rock the Kasbah as if it’s a broad comedy. Rock the Kasbah ends up being an unintentional elegy for a time when American pop culture and its hipster icons looked powerful enough to conquer religious and/or ideological fanaticism and transform nations. After the U.S. drove the Taliban out of Kabul, Afghan Star became a symbol of the return of secular culture.

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But a lot of the actor’s usual mercurial charm isn’t used to full effect and is actually tempered when it doesn’t feel like it should be. Except secular culture did not return. Then Richie exhorts the frightened Salima — who got spooked by the collective Afghan rage at her daring to sing on TV — to come back to Kabul for the finals. “I guess it’s a gesture towards conciliation between lifestyles,” says Edelstein, “that instead of singing sizzling pop songs, Salima performs two gentle numbers (‘Wild World’ and ‘Peace Train’) by the famous convert Yusuf Islam, once known as Cat Stevens. Log in or link your magazine subscription. Lubany, lovely and fierce, is given little to do despite the fact that her character–an echo of Setara Hussainzada, who received death threats after her headscarf slipped as she sang on the real-life Afghan Star–is the film’s conscience. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. When Ronnie is liberated by a sympathetic mercenary (a cameo by Bruce Willis, who doesn’t have to smirk to seem smirky — it’s in his DNA), Richie is left high and dry (literally — he’s in the high desert). These comic reversals move at the speed of tectonic plates. You feel sorry for Levinson, too, and maybe for yourself if you were alive when Murray became the epicenter of cool and when Robin Williams in Levinson’s Good Morning, Vietnam made gonzo look like a humanitarian export. That illusion doesn’t play the way it did back in the Reagan era, when many of us thought rock songs and materialist TV shows helped raise the Iron Curtain, lower the Berlin Wall, and liberate women from enslavement by the church and the mosque.

Lubany, lovely and fierce, is given little to do despite the fact that her character–an echo of Setara Hussainzada, ... landing all involved on a peace train to nowhere. In addition to the handsome boys, the movie also follows two women contestants, 22-year-old Setara Hussainzada from Herat City, and 25-year-old Lema Sahar, of Kandahar Province. Don’t expect this spineless film to elucidate that. We appreciate your understanding. In its favor: a breakout performance from Palestinian newcomer Leem Lubany and maybe the most apropos use of Peace Train ever. The film stars Bill Murray as a talent manager sent to Afghanistan for a USO tour, Kate Hudson as his partner in country, Bruce Willis as his armed protection …

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