Lasts 2 rounds. Barrier has utility and defensive applications. Depending on how strong your target is the spell may kill you faster than them. Any reason why Euphoria/Opium Den doesn't make your Illusion list? Levitate and magic fingers just plain offer day to day utility alongside some interesting applications. Passive: The adepts Movement is increased by 2. With a mage's soak and poor initiative your SMG is not going to save you from an angry troll bearing down on you. Increases the friendly target's IP by 1 for 4 rounds. It is completely situational and the required situation isn't exactly a common one: your communications need to be compromised but also you must be aware of it. Lasts for 2 rounds. Mostly the pen and paper role playing game, but also the board games, video games, and literature of Shadowrun. Remember that the person who doesn't know your there cannot have hostile thoughts about you. Here at /r/Shadowrun we talk shop about all things in the shadows.

Trid Phantasm lets you alter reality for the people who fail the save. Concentrates mana from the surrounding area to provide an effect similar to a small leyline. A stun spell which does -1 AP to the target.

Firing a TMP off with stick and shock with a dicepool of 8, 4 skill, 3 stat, and a smartlink's worth of dice, deals an average of 5 and applies the shock debuff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If the team needs to quickly and silently knock a target out they have much better options that using your stunball, which deals an average of 4 damage per cast on most mage builds, from gel round sniper rifles to simply landing a knockout gas grenade on the target. While it is not exactly easy to use in combat it is important to remember that 4 lethal on a street samurai may be enough to get him knocked out next fight, and in shadowrun combat when one domino falls the rest are sure to follow, regardless of side. Target loses all AP for 2 rounds and cannot attack or move. Always assume that after you cast a spell in combat, unless everyone who has a firing line on you dies, you die. Powerball functoins like Powerbolt, except it is an area spell. Lightning explosion that also does -1 AP. A stream of acid that also does ongoing - 6 HP for 2 rounds. Set 5 Medium Cover barriers that last 3 rounds.

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Magical explosion that does -1 AP and ongoing -1 AP for 2 rounds. A combat spell can affect any target in the caster’s line of sight. Manabolt channels destructive magical power into the target, doing physical damage. All combat spells work by damaging the target directly, bypassing physical armor and other non-magical forms of protection. Fry his brain and worry about the body later, or turn their blood to ichor. Decreases the target's to hit chance by 15%. Type: Mana • Target: Toxin Strength • Duration: Permanent • Drain: Toxin Damage Level This spell helps a poisonedsubject to overcome the toxin. Keeping people as near to the top of their lethal track as possible helps keep you alive. I already have powerbolt iv but open to other suggestions now that I have access to all tiers. Lasts for two rounds. This page lists all spells in Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Certian spells can fulfill several of these categories. Makes a friendly target difficult to hit and increases Movement by 1. Then you can get away with it. Stunball is an area spell. Active: The adept gains a Medium Cover bonus against incoming attacks for 4 rounds. The second you throw a spell out people are going to target you. Remember, guards that get stunned might not like mages, but guards whose mates have been killed by mages are really going to apply the "geek the mage first" logic. Set 5 Heavy Cover barriers that last 3 rounds. Unless, of course, you are a witness my hate combat mage. Anyone that enters takes -12 HP and -1 AP. Type: Physical • Target: Body • Duration: Instant • Drain: (Force/2) +2. Currently, I'm taking: Spells: Control Thoughts, Detect Enemies, Extended, Improved Invisibility, Increase Reflexes, Lightning Bolt, Mind Probe, Mindnet Extended Rituals: Watcher. Type: Mana • Target: Willpower • Duration: Instant • Drain: (Force/2). Firing off stick and shock ammo has a better damage profile, even accounting for armor, and has the bonus of not getting someone to try to geek the mage first. Worst comes to worst you can just use a micro transceiver. Passive: The adepts has +2 Armor.

Increased reflexes allows you to participate in fights pass the first initiative pass or two, despite your penalty to all actions when sustaining it. Lasts 2 rounds. Not having that extra turn makes the fight more even for corpsec, and even fights are stupid fights. Ignores armor, targets Willpower, and does ongoing -10 HP for 2 rounds. It must be cast before the toxin does damage. Click on the Name column heading to sort by spell name. Lasts until the end of your next turn. You really don't. Increases the targets to hit chance by 18%. Active: The adepts gains a further +2 Armor for 3 rounds.

The spellcasting aspect of Shadowrun: Hong Kong has a varied amount of spells that can be used to attack, buff or debuff enemies within the game; the following descriptions highlight each spell available and their respective AP costs and other respective …

Most things should be fairly self explanatory. This means the security guard sitting at his desk playing ar games won't show up. Shares a cooldown with other Mana Fist spells.

I'm not saying don't take it, I'm saying don't abuse it. As opposed to some things like decontamination, which could be useful to learn in a campaign featuring alot of radiation. As mana spells, they only affect living and magical targets and are resisted by Willpower (or Force). If you are rolling about with 14 spellcasting dice your stunbolt is going to deal an average of 3-4 damage to a wageslave. Then stunball becomes rad because it is an invisible emanation of energy that can knock out an entire room at once.

Stun spells channel magical energy directly into the target, causing stun damage. Active: The adept gains a Light Cover bonus against incoming attacks for 4 rounds. Lasts 4 rounds.

Target switches to your team and attacks your enemies. These are the spells that are going to keep you and your team alive under high stress situations where you can't persue other more specialized options. That bum eyeing you because that jacket sure looks fancy? Increases the friendly target's IP by 1 for 3 rounds. These spells affect both living and non-living targets and are resisted by the target’s Body. Casting that spell in a live firefight because you were told killing corpsec may be bad for this run is even worse, you are going to get singled out as the mage and filled with lead, the perception roll to see you cast that spell is not really hard to make.

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