Its weaknesses have brought it to the brink of extinction, and now the way must be cleared for the coming of the Newtypes and the new world order. The Earth Federation has polluted our most cherished planet for their own greed. M'Quve |

This speech was notable for possibly being the debut of the trademark salute "Sieg Zeon!"

Zeon thirsts for the strength of its people! Dren |

However, in the Battle of Loum the Earth Federation Forces were able to intercept the colony and destroy it before it could reach Earth's atmosphere.

LeadershipHigh intelligenceStrategizationCharismaOratory abilities He is responsible for masterminding Operation: British, which saw Zeon exterminating the population of Side 2 and subsequently dropping the colony on Sydney, Australia (it was intended to land on the Earth Federation headquarters in Jaburo, but veered off course). Despite this major difference, how is it that we have been able to fight the fight for so long?

Zeon Party Campaign ManagerSupreme Commander of the Zeon Armed ForcesPrime Minister of the Principality of Zeon Tachi O'Hara | The war is at a stalemate.

As a result, she takes over during Battle of A Baoa Qu, resulting in many Gihren loyalists withdrawing from the battlefield. At one time, I firmly believed in Deikun's revolution. The earthside elite must be taught a strong lesson for their evil corruption. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. In Gihren's defense, he said it was too late to seek peace terms, before Kycilia put a gun to the back of his head and shot him in execution style, avenging Degwin and becoming the Head of Zeon. We must never forget what the Federation has done to our people!

Gihren is a skilled social manipulator, capable of inspiring fanatical loyalty in the people of the Principality of Zeon and fervency for the Zeon ideal. It’s been over fifty years since the elite of Earth, consumed by greed took control of the Earth Federation. Rallying support for Zeon in the One Year War.Scheming. Gihren Zabi (ギレン・ザビ)(also spelled Giren) is a fictional character, and villain from the universe of the Gundam anime series. Ple Two | Steiner Hardy |

He is adept at spinning situations to suit his political agenda, best seen when Gihren turned the funeral of his younger brother Garma Zabi into a political rally to inspire support for Zeon's military campaign in the One Year War. Suddenly Wolfenstein: The New Order comes to mind for some reason. Rise, our people, Rise!

Glemy Toto | Chara Soon | He and his sister Kycilia were constantly at odds with each other as both had similar political goals but different methods. In the course of the battle both Zeon and the Earth Federation suffered heavy losses and General Revil of the EFF was captured. Yes Neo Zeon's Suit design very gorgeous! Ginias Sahalin | Rezin Schnyder | The Zeon military soon spread across the planet and came the control most of Europe, North America and Asia. Gihren later gave a speech at Garma's state funeral where he declared Gama to be a war hero and used his death to rally the people of Zeon to continue to support the war, affirming that their cause was righteous and that they were superior to the Earth population. He is also mentioned as having an affair with his secretary Cecilia Irene. Arbeo Pippiniden | Through his speeches, Gihren is capable of riling up fervent support for Zeon and their purported cause of Spacenoid independence. After the treaty was signed, Gihren and the Zeon military pressed on with their invasion. Mashymre Cello | (literally translated as "Vic… Rugens | Clamp | Because of his influence as the de facto ruler of Zeon, including inspiring numerous successors, Gihren can effectively be considered the main antagonist of the entire Universal Century era of the Gundam franchise. By this logic, the assorted super weapons such as the MA-08 Big Zam and Apsalus Project Mobile Armors can be seen as analogies of the V1 and V2 rocket bombs used by the Third Reich. In an effort to circumvent the Antarctic treaty (which forbade nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons as well as colony drops on Earth), Gihren launched his most ambitious project, the Solar Ray cannon. We have lost a hero to our glorious and noble cause, but does this foreshadow our defeat? Perhaps many of you have become complacent. In the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA, he was voiced by Liam O'Brien. Haman Karn |

You did some amazing work on both of them. Genocidal Tyrant, Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed ForcesPrime Minister of the Principality of Zeon, High intelligenceStrategizationCharismaOratory abilities.

Tassilo Vago | Gihren is one of the leaders of the Principality of Zeon and the oldest son of Degwin Sodo Zabi, as well as Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed Forces and the primary instigator of Zeon's war against the Earth Federation. This is only the beginning of our war. He views all of the members of his family as either rivals or political pawns, turning his father Degwin into a powerless figurehead and using his brother Garma's funeral as a means to rally support. Gihren's own father compared him to Hitler, which may not be completely inaccurate. It is a new beginning. My beloved brother, Garma Zabi, was sacrificed. is one of the antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam. (literally translated as "Victory [to] Zeon!").

Gihren also appears as a playable character in the.

Degwin saw Gihren as little more than an updated version of historical dictator Adolf Hitler, a role that Gihren was all too happy to take to heart.

During the Battle of A Baoa Qu, Gihren was watching the battle in the fortress when Kycilia Zabi approached him, telling him that she knows that he assassinated their father. Gihren Zabi Yazan Gable | Glemy Toto | In an effort to circumvent the Antarctic treaty (forbidding nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons and colony drops on Earth), Gihren's most ambitious project was the Solar Ray cannon. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Sarah Zabiarov | Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Jamitov Hymem |

Duker Iq | No longer able to use colony drops, the Zeon military instead formed the Earth Attack Force and launched a ground invasion of Earth, dropping forces of Zaku mobile suits in central Asia, North America, Australia, northern Africa and the Middle East to attack important points across the planet.

Arth | Crux Dogatie | He also shared Hitler's gift for oratory and manipulation, taking the reins of power from his father behind the scenes the way Hitler did with the German president of his day. Garba Zabi's Funeral Speech By Gihren Zabi. Though he claims to be fighting for the ideals of Zeon and against the tyranny of the Earth Federation, in truth Gihren seeks to use the Zeon ideology as simply a means for him to conquer control the entire Earth Sphere.

Notably, the second game Blood of Zeon features a special ending where, if Zeon maintains a perfect moral alignment throughout the game, Gihren will successfully lead the Earth Sphere into a new golden age of peace and prosperity by using his intelligence to fix the Earth's problems.

Black Tri-Stars | Type of Villain As seen on MS Encyclopedia No.15 - Strategy Encyclopedia. The laser had to be recharged and thus did not have the chance for a second firing before the EFSF decided to rush their attack, fearing the laser will wipe out their fleet if they delayed.

dubbed a famous speech of this character in his cover album. Fuala Griffon | To pilot his Centurios, Gihren engineered a race of artificial humanoids by cloning them from Dee Trial. When it became the Principality of Zeon, Gihren rose to the position of supreme commander. Char Aznable | Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only.

This speech was notable for being the debut of the trademark salute "Sieg Zeon!" After the Zeon Party achieved a majority in the government of Side 3 and declared independence from Earth, Gihren began m…

Gihren arranged for an accidental firing of the Solar Ray which destroyed Degwin and Revill's entire fleet. According to the supplementary novels, Gihren has a wife, though she never shows up in any other Gundam media. This was most evident in the speech Gihren gave at Garma's state funeral. Franklin Bidan, Axis Zeon While maintaining Deikun as their public face, Gihren steadily maneuvered to place his father Degwin, the vice chairman, at the center of political power.

In the original gundam series fro the 70s, it's mentioned in a backstory for the show that the war Zeon started killed half of humanity in one month (while showing scenes of the Zeon forces lasering and nuking colonies then dropping a colony on Earth).

bad guys, really bad guys. [1].

Zabine Chareux |

Depending on what actions the player chooses to take in the One Year War, the player can achieve a variety of endings for Zeon and trigger several alternate scenarios. Gaily | He served as aide to his father Degwin and exercised his cunning as director of the Zeon Party's political department. Giving speeches.Rallying support for Zeon in the One Year War.Scheming. Gihren Zabi | Giren was gifted with a high IQ (240) and ingenious oratory abilities. Nanai Miguel | Gihren's dark ambition and psychopathy is best shown when he fired the Solar Ray at the fleet Degwin brought with him to meet with General Revil to negotiate an end to the One Year War, causing the deaths of both the Federation fleet and many of his own loyal men, including his own father, simply to prolong the One Year War. Ple Clones | Ramba Ral | Yuri Kellerne | Through it's greedy excesses, the so-called noble human race has overstepped it's limits. Mallet Sanguine, Titans Kycilia, eventually learning that the death of her father was no mere accident, personally executes Gihren for the crime of patricide. Anavel Gato | [1].

Although Gihren was successful in reducing his father's role to that of a figurehead ruler, he still endured Degwin's criticisms and scorn.

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