When she opened Barrio Café, she made regular trips to Tijuana to ensure that her kitchen had only the finest organic meats and vegetables for her menu, which reflected her own journeys through Mexico. Her mother took her to physicians who prescribed a plant-based diet that aided her recovery. While opening her newest restaurant, Barrio Gran Reserva in 2016, she became ill and was hospitalized. They spent months fixing up the space, which previously had been home to a neighborhood Italian joint and later another Mexican restaurant, before opening the doors "on a shoestring," Salomon says, in 2002.

Having what can be a debilitating disease has not slowed her down.

I just liked her.

Phoenix, AZ 85034, Barrio Café Gran Reserva Even then, she says, her family members were bakers. Esparza’s brother worked on the construction.

Then her mother became ill and Esparza moved back to California to be closer to her. The rhythm of the process is mesmerizing and instantly brings Esparza back to her childhood, growing up in her family's bakery in California's San Joaquin Valley. I'm not afraid.". "Really they were popular from the first day because it was different from the Mexican food we were used to," says Sharon Saloman, Esparza's former culinary school instructor and an investor in Barrio Cafe. That's why we click. In a backwards way, her drive is inspired by her parents. "There's no right or wrong," she added. But her sophomore effort ended up being the tequila and street food-focused Barrio Queen at Scottsdale's SouthBridge, followed closely by the short-lived, Euro-Mexican Silvana Bistro, which she shuttered after just five weeks. The other students liked her. So right now I’m working with an artist to represent Phoenix and its unique climate.”, “Lard. Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza talks about her success in Phoenix and recognizing the importance of keeping her family tradition and culture alive. At Esparza's most recent restaurant, art is much more than decor; it's a part of the restaurant's identity. In the past Rosarita had always recharged her when she was worn out, but it soon became apparent that it was more than simple exhaustion. So when he came here I was so happy.". Silvana Salcido Esparza is a baker’s daughter, an activist and a chef. Esparza did not seem to be a prime candidate for sarcoidosis: The disease most often appears in 20- to 40-year-olds (she was older) and is much more common in African Americans than any other group (Esparza identifies as Mexican). She finishes the simple dish with a mole Amarillo the color of Sedona red rocks and a dusting of chitacana, an Oaxacan salsa made with dried flying ants. Since it opened, folks have been heading to Calle 16 in central Phoenix to sample James Beard Award-nominated chef Silvana Salcido Esparza's personal and creative spin on Mexican regional dishes. If you tell me, I'm going to go there.".

How to find the shortest line to vote in Maricopa County on Election Day, Woman rescued from Hurricane Eta flooding, Warmer than normal weather on Election Day, COVID-19 infects top of Broncos' organization as Joe Ellis, John Elway test positive, Arizona Cardinals players Devon Kennard, Byron Murphy test positive for COVID-19, Live updates: Election Day voting continues as Trump and Biden await results, a struggle to save her nationally known flagship restaurant, Barrio Cafe Gran Reserva closes due to pandemic shutdown, Iconic Phoenix Mexican restaurant 'on a ventilator'. I have a deep, deep love of my culture and I love to show that off. Before becoming a chef, Esparza lived in Miami and worked in banking, holding a 9-to-5 job where she was successful if not fulfilled. var number_show_ads = "0"; Like my menu says, “Water upon request.

"All of that is what prompted me to go and reach out and make sure I take care of this," she said.

But she's an artist.". })(jQuery); LivAbility Magazine is published by Ability360. The faculty liked her.

Since then she's opened and closed other businesses around metro Phoenix, establishing a track record of mixed successes along the way. She currently runs the original Barrio Cafe and Gran Reserva, as well as the two airport restaurants. She traveled east to work in a bank and then in sales for a cosmetics company. if ( number_hide_ads > 0 ) { She makes sure I am well taken care of and she makes certain that I do what I have to do to stay healthy.”.

The chef says she hopes sharing her story and talking publicly about getting tested will "bring it home for people." They spent the last year of her mother's life together, oftentimes in the kitchen. "Everybody has to do what they have to do.".

On Wednesday afternoon award-winning Phoenix chef Silvana Salcido Esparza took to social media to announce she has been tested for the new coronavirus, a …

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